Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Golden Boy

We had a man named Mr. McConnaha and his wife Mrs. McConnaha visit the library on Monday night to talk about photography.  Mr. McConnaha told us about The Golden Hour.

According to the Wikipedia people, The Golden Hour is "a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer compared to when the Sun is higher in the sky."

I think I need to become a Wikipedia editor.

"The Golden Hour:  A period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which the sunshine makes Tober's fur and whiskers look all glowy.  Also creates impressive shadows."

What do you think?  Maybe I'll see about creating an account. . .



Friday, September 12, 2014

Summer Happened

Holy moley, you guys!  Where did Summer go?

Well, wherever it went, it can stay there for a few months!  We had about twelve bazillion children in the library this summer and they all had a great time thanks to our fantastic library programs.  They learned about garbage and raptor-birds and science reactions and some of them painted themselves with markers and GLOWED IN THE DARK!

All of this *really* makes it difficult for a mancat to get his rest.

Where do I go when things get too stressful?

I have super-powerful back legs, so I can get up to surprising heights.  (Well, my employees are surprised.  They have wimpy human legs.  No fur on 'em, kinda funny looking.  Glad they mostly wear pants.)

Do you guys have a special spot where you go to unwind?  I might need to find a back up plan.

These ladies have ladders!

Looking forward to fall,

(But no fall-ing!)



Thursday, July 17, 2014

You Otter Visit the Library!

I did not authorize the goofy title of this blog post, just so you know.  Sometimes AB Christine gets carried away and thinks she's all clever and stuff.

We have yet another animal attraction here at the library.  I'm absolutely positively sure that you haven't figured out what it is (based on the goofy blog post title).  Conservation Officer Ronald Johnson came to pick up Bob the Bobcat, who has been very popular with visitors.  Since Bob had so many visitors, he asked if we would like to borrow another interesting creature for display at the library.  Mr. Ron offered to bring us us a naked mole rat!  The naked mole rat is also known as a sand puppy.

Just kidding.

We got a River Otter!  (Much nicer-looking than a naked mole rat.  Do NOT Google Image Search "naked mole rat"--it is the stuff of nightmares.)

Here is Ollie the River Otter, so named by AAB Britta.  We aren't sure if Ollie is an "Oliver" or an "Olivia" so Ollie will have to do.

Ollie was accidentally trapped while she (I'll go with she) was out doing her otter business.  You know, doing things otters otter be doing.

I think that's why she looks kind of mad.

Ollie has teeny-tiny ears that AAB Karen called "precious".  And everybody petted her WHILE I WAS STANDING THERE so I commanded that we put the Plexiglas box (now known as the OtterBox thanks to Super-Boss John) over her.  Don't need her getting all the attention, with her "precious" tiny ears and her soft furs!

Ollie will be on display for the summer until Mr. Ron finds another dead animal to bring to the library.

Well, I'd otter get back to my Handsome Nap,



Thursday, July 10, 2014

Twist and Shout!

Omigosh you guys this place has been SOOOO busy this summer!  We've had movies and raptor-birds and a carnival and make-things-with-clay-day and a gross-out program (complete with Kitty Litter Cake) and LOTS of really short tiny people at story times and I am just so exhausted from all of the excitement:

Today we had three awesome Twisters from Balloongenuity visit and make amazing creations for summer readers of all ages!  They made ladybug bracelets, alligators, flowers, butterflies, wearable butterfly wings, fishing poles (with fishes), frogs, turtles. . . the list goes on!

Here are some of the cool things they made for library staff:

Lady-Bug Bracelet
 Of course, I had to test their Twisting smarts before they left for the day.  Notice anything they HADN'T made yet?

Yep, no Cat!

So here's the extra-special Tober the Library Cat they made for us:

I've been Balloonified!
Here's a kind of sideways view.  Check out the magnificent tail:

Balloon Tober is downstairs in the Youth Department way up high on the snack chiller where AB Christine seems to think I won't be able to get him.  (I don't have front toenails, but my mighty sharp teeth could do some harm.)

The Balloongenuity ladies were fantastic.  They brought music and about eleventy bazillion balloons, and some lucky children even got TWO things (but no cats)!  It was a great time!

I'm really happy that my library has been super-busy this summer.  That means lots of people are reading great books, watching great movies, attending great programs, using our Internets and fax machine and copier, and also stopping by to admire me.  (Mostly seeing me, but I don't want to the books and movies and fax machine to get jealous.)

However, a Boss Cat really needs time for Handsome Naps (like Beauty Sleep for humans, only shorter and more effective).

Hope you're all having purrfect summers!



Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hug Your Cat Day

I logged into Blogger to learn that, much to my horror, today is Bother Hug Your Cat Day.

I Googled just to confirm that this is true.

Hoo, boy.  AB Christine immediately thought that she should have all the staff Hug me so that she could take pictures for the blog.  I immediately told her No, Nope, No Way Jose.

So we looked through old pictures together to find pictures of me being Hugged.  There aren't many.  I usually look a little panicked/distressed in Hug photos.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
We actually had to go back to 2009-2010 to find these Hug pictures.  These are Strangers (though very nice ones!)--I'm usually a little more relaxed for staff Hugs.

Now, please don't be all sad for me because I'm not much of a Hugger.  I get lots of petting and treats and belly-rubs, but I'm kind of ambivalent (that means I can't make up my mind) about Hugs.  Hugs usually involve (a) waking me up from a nap or (b) being picked up unexpectedly.  Also (c) being upside-downed.

Imagine if you were walking to go use the bathroom and someone suddenly scooped you up, flipped you upside-down, and squished you a little?  NOT FUN.  Accidents could happen, just sayin'.

Then I get human smell all over me and I have to take a bath.  That takes precious nap-time out of my day.

Still, I love all of my people and I'm glad they love me enough to Hug me.  I just hope they don't do it all in one day!

Maybe I'll issue a command for 2015--National Hug Your Cat Day is also Wear Black Clothes to the Library Day.  Hee hee!

Hugs to all (who enjoy that sort of thing),