Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Cat Days of August

Well, August is in full swing, summer reading is officially over, and the back to school hubbub has begun.  As a result of all that, there are significantly fewer people visiting the library now than during the summer.  This is a good and a bad thing for a cat like me.
The Good- Its much quieter for taking naps.
The Bad- Fewer chin scratches and tummy rubs from all the loving patrons.

Here I am staring longingly out the door wishing someone would come in and pet me.

Where is everyone?
Despite there being fewer humans around, I've still found plenty to do.  Just the other day I found a big black ugly bug and meowed at it till Barb got rid of it.  This is an extremely important job because Newbie Lillian greatly dislikes big bugs (she still has looooottss to learn, like how to give me a proper tummy rub) .  A couple days later something strange was in the trash, so I checked it out to make sure it was safe, or if it was possibly something delicious to eat!
/Sniff/ /Sniff/

I guess Alec thought I wasn't going to share whatever it was, because he moved all the trash into the trash can under his desk!

I never did figure out what was in the trash can, but I'm fairly positive it would have been tasty.  Oh well.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

I'm Baaack!

I'm back (again)!  Things sure do get busy around here, and time has a way of flying!  I can't believe it's been almost two (2!) years since my last post!  That's approximately 24 years in cat years.  Speaking of which, we just celebrated Karen's 25th anniversary of working at the library!

Karen's great.  Boy am I glad she's worked here so long, otherwise she might not have found me such a great place to live.  One of my favorite things to do is wait each and every morning in the children's department, calling her name mournfully until she gets here.  I'm fairly positive it brings her here faster!

Waiting for Karen
If anything, it at least convinces the rest of the staff to feed me a few treats!
Eating a treat while I'm waiting
Well, in celebration of her anniversary the staff presented Karen with a plaque, and then celebrated with pizza, donuts, and cake.  But did they offer me any?  Noooope!  Since no one wanted to share, I decided to take a celebratory nap.  Several hours in, I was rudely awakened by the paparazzi for a picture of me and Karen with her shiny new plaque. 
Why don't I have a plaque?

I wasn’t too impressed.   First no pizza, and then they wake me up from a nap!  I’m going to have to have a talk with these people. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Game Night, Interrupted

Every couple of months I remember to write a blog post my library hosts a hootenanny called Family Game Night.  We have all kinds of games available for people (even the little ones) to come play at the library. 

We have Qwirkle and dominoes and Yahtzee! and Hive and Shut the Box and Candy Land and Happy Salmon and Apples to Apples.  Among other things.  You get the idea!  People can drop by any time during Family Game Night and learn to play a new game, or play an old game they haven't played in a while, and eat snacks and have fun.

Last time Family Game Night was in the library's Guinn room, which means I got to attend!  (When it's in the meeting rooms the doors to the main library are shut and I don't get to attend.)  They learned to play a new game called Dream Home.  After they spent 15 minutes watching a YouTube video and who-knows-how-many minutes bickering about the rule book and whether you can put a garage in the attic (really), they decided the game was fun and went on to start a second round.

What does every Dream Home need?

You know the answer to this.

A cat.

Don't mind that little bit of pudge.
It was determined that the game Dream Home was fun, but not as much fun as photographing, admiring, and petting me.  Success! 

And a fun night was had by all,


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Right on the money!

I'm in on the money. . . isn't that a song?

The library made some new currency to use as prizes for some of our younger readers.  They are called Snack Bar Bucks!

Of course, every money has a picture of something on it, usually a famous human or a bird-of-prey or a flag or a building or a seal.

Oops, wrong seal.

Anyhoo, it was decided to feature Yours Truly (that's me) on our Snack Bar Bucks.  Check me out!

Action shot.
It's pretty cool to be on money, even if it means I get bothered during my nap.  Thankfully I recover from interruptions very quickly.

Literally 3 seconds later.
I hope people visit me when they visit to spend their bucks!


Monday, August 7, 2017

What I found out.

You guys, it has been so long since I posted on here that I almost forgot my Blogger password!!!

Well, it's been a busy busy summer, but I won't waste time telling you about the robot, GBR4, who visited with children at the elementary school, or the awesome Snakes Alive! program (featuring Melvin) that had kids screaming in the meeting rooms, or the Water Show that ended with three soaking-wet librarians and 100 soaking-wet kids, or the action-packed carnival, or the visit from the Bubblemobile, or the Color Run, or the visit with our hometown heroes (police, firemen, and other emergency responders), or how visitors spelled the word R E A D in the library parking lot, or Super Summer Bingo, or the grand finale Geronimo Stilton Treasure Hunt (during which two HUMONGOUS mouses visited the library).  I also won't tell you about the really cool scratch-off tickets that the teens received for checking out books and movies, or the 123 bracelets that library visitors and staff made to send to Operation Gratitude, or the Thorntown Heritage Museum potluck, or our book discussions, Taste of Home programs, storytimes, lunch programs. . .

What I will tell you is that I found out that if you do THIS

as the last person is leaving for the night, she will inevitably drop all of her things and stop to give you one last tummy rub before she leaves (after taking a photo, of course).

I'm not sure which part of that sweet move does the trick.  I mean, is it the front paw positioning?  Or the "don't leave me" eyes?  Or maybe that I flop down right where she's walking. . .

For some reason this next photo caused a lot of oooohing and aaaaahing, too.  (I'm looking at some water in an ice cream bucket.)

I hope you all had really great summers.  I had a fantastic summer filled with naps, nice visitors, belly rubs, and head scritches.

The only hiccup was when I went to my annual V-E-T check up at Thorntown Veterinary Clinic.

I really like those people in spite of the fact that they poke around where they shouldn't, look in your mouth, and stab you in the rear.  After all, they did save my life.  However, they turned traitor when they saw me in June, proclaimed that I was overweight and had "a lot of fat over his ribs and on his belly".  So now I'm on a diet, which means Karen has to give me treats when nobody else is looking, and the others only give me treats for special occasions.  (They also recommended regularly brushing my teeth, hahaha nope.)

I did have a "cooperative" attitude, yay me!

The upside of fewer treats = more pettings.

So I guess it's alright after all.

Happy Monday!