Friday, March 28, 2014

My Way

AAB Karen decided to take a whole day off today, which almost never-ever happens.  Apparently she had Important Non-Library Stuff to do, whatever that is.

So I'm stuck hanging out with rest of the staff.  They aren't too bad until it comes time to have snacks.

AB Christine is especially stingy, but I thought she might feel sorry for a hungry Library Cat with no thumbs.  So I hung out with her for the afternoon.

First I showed her my famous cord-chomping technique:

That's an old audio cable that I absolutely love biting on!  (It's wrapped around a $30 scratching post/ball chaser that I couldn't care less about.)

I hopped up on AB Christine's desk to chew on some papers and knock her writing utensils to the floor.  ALSO to stomp on her keyboard while she was editing a Word document (that always gets me some attention!).

She tried to distract me with some Feline Training Devices:

Yep, that's my Forever Pepper!
So I did this to make her AWWWW, 

and then I chewed the corners off the invoices I was sitting on.

No matter how involved I seem in my activities, I am always alert to the goings-on in my Library.  (Note the raised paw.  For some reason that always makes people AWWWW, too.  I use it to swat at people who aren't listening to my treat requests.)

After a while I resorted to staring.  Notice my Frown of Displeasure.  This photo was taken about a nanosecond before I meowed "Hey put down the flashy-box and get me some treats!"

Not an artsy shot.  Just a tilted photographer.

Repetition is the key to training these humans.  So I meowed repeatedly, and we seem to have made some progress.  I think I got her to reach in the treat drawer two times in one sitting, which is a Friday Miracle!

Thank goodness AAB Karen is back at work tomorrow.  

Weak, extra-rattly, empty-belly purrs,


PS - Today I taught AAB Becki that I do not like beef-flavored wet food.  That one is a little easier to teach.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tree-in-a-Pot Program; aka I Was Not Invited

So about a million years ago we had a program about Bonsai here at the library.

Okay, okay.  It was January 20th, 2014.  Right.  That's awhile ago when you're a little cat.

Anyway, the Boone County Home Ec Club invited Mr. Scott Yelich to their meeting at the library to talk about Bonsai plants.  Bonsai, which you say bone-sigh and not bahn-zigh, literally means "tree in a pot." 

Mr. Scott Yelich brought a whole bunch of tasty little trees-in-pots to the library and I was very purposefully EXcluded from the program.  Just look at this:

That, my friends, is a photo of me on the WRONG side of the meeting rooms door.  I think I'm saying something along the lines of "You let me in right now so I can sniff those trees-in-pots and maybe bite on some of the nicer-smelling ones!"  Jade plants are one of my favorites (R.I.P. AB Christine's Jade plant) and I found out later that Mr. Scott had one of those and no one bought it for me. 

After a while I gave up at yelling.  I'm pretty tough, but not tough enough to pull that door open with my paws.  FYI--this next pose is guaranteed to yield belly-rubs from whatever meanie is taking photos of and/or teasing you:

Commence sympathetic attention in 3. . . 2. . . 1. . .
So I got plenty of tummy-rubs and pettings, but not Jade plant Bonsai. 

Maybe next time.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hanging with my Peeps

So we have a new Spring-y display going in the Youth Department case.  I like to supervise the installation of these displays to insure that they meet strict Library Display Standards.

What in the world are these things?

*sniff sniff*

Okay.  So they're called Peeps.  That makes sense--


Those are Bunny Rabbits!  Bunny Rabbits don't make "peep" sounds, do they?  I'm confused.

Well, Bunny Rabbit "Peeps" may not peep, but they do make for a nice display:

Click to biggify & read the fun book titles!
Spring is only a month away!



Friday, February 21, 2014


Last night--February 20th--Hoodie Hoo Day--we had tornado warnings in central Indiana.

I'm afraid we Hoodie Hooed too hard and broke the weather.

We really just wanted all of the snow piles to melt!  So the library staff Hoodie Hooed extra-loud this year and Dr. Shank and his staff even came to the library to help.  Then the weather turned 56 degrees and it rained and all of the snow tried to melt at one time, which turned ditches into rivers and yards into lakes.

So I'm sorry for all of the trouble that Thorntown Public Library has caused.  Maybe next year we'll just have one cake.

Here is our photo that was on the Front Page of the Lebanon Reporter today:

"Local Library Responsible for Turbulent Winter Weather"
Laila and Minchie said that they were looking forward to our Hoodie Hoo video.  Well.  Let me just tell you all about that:

AB Used-To-Be-Photographer Christine decided that she would just make a movie of Hoodie Hoo since Mr. Rod Rose from the Lebanon Reporter was photographing the Momentous Occasion.  Christine checked her camera to make sure the little "video" thing was selected like a good documentary filmmaker.  The thing she didn't realize was that she accidentally hit the take-a-picture button when she was fiddling around with the camera.  So she filmed everything BEFORE and AFTER Hoodie Hoo (like her feet, and Mr. Rod Rose's feet, and her sweater, and the railing, and a lot of sidewalk) and captured precisely ZERO minutes of Hoodie-Hooing.

After a vote of No Confidence, my staff  and I have decided to rescind her Hoodie Hoo photography/videography privileges, which means she'll have to appear in the Hoodie Hoo photo and/or video, arms a-flappin', for the first time EVER in 2015.

She did get a good photo of Dr. Chris Shank and his staff:

Hoodie Hoo Part Two!
We thought about pinning the tornado-y weather on them but that wouldn't be very nice. We all had good intentions.

Since this winter has been especially cold, snowy, and miserable, we decided we needed to make buttons for anyone who participated.  So if you live in Boone County, Indiana, and you woke up this morning to find your lawn furniture in the neighbor's yard, look for someone wearing one of these:

After the yelling and waving, everyone went back into the library to have Cake(s), Pink Lemonade, and Sunshine Salad.

Thank you for reading about our 10th Annual Hoodie Hoo Day celebration.  I, as usual, snoopervised the library while all of the staff and library visitors were outside making a racket, because that's what good Bosses do.

Besides that, in here it's always spring-time!  When I get a chill I just find a nice warm chair, planner, or stack of paper to relax on.

Purrs, Headbutts, and Apologies for all of the Thunderboomers,


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tomorrow = Hoodie Hoo Day!

You guys!

We have got to get rid of this nasty "winter" stuff.  I have had to deal with the whiningest complainingest bunch of employees.  They come in all frozen with rosy cheeks and drippy boots and have to take off their gloves and hats and scarves and drippy boots.  Then they go on and on and ON about the cold, the snow, the wind, the ice, the bad roads, etc. etc. etc.  Way too much of this occurs before I receive my proper greetings, which are chin and head scritches, tummy rubs, and treats.

Well, thank goodness tomorrow is Hoodie Hoo Day and we can get rid of this awful winter business forever.

Everyone (except me) will be going outside tomorrow at Noon Sharp to flap their arms around and yell Hoodie Hoo!  Hoodie Hoo! at this stupid winter weather.  Then they will all come running back into the library to have Pink Lemonade, Rainbow Layer Cake, Sunshine Salad, and aNOTHER kind of cake for AAB Barb L's birthday!

After eating all of that sweet stuff, the flapping and running will be a distant memory.  I betcha I'll catch a few of them napping and/or holding their bellies and wishing they'd shown a little more restraint.

Me, I don't do sweets.

I'm sweet enough as it is!

Remember to Hoodie Hoo on February 20th and Noon Sharp!

Hoodie Hoo!