Monday, August 22, 2011

The Big Reveal & Mancat Monday

Happy Monday!

There were many good guesses about the New Thing's purpose!

First of all, I did not get a bazillion pictures of the New Thing getting finished because Mr. Spear came at 8:00am and AAB Sleepyhead Photographer doesn't come in until 9:00am. So she was all like "Darn, I missed my chance for the Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography" when she straggled in to work at 9:01. I have changed her work day to begin at 6:30am effective immediately so she doesn't miss any more important goings-on in the future. Oh, and she works 7 days a week now.

You will also notice that this post is being posted on Monday rather than Friday, as promised. Oops. (I know you're not one bit Surprised by this little development.)

Drum roll. . . but a quiet one, because we're in a Library. . .

It IS a display case. It is NOT a display case for special books, hermit crabs, butterflies (!), or a sculpture of me (although those are all worthy reasons to have a beautiful display case built).

I am relieved to report that it is a box for the red-tailed hawk! Now it can't get at me, being in a class case and all, and the customers who are brave enough to approach it (shudder) can get a better look at its menacing talons, ginormous wings, and potentially cat-eating hooked bill.

Here are some pictures, all reflecty because the glass is squeaky-clean:

In the last picture he kind of looks like he's smiling. Like he knows there's a tasty Cat sleeping in the next room.

Everyone is very excited to have the hawk in its new special home. Especially AAB Ritchie, who read his email wrong and took it down Thursday (a day early), wandered around looking for another place to hang it, then had to get the ladder out and hang it way up by the ceiling again. Poor Ritchie.

Okay, enough about all that--it's Mancat Monday, too!

On Friday I had a movie made. As you can see, I'm being quite ferocious. That hawk had better stay in his glass case if he knows what's good for him!

I'm one Tough Cat, and I strike fear into the hearts of camera-straps everywhere!

My staff thinks this is "awwwww" and "cute" for some reason. Why when I look fierce does everyone think it's cute? Does this happen to any other Cats? (When dogs look fierce, everyone seems to take them seriously.)

Confused, but Tough, and safe from the Hawk thanks to the Hawk-box,



Stella said...

That's a most exceptional reason to have that beautiful case built, Tober. I don't think you need to worry about the Hawk attacking you since he is in the case, but if he bothers you, perhaps you could have one of your AB's sleep over with you, for oh, maybe a month or two. Work up a schedule for them and that should relieve any thoughts of harm you might have.

I loved your movie, Tober, and I thought you look ferocious!

Ali Zophia (Zkhat)

Oskar said...

A hawk-box, we never would have guessed that.

I hate to tell you this, Tober, but my mom perswon Awww-ed at your video. I think you look tough!

Nubbin wiggles,

Junior and Orion said...

We think you look very fierce...and you have awesome paws of doom!

However, Meowm does think you look cute. Must be a human thing!

We are glad the hawk has his own case and will not be bothering you. You have much more important things to do than keep a hawk away from you. We know it is full time work keeping your staff in line!

♥I am Holly♥ said...

Tober, you look very handsome and tough too!! We are glad the hawk is away from you!! We didn't guess that one at all!!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

Sparkle said...

Tober, although I know you could totally take down that hawk and rip him to shreds (especially since he does not seem to move very much), I am still glad to see he is behind glass and of no threat to you.

curator said...

Goodness, you aren't just super fierce, you're super HANDSOME!

Kitikata-san said...

I don't think I like that thing with big claws. Good thing it is in a box. And Tober, you are a movie star! I love your movie!

Link Bartholomew said...

Tober, I have to deal with the same crap from my marmie. Turning into hunter mode is NOT cute! I must say, you do not look the least bit cute--just fierce--in your video.

Stella said...

Hi Dear Tober:

Thank you for your comment about do I bump my head when I do the Slinky thing at the bottom of the stairs. No, I do not, because I go quite gracefully and slowly. My Mom said she would try and get me in a movie of it, but I would really have to be in the mood to do it, if you know what I mean. We will work on it (my Mom will and I will cooperate if I feel like it).

Purrrrs and head buts,

Ali Zophia (Zkhat)

ellie said...

U do look one fiercesome tiger Tober! That's one good looking hawk in your library, but not as handsome as yourself :)

Huffle Mawson said...

That hawk appears to be much bigger than you Tober, so it's good he is behind glass now.