Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winter Reading Battle Ends!

We had a Winter Reading Program going on. Now that Winter is officially over (thanks to Hoodie Hoo Day), it is time to announce the results. Our youth department competed with the adult department to see who could read the most chapters! It was a friendly competition (for the most part) and all readers did a good job! Here's my wrap-up from the March Newsletter:

It was an epic battle of words and wills, my friends. “Warm Up with a Good Book” (or what I like to call “The March of the Penguins”) has come to an end. It was a fierce competition, pitting Big Sibling against Little Sibling, Parent against Child, Library Staff Member against Library Staff Member. . .

One Staff Member, whose penguins were wanted by both adult and youth departments, threw his hands in the air and ran screaming from the building, the pressure too great for him to handle. (Okay, just kidding. He split his chapters read equally between departments.)

The youth department took an early lead, with swarms of penguins forming along the bottom of the circulation desk. The adult department posted a 6-foot thermometer on the wall, and AABs Christine and Britta colored until their arms were aching. Then the battle really began.

Staff members were cutting out little penguins around the clock. I was even staying up well past my evening naptime so that I could help. Readers of all ages Warmed Up with Good Books so much that winter was banished early—on the final day of the competition, the temperature reached a spring-like 66 degrees! (Hoodie Hoo Day also helped, I’m sure.)

Finally, on February 29, the penguins and chapters were counted. The youth department total was an astounding 1,506 chapters! WOW.

Now, think about this a minute. The program began on January 16. That means that The March of the Penguins lasted 45 days. Since the children read 1,506 chapters, that means that they were reading approximately 33 chapters a day! I’m impressed!

Not to be outdone by the youth department once again, the adult department managed an amazing 3,559 chapters in 45 days! (If you will remember back to September, the youth department did a good job of showing off the children’s reading skills by beating the adults during the fall reading challenge.) The adults are Victorious.

That means that TPL “Warm Up with a Good Book” readers read a total of 5,065 chapters between January 16 and February 29. Congratulations, everybody, for a job well done!

Well, now that I've written all those words, it time for a Caturday Snooze:

I hope everyone has nice relaxing weekends and that everyone was safe during the awful storms yesterday,




ellie said...

A well deserved rest after all that hard work :)

Jo's World said...

Hi Dear Tober: I had no idea you were having a Battle at your library. I would have been very worried if I thought that was going on where my dear Tober was. Was anyone hurt? I know you are very strong and able to take care of yourself, but in a Battle, you just never know.

You are always in my heart,

Ziva Zophia (aka Zkhat)

Cindy said...

You look exhausted after all that reading, or was it supervising?

Great job everyone did!

JC said...

I bet you sat on a few laps to help them. I'd be napping after all that too.

By the way, when I see that you have posted, I'm thrilled. I love seeing what you've been doing.

Jemma the Chihuahua said...

Tober, you look so comfortable and relaxed sleeping there in your chair. Good thing us cats know everything already and we don't need to read! ;)


Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Wow! That is a lot of reading, and alot of penguin making! We say you deserve your nap!