Monday, November 5, 2012

Cat & Mouse & Treats

AAB Britta is off Not Working today, so I'm keeping her mouse warm for her.

I would fire her, but it's her turn to buy the next round of Stinky Fish Flakes.  AND she's in charge of cleaning the crud out of my eyes, which helps keep me handsome for my admiring public (even if it annoys me while she's doing it). 

In other news, AAB Becki had two (2!) afternoons off last week and it was AWFUL.  I practically have to beg to get these other ingrates to feed me my supper.  At least AB Karen can take a hint.  AAB Christine just gets all excited that I'm hanging out in the office all of a sudden.  She's not quite bright enough to realize that I'm only paying attention to her in the hopes of getting my supper.  Sheesh.
Oh, and remember my special treats I received on my Finding Day, compliments of my visitors Bill and Janet Buckley?

AAB Christine left them out on AB Karen's desk--overnight--so I killed them.

The week is off to a very chilly start--I'm glad I'm an Inside Only Library Cat!



PS--Tomorrow is Voting Day for American humans!  VOTE!


Sparkle said...

Sometimes it is nice when humans are forgetful - wouldn't it be cool if they always neglected to put away the treats?

~*Connie*~ said...

you so should have hidden the evidence Tober, that way they would have thought they lost your treats and would have gotten you more :)

Jo's World said...

What you need to do, Tober, is have a meeting with all your so called help. Make some major announcements about just what they are supposed to be doing every day, make a chart with their names and jobs on it and make sure everything is checked off every day. No more lolling around for staff.

Doesn't that sound good?

From Ziva Zophia's dog Stella!

Katnip Lounge said...

Tober, it seems to us that you need to Fire your staff several time a week! AFTER supper, of course.

Laila and Minchie said...

Hopefully the treat bags will "accidentally" be left out for your nomming pleasure.

Mr. Black said...

You're a funny guy, Tober!

You shoulda just told 'em a mouse got into those treats...

Anonymous said...

We love your new header. As a retired librarian, I'm happy to see you encouraging reading. I wish I could get my Purrl (inside)to read, but she's too flighty, and Deucy (outside)is too busy guarding the barn and horses Keep up the good work.

Bev, Purrl and Deucy

Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Hmph! You must set up some kind of training class so all your staff knows when and how to proper ly feed you. These humans, it's a wonder they get anything done with how hard they are to train!