Thursday, July 17, 2014

You Otter Visit the Library!

I did not authorize the goofy title of this blog post, just so you know.  Sometimes AB Christine gets carried away and thinks she's all clever and stuff.

We have yet another animal attraction here at the library.  I'm absolutely positively sure that you haven't figured out what it is (based on the goofy blog post title).  Conservation Officer Ronald Johnson came to pick up Bob the Bobcat, who has been very popular with visitors.  Since Bob had so many visitors, he asked if we would like to borrow another interesting creature for display at the library.  Mr. Ron offered to bring us us a naked mole rat!  The naked mole rat is also known as a sand puppy.

Just kidding.

We got a River Otter!  (Much nicer-looking than a naked mole rat.  Do NOT Google Image Search "naked mole rat"--it is the stuff of nightmares.)

Here is Ollie the River Otter, so named by AAB Britta.  We aren't sure if Ollie is an "Oliver" or an "Olivia" so Ollie will have to do.

Ollie was accidentally trapped while she (I'll go with she) was out doing her otter business.  You know, doing things otters otter be doing.

I think that's why she looks kind of mad.

Ollie has teeny-tiny ears that AAB Karen called "precious".  And everybody petted her WHILE I WAS STANDING THERE so I commanded that we put the Plexiglas box (now known as the OtterBox thanks to Super-Boss John) over her.  Don't need her getting all the attention, with her "precious" tiny ears and her soft furs!

Ollie will be on display for the summer until Mr. Ron finds another dead animal to bring to the library.

Well, I'd otter get back to my Handsome Nap,




da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood....ya noe we did...googled nekkid mole rat....

we think him kneads a coat ...ore hope him lives wear de climate iz hot

Sparkle said...

My human couldn't resist doing an image search on "naked mole rat" - EWWW! They really are hideous.

JC said...

So nice to see you Tober.

Pets from me,
JC and The Purr and Fur Gang

Laila and Minchie said...

You just know we had to google naked mole rat and holy moly, we never saw anything like that! Very creepy!

Kitty Cat Chronicles said...

MOL! That otter is cute, though not as cute as you!
And OMC naked mole rats are the ickiest looking things we've ever seen!!!!