Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Up All Night, Sleep All Day

My coworkers have wondered what in the world I do all night while they are home asleep in their beds.  I was perfectly cool with letting them think that I sleep for 23 hours each day, but I got busted:

I see you!
Apparently Christine drove past while I was window-patrolling Market Street.  So she pulled into a nearby business to turn around (she did NOT do a "U-turn" oh no she didn't Thorntown PD) and came back to take a few pictures of me.  She could use some work on her night-time photography skills.

Now everybody knows that while they are home doing Not Much, I am busy making sure North Market Street is A-OK!

Then, after a long night of watching, it's time for a long day of intermittent snoozes.  I like it when the sun hits the wood floors in the Guinn Room.

*Almost* camouflage!
Mystery solved!



da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood....busted iz rite but thanx full lee we all waz abe bull ta hide when de look out yelled....

hide N hit de litez;

sew christine dinna see de mega partee goin on !! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

Summer said...

Well, of COURSE you are patrolling, Chance! You're the only one there - you need to make sure all those books are safe.

Colehaus Cats said...

Thank you for keeping all safe and well in your library. Who else would do it if it weren't you? Happy napping!

John Bellen said...

I'm surprised Christine saw you way up there. It's good that you are keeping an eye on things, Chance - and probably in the library, too. An excellent watchcat; they should give you a raise, or at least a treat.