Thursday, January 29, 2009

I declawed myself.

As you may know from my earlier posts, I do not have fingernails. When I was younger, someone decided that I would not need them. I asked for replacements for Christmas, but Santa did not bring them. Since Cat fingernails are very small, I would imagine that they would be easy to deliver. Since I did not get them, I assume that Santa made a mistake, and brought them to the wrong Cat. As I mentioned once before, I will explain the mistake to Santa when we next meet.

Over the weekend, I had an Accident. I will not go into details because it is a bit embarrassing, but in the course of performing my library duties, I lost three of my toenails. I left a bloody pawprint on a desk (sorry, Linda), and the toenails have not yet been recovered.

I brought the Tragedy to the attention of my coworkers by licking my sore left foot. I tried not to lick it too often, because I didn't want them to worry (and I wanted to prove that I am One Tough Cat), but today it hurt really bad, so I licked it a bunch. Karen decided that it was time to visit the people at the Thorntown Veterinary Clinic. I was quite a handful during my last visit, but Karen assured me that no one would give me any pills, so I didn't worry about it too much. Luckily, the stupid pet box wasn't available, so Assistant Assistant Boss Christine hugged me all the way to the vet's office. Because I was being hugged, I could see out the window, and it was a very exciting ride.

When we got there, everyone was (of course) happy to see me. There was also a very large dog in the waiting room, but Karen and Christine promised to defend me if the big dog decided he wanted a Tober for lunch.

I was on my very best behavior. I let Dr. Jon look at each of my paws, and I was pretty nice until he got to the sore one. I must admit I howled. . . and hissed! I did not have to take a pill. I got a shot of an anti-inflammatory that will make my foot feel better. Still, I am not a fan of being poked, and I let everyone know by laying back my ears and giving them my grumpiest look.

I have very clean ears and I am maintaining a healthy weight. Best of all, I will get my three missing toenails back! We don't even have to find the old ones; I was told that three brand-new toenails would grow to replace the ones I lost! I think I will take extra-special care of my toenails from now on.

Who knew that Library work could be so dangerous? Next time you visit a Library, you should commend the staff members for their bravery.

I must also report that I have broken my New Year's Resolution. My Resolution was "I will not chew on any more important cords." I think that the importance of a monitor cord is debatable, but Karen does not. I very skillfully chewed her most recent monitor cord so that her screen has a greenish tint to it. If she jiggles it right, it changes to another color, and if she continues jiggling, it will return to normal. In my opinion, this development would make computer work much more exciting.

Although I am sad that I broke my Resolution. . . it was worth it!

I have excelled at the Pastor Jim Allen Reading Challenge. I pledged to read one book in 2009, and I have read three (so far).




Gislaine said...

Poor Tobey! I hope you're feeling better now so you can come back soon!

Tober the Cat said...

I am all better now. Thank you!