Monday, January 19, 2009

Left Behind.

I was a very big help to Assistant Boss Karen in the last week. I helped her do paperwork,

warmed her chair, and even tried my paws at working the Adult Circulation desk.

Karen needed my expertise and support very much, and I did my best to help. I have been rewarded with my very own coffee cup--it says "Tober's Cup" (on the other side)--although Karen has decided that I probably shouldn't have coffee.

That is why I have not been able to post a blog lately.

But then, after all my hard work, Karen went on a Vacation and left me behind! Furthermore, she did not ask my permission to leave on Vacation, and by leaving, she is neglecting her very important responsibilities of petting me, giving me treats, and keeping me happy.

I first discovered her absence Saturday. I spent much of the day looking for her, going so far as to venture Downstairs. I thought perhaps she had gone Outside (she does that sometimes), so I went to the north door. Each time I went to the door, a staff member scooped me up and returned me to the Upstairs. This charade was repeated several times, until I was locked up in a office.

I have made my displeasure clear to the rest of the staff, so that they are sure to relay my unhappiness to Karen. They have assured me that she did not intend to hurt my feelings in any way, and will love me twice as much when she returns. I have heard that she is miserable on Vacation (because I am not with her), and she can't wait to return to the Library to see me. This is understandable, since I am a very handsome and lovable Cat, and I suppose I will have to forgive her.

The Assistant Assistant Bosses have assured me that everything possible will be done to keep me happy, and so far they have done a pretty good job. When I am locked up, it is always with a companion, and my meows are met with hugs and pets. I have been given many, many treats, and my tummy is frequently rubbed.

I suppose these Vacation things are permissible from time to time.

Now I must get back to instructing Cathie about the importance of neck massages.



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Gislaine said...

You look so charming in the first pic :)