Saturday, May 15, 2010

My New Assignment--Bedtime Reading

Today my Library Staff and I learned that I have a new assignment: Family Reading Specialist. This is a Very Important job and I am taking it very seriously.

You see, when Assistant Boss Karen took some Very Important Papers to the Court House in Lebanon, Assessor Marilyn Smith asked after my health. Her grandchildren had once visited me and are following my Adventures on this blog. They had read of my Traumatic Outdoor Adventure while the People Counters Census trainees were here and asked Grandma Marilyn how I was getting along. I wish to assure ALL of my devoted fans that I have suffered no Ill Effects. . . a generous supply of treats, many tummy rubs, a sunny chair, and I am good as new!

Now, about this New Assignment: The Children and their Mommy read my blog every night as part of their Family Reading Time. As a result, I have another line added to my already lengthy Job Description at the Library: I am the Official Family Reading Specialist. I am trying to not get too proud and big-headed about this New Responsibility, because already there are times when I barely fit behind AB Karen and AAB Christine when they are at their desks and I am wanting to sleep in their chairs at the same time. Still, I am quietly (this is a Library, after all) Proud of my new responsibility.

This is a picture of me practicing my reading skills. I am reading Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel, which is very Interesting to me because I am such a Very Good Cat. If you want to read a really scary story, you should try Bad Kitty Gets a Bath by the same author. (I did not know that they put such Horror Stories in the Easy Book Room! Yikes!)

AAB Christine has printed more business cards for me because they were ALL GONE! (AB Karen had given them to all the Census folks so they could monitor my recovery.) My Fans are welcome to ask for My Card on their next visit.

Responsibly Yours,


Cat Mandu said...

Tober, you have business cards? My mom has thought about getting me some, too. I think you're doing a great job with your Family Reading books.

Poppy Q said...

What a great job you are doing Tober, I bet you are helping heaps of kids to read.

I still think you need bookmarks made with your picture on!!


Laila and Minchie said...

Business cards! Why didn't we think of that!

We hope you are being properly compensated for your additional responsibilities!

Have a great weekend!

Marg said...

Tober, it sure is nice to meet you. You look like a super Library cat and what a good job you are doing reading those books to the children. We are very proud of you.
Have a great day.

Katnip Lounge said...

When do you find time to Sleep? You must have all your AB's & AAB's very well trained. Hat's off to you!

PS The Bath story IS scarey! ;;shudders::

The Island Cats said...

Wow, Tober! That's quite the responsibility you have! But we know you can handle it!

Jack, Persephone and Tenzing said...

Wow, Mr Tober! You are a Very Important Cat! You have so many respinsibull..., you do a lot of work!

I'm still just a whole 7 and a half months old, and I am trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. My Big Brother Jack is an Artist's Model and Assistant, and My Big Sister Persephone is a Research Assistant. I have one small job already, I'm the Second Assistant Bathroom Snoopervisor, but I do all the work!!

I think being a Library Cat would be a very good job, but I don't think we have enough books, even though we have lots of books and many shelves, and I patrol them all! I am also thinking about being an Action Hero-Cat, or a Private Sniffestigator, or a Crocodile Hunter-cat, or a Demolitions-cat, or a Landscaper-cat or a Garbage Collector (though maybe not a Garbage Collector, because my collection of garbage keeps disappearing!)

~Tenzing (also orange)

Keiko (from Kitty Trio) said...

Oh Tober, you ooze such intelligence and quiet composure! We are amazed at your Reading Skills. Mummy says we should try to read as well!!
You inspire us all!
Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

lupie said...

Gosh - a working cat!!!
U must be very famous! We are very purrseed to meet ya!
Love, Lucky & Lupie

Junior and Orion said...

You get assignments!? That is so cool! We don't get assignments...unless you count "please don't do the boob walk on me". Is that an assignment?

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We saw this below your Christmas post! Mom needed a closer look... without her glasses she couldn't tell what you were doing! I told her you were a very learned kitty!