Friday, September 30, 2011

A Proclamation

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but it's hard to get any work out of these people on the weekends.

Hear ye, hear ye!

Whereas, Boss Tober was rescued by Assistant Boss Karen on the Nineteenth day of the month between September and November; and,

Whereas, the previously Sad and Nameless month was given the name October in recognition of Boss Tober’s awesomeness; and,

Whereas, the tradition of Library Cathood is very important in the history of libraries of all types worldwide, as Cats protect library books from horrible mice and provide companionship to library users and staff; and

Whereas, Tober the Cat, Boss of the Thorntown Library, has performed admirably in his role, accepting all challenges laid before him, be they tedious or sticky-fingered and noisy; and,

Whereas, the Thorntown Public Library, by virtue of housing such a Handsome and Extraordinary Cat, has achieved World- and Internets-wide fame; and now therefore be it

that I, Boss Tober of Thorntown Public Library, do hereby proclaim the month of October each year, commencing in 2011 and each year thereafter, as Tober’s Finding Month in Boone County, Indiana (and the Whole World), and I encourage all citizens to visit me, pet me, comment on my Wonderfulness, and give me treats.

Proclamations take an awful lot of Whereases. Whew!

I should probably stamp it with a pawprint, but that involves ink. We did that once before and I said never, ever, EVER again.

Happy OcTOBER!



G said...

One Monday in October should be a national holiday in honor of this auspicious occasion, Tober.

Luxington said...

Happy OcTober Tober! :-)

Sparkle said...

Tober’s Finding Month - that has an AWESOME ring to it!

Stella said...

Wow, Boss Tober, that is some big proclamation! Congrats on expressing things so very well and humbly, too.

Your girlcat,

Ali Zophia (Zkhat)

Kitikata-san said...

Happy ocTOBER! Where as it is ocTober month!

Bellen said...

I've been following your blog for some time now, Tober. I have an orange cat who, though she doesn't have a library of her own, gets to boss me around. I'll continue to follow your adventures through your Finding Month and beyond.