Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mommy's Day to all of my Assistant Assistant Boss Mommies.

Reasons I love my Mommies:

1. They give me a nice place to live and work.

2. I get lots of very tasty foods.

3. They give me treats, even when I don't do special tricks for them.

4. We have wonderful conversations. . . although most are a bit one-sided.

5. They didn't kick me out of my library, even after I ate lots of Important Cords.

6. They always have places on their desks for me (although sometimes I have to re-arrange things a bit).

7. They give excellent tummy rubs!

8. My litter box is always clean and fresh-smelling, like flowers.

9. They come to me when called.

10. I get great massages.

11. They share their seats.

12. They do not complain when I am shedding--except for when they wear black clothes.

13. They brush me sometimes.

14. I do not like the V-E-T, but they bring me to visit him so that I can stay healthy and live a long time.

15. They give nice chin scritches, which make my whiskers very excited.

16. They let me hide under their desks when someone scary or fast-moving comes in the building.

17. They heat up my supper when it's been in the fridgerator.

18. I am carried to supper every night.

19. They know I love my catnip, so they keep me well-supplied!

20. They love me back!

I want to wish a Super-Special Mommy's Day to Assistant Boss Mommy Karen. Thank you for finding me and giving me such a special place to live. I think I'm the luckiest Cat in the world!

Happy Mommy's Day to all of the Kitty-Mommies out there. There's nothing like realizing you've found your Forever Home.




JC said...

Those are great reasons !!

Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

Us kittiez wish youz and your momma and youz m♥mma's m♥mma all de bestest day ta day. M♥mma's iz just 'bout da mostest 'portant 'bean in da whole, wide world!

BooBoo said...

That is a great list. I'll bet they got mad when you ate the cords though. My people weren't happy the last time I did that.

Aoise said...

Gosh, what a fantastic list of reasons ! My name is Aoise by the way. Its nice to meet you.

Poppy Q said...

what a lot of super reasons to love all of your mommies. You are a lucky cat Tober.

Tober, can I ask - do you spend the night at the library, or do you go home with one of your mommies?

Poppy Q

Tuck said...

You are a lucky cat Tober! You have lots of mommys to love you!!

Laila and Minchie said...

Tober, you are so lucky you have all those Mommies to take such great care of you and cater to your every whim.