Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pink Bows

It has been very Busy around here, and I have missed out on a lot of blogging and seeing my blogging friends. Luckily my Photographer had her camera ready a lot, so I have good pictures of me to show you when I get the time to stick them on here.

Back a few weeks ago, when my Assistant Boss Karen was not feeling so good, some of her friends sent her flowers. (Flowers make sick people--especially ladies--feel better.)

Well, I thought they were for me; she put them right in my sitting spot, after all. You know how I feel about flowers. They should be eaten, played with, and destroyed. These flowers were even more offensive than normal because they came with a giant pink bow.

I waited until I was left alone with the flowers, and I pulled off the bow and threw it on the floor. The flowers were tolerable then. Karen thought that the pink offended my masculine tastes. She was right.

They gave the bow back to me, minus the wirey piece that held it all together, and the massacre began:

This will be yummy!
See how I was licking my chops in that picture? Then I really get into it:

Die, bow, die!
This pink bow (although I hear it's just a ribbon after my mutilation) now Belongs to Me. Karen keeps it in her desk so I can take my frustrations out on it whenever I want.

Yesterday I also engaged in a little fly-hunting, because no amount of treats can really replace the taste of a nice, fresh fly. This is one of the extra services I provide for the Thorntown Public Library, and I think it speaks to my Dedication and Initiative.

Below I am putting a picture of Another Cat. This is only because Assistant Assistant Boss Christine begged me to let her post a picture of her girl-cat reading a Library Book. Kitty (yeah, that's her name) lives with AAB Christine and keeps her in line when I am not around to do so. I can't imagine the tortures that this poor cat endures, since her Mommy is one of the ones who upside-downs me all the time.

Leave me alone!
Come to think of it, she looks a bit harassed in this picture, doesn't she?

I think I'm All Done for now!

Master of the Pink Bow,



JC said...

Good job on the bow.

How are you going to get your purr friend away from your aab ... at least they gave her a book to purr on.

Reese =^..^= said...

Ha ha! Now I see that you really don't like flowers much! Cute story.

BooBoo said...

That kind of bow is a great toy to play with. If I were there I'd help you tear it up.

Elin said...

Bow wow!
Hi I'm your new follower!
Nice to meet u!
Keep in touch!


The Island Cats said...

You did a number on that bow, Tober...we would of gone for the flowers after the bow...fresh flowers don't stand a chance with us....

The kitties over at Our family cat-a-blog said...

Good for you to kill that bow! My kitties just love them and they also have a great time with the rings off milk cartons. You should try it!

Yes, mommas tip kitties upitty-side-down, but it's only because you are loved lots. Just let them do it because you are a lucky boy to have found such a wonderful place to live.