Saturday, May 30, 2009

Looking out the Window

Every now and then I go Downstairs to look out the window. I try to do this during the day, when there are very few little children and customers about, because when it is busy my Staff seems to think I should be Upstairs where they can keep an eye on me. I also go Downstairs a lot when my Assistant Boss Karen isn't around, because I can keep a lookout for her from the window.

The Downstairs window is very exciting. It looks like I am way up in the air from the Inside:

Snoopervising the juvenile books.
But if you go on the Outside, you can see that I am very near the ground!

How'd you get Outside?
This makes the Youth Department windows very nice places to watch Birdies! On the day these pictures were taken, I was watching a very plump and juicy-looking robin hopping along looking for stuff. It was very fun--until the Photographer went Outside and scared it away.

Speaking of robins. . . my girl-friend Kumari is a mighty Huntress. She brought AB Karen a robin through the pet door last week! I think she really brought it for me, but Karen didn't take the hint and bring it in to work with her. Karen says she's not sure if Kumari caught it herself or just found it and carried it in as a love-offering. I'm pretty sure Kumari did the deed, since she is beautiful, clever, and strong!

For those of you who remember Kumari from my earlier posts, I would like to let you know that she seems to be doing very well. She has a great appetite and is gaining weight. She is also playing a lot and getting along well with Karen's other animals and has discovered the Great Outside. I am hoping that she has a long and healthy life ahead of her, and that I will be reporting on her adventures for a very long time!

Wishing Karen had brought me that robin for a snack,



JC said...

Those are cool photos of you.
You do always need to be on the look out for those birdies.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Those are fabulous windows to watch birds from. To bad beins don't get it and scare away the fun just to take a picture.

BooBoo said...

Those are definitely great windows. I don't have any that big.