Sunday, May 3, 2009

The many moods of Tober

I hear mutterings and murmurings that some of my staff think that I am a grumpy-looking cat. I think my face is very handsome and expressive.

For example, here I am mimicking the unhappy-face on the pen:

Really, I am only pretending to be unhappy here--if the pen had been turned around to the happy side, I would have smiled, too.

Here I am excited about my straw:

Here I am partying with my little maraca:

Here I am deviously plotting to capture some birdies (if I ever escape to Outside):

Here I am happy to see my Photographer:

So you see, I am a very expressive Cat! Every time a new situation arises, I practically transform into a whole new Tober! I do not know what my coworkers are talking about, do you?

Master of Disguise,



Laila and Minchie said...

Your co-workers obviously have a lot to learn about us cats, Tober!

Tuck said...

I don't think you look unhappy at all Tober! You are a very handsome mancat!

CCL Wendy said...

Yes, Tober you are the Master of the Art of Disguise with just a tweak of your exPURRession!

BooBoo said...

You are a good-looking cat, even though you aren't black.

Parker said...

I think you are extremely handsome and expressive!

Beezer said...

Hi Tober!
This is my first visit, and I am very happy to meet you. I too, am a Ginger (& white) mancat who loves to read. Well, its mine Assistant, who I call mombean) who reads. I snuggle on her lap as she reads out loud to me. I find its much easier that way.

It must be fun to live in the library with all the books! I bet you get lots of great lapsits on the laps of all the folks who come in to read and check out books.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

Your me pal --- Beezer

JC said...

You are very expressive. Purrfect actually !!!

The Island Cats said...

We don't think your co-workers know you well at all, are very expressive...

Zoolatry said...

Hi Tober... very nice to meet you (a Hoosier !)... thank you for visiting us.
We have a pik-shur we did to send to you, but no email address. If you can email us, we'll send it back at ya!
Your furriends, Maggy and Zoey from Zoolatry

Poppy Q said...

Tober I think you have to train your humans more. Have they tried you with some catnip? Then they might see crazy faced Tober!!

You are very sweet and not grumpy looking at all.