Friday, May 1, 2009

My Library is front-page material!

Hi, hi, hi!

This week we got the Lebanon Reporter newspaper, and it came with the Boone County Tourism Guide. Guess what! My Library and the giant outside water fountain were on the cover.

Let me tell you what it said INSIDE:
Helen at the Well stands at the west entrance of the Thorntown Public Library, 124 N. Market St., Thorntown, Boone County, Indiana.

The eighteen water spouts of the 12 1/2' steel and aluminum fountain were installed on August 31, 2007, and are activated annually from May through October. More than 334 donors contributed to the project to restore to Thorntown the fountain that graced Main and Market Streets from 1909 to 1944.

The new fountain is a replica of the original placed by Anson Mills, engineer and Civil and Indian wars soldier, who was born on a Thorntown farm and in 1909 provided Thorntown a safe (from typhoid fever) water system and four fountains. The largest, the 32-foot Mills Memorial Fountain, was in honor of his parents and included two bowls and a large basin as well as the central figure and three others seated at the base. Residents still recall ice skating in the bowl and meeting their dates and future spouses at the fountain. In 1944 the fountain was removed so that Indiana 47 could become a state highway.

The present fountain was reproduced in proportion to the library's entrance and represents the custom of welcoming visitors by the offering of water.

So we are all Very Excited that My Library is on the cover of this magazine. I think that the Boone County Tourism folks did a very nice job talking about our special fountain, but does anyone else notice something MISSING from this article?

Like maybe:
The Thorntown Public Library is also home to (and under the watchful eye of) Tober the Cat, who began his reign in late 2008. Tober is an extremely handsome orange tiger-kitty, and he graciously entertains visitors Monday through Saturday. He loves treats, catnip, and tummy rubs, and if visitors are very, very lucky (and generous with treats) he will often demonstrate how Assistant Boss Karen fetches Apples that he tosses into his wastebasket.

I think this would be my magazine cover if I were the Featured Attraction; I think it makes me look nice and tall:

I think the next big Thorntown fountain should be called Tober at the Water Dish.

Planning ahead,



Laila and Minchie said...

We looked and looked on the cover and in the article and found no mention of you, Tober, a world wide famous kitty who is putting your town and library on the map. Maybe they'll do a follow up article soon to fix their mistake!

Tuck said...

How did that reporter miss the most important thing about your library?? I think you should write a letter to the editor!

us4 said...

YOU are the best part of the whole deal. You needed to be on the cover. Geeesh, reporters are blind.