Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The Return of "The Amazingly Comfy Free Bags"

 They're back.  "The Amazingly Comfy Free Bags" napping spot, aka "My Second Favorite Napping Spot", is back where it belongs on the Youth Counter.  But this time in a calming shade of green.  

The Youth Staff keep complaining that I get fur all over the bags.  I'm not sure why they would put out a nice new bed for me on the counter and then complain about me using something that was definitely meant for me to use.  Isn't that why the Boone County Solid Waste people gave the bags to the library?  For me to nap on?

Regardless, I'm faced with the same dilemma I had the last time "My Second Favorite Napping Spot" made its appearance; It's slowly disappearing, and slowly becoming less and less cushy.  

Eventually I'll be forced to go back to my usual favorite and other second favorite napping spot.  That is, Karen's desk and Karen's chair.  But now that I think about it, the timing may work out well for this to happen.  By the time all the comfy bags are gone, it will be almost time for summer.  And summer means that there will be children EVERYWHERE downstairs.  Which means that I will stay upstairs where there are calmer kinds of people to socialize with.  

I'm off to another nap,


Saturday, March 12, 2022

Fish are Friends

It's no secret that fish tanks are a source of relaxation and peace (or snacks).  Or at least that's what they're supposed to be.  There's even a fish tank in the Library.  It's in the Youth Department, and I suspect it's because the Youth Staff are trying to bring a little more peace into their lives by relaxing the kids with calming fish.  I'm pretty sure it does the exact opposite because I hear a child shriek "NEMO!!!" at least once a day. 
That would be part of the reason I keep to the second floor.  

But when I do venture down to the first floor, I like to take time to watch my friendly fishy friends swim around in their tank, doing whatever it is you do when you're a fish.  

Nemo and Other Nemo (And Blenny too)

Max The Red Fish and Spike the Urchin

Except, sometimes they're not so friendly.  

They've never been rude to me.  (although sometimes they hide, and I have no clue what that's about because I think I have a very friendly cat face, despite what some people say)
But for some reason, they like to pick on each other.  Maybe it's the whole roommate thing.  I might be grouchy too if I had to share a space with six other fish, a bunch of snails, and a spikey thing.  

But regardless, I think they need to calm down.  
I came downstairs one day to visit with my fishy friends, only to find there were two fewer than there was the day before.  
Either there has been a tragic fish crime committed in the tank, or two of the fish decided to move out.  
I prefer to think it was the latter.  

And don't look at me, because fish are friends, not snacks. 

Fish are Definitely Friends, Not Snacks

Whatever happened, I'm sad that there are now two less fish to watch.  But I've heard we might be getting a new fish friend soon-- a long nosed something or other.  Someone should warn the new guy that it's a jungle in the tank, so he better keep his guard up.  Nemo and Other Nemo might not take kindly to a new fish with a nose as long as Pinocchio's.  

Anyways, I'll just be over here watching the fish snacks,

Friday, February 18, 2022

Winter Naps

 Today I have decided to be productively unproductive.  Which I know is an oxymoron, but that's alright.  Maybe it's the falling snow that's making me sleepy.  Or it could be because the library is quiet today.   

I'm not sure.  Either way, I will be productively taking a nap.   So, if you can't find me, I'll probably just be in my chair, enjoying the winter weather from afar.  


Thursday, December 23, 2021

Dead Plants

 Someone around here must have the exact opposite of a green thumb.  

A while back, one of the staff members very thoughtfully painted a plant pot for me.  

It looks like this:

Isn't that nice?

And eventually, another staff member planted some cat grass in it, which started to sprout delicious looking shoots.  

That is, it was sprouting- until it was dehydrated and then drowned.  Which caused nasty fuzzy things to also sprout in it.  

One morning I walked downstairs to find this:

And now no one has attempted to try to grow anymore delicious cat grass.  So all I have is an empty pot.  With some dirt crumbs in it.  Which if you ask me, is a pretty sad sight.  

No one has taken any initiative yet to try planting something new, though perhaps that's for the best...I could just end up being disappointed again.  

Maybe one day I'll have a pot of delicious cat grass to munch on- until then, I'm trying to figure out how I can get ahold of one those nice poinsettias that are juuuusst out of reach.  


Saturday, November 13, 2021

I am not a Circus Cat

 Barb L. just doesn't know when to quit.  I try to tell her that I'm just not a trick cat.  I ignore her, give her the cold shoulder, and try to express how much I don't want to be a trained circus cat.  But unfortunately for me, Barb is a very persuasive human. 

Which is why this happened:

Yes, that is a picture of me giving Barb a high five.  Of my own free will.  I think she was pretty happy I didn't hold out 11 1/2 months to finally cooperate with her on this trick.  

However, there are still some things I will NOT do.  
For example:
I will NOT jump through a hoop.  Even if it is a very nice embroidery hoop someone very nicely let Barb borrow for this humiliation   trick.  
Not gonna do it.  Nope.  

Why can't we just stick with the high five...

Barb's next task on her to-do list is to teach me to "speak" on command.  I'm looking forward to seeing how she will try to convince me to do that one, because I'm thinking I might need a whole lot more treats for a trick like that.  
Definitely not training for the circus,