Monday, February 20, 2012

Goodbye, Winter.

It has been a weird, weird winter in the Land of Indiana, my friends. We have had rain and snow and ice and sunshine and wind and fog and even thunderboomers!

Well, Weird Winter Weather, the folks at Thorntown Public Library have had enough. We banish you.

My Library Staff amd customers and lunch friends have again celebrated Hoodie Hoo Day. For those of you who are new to my blog, Hoodie Hoo Day is a strange human custom. On February 20, at noon sharp, humans bravely venture outdoors and flap their arms and shout "Hoodie Hoo!" Then, exhausted, they hurry back inside for pink lemonade and cake and ice cream.

Isn't this an intimidating-looking bunch?

If you haven't tried Hoodie Hoo Day in your town, I highly recommend it. Usually Hoodie Hoo Day takes a little while to have an effect. Well, this year after Hoodie-Hooing, I looked up the weather forecast for Thorntown. Check this out:

We did it. We struck fear into the heart of Winter! (I don't know what that Friday nonsense is about. I think we should skip it.)

Now, I'm sure you noticed that I am Missing from the Hoodie Hoo Day Picture. This is because I am an Inside Only, Not to Be Removed from This Library type of Library Cat. After all, if the rest of my staff and customers are outside banishing Winter, who will answer the phones?

Now, I'm going to do something I've never, ever done before. I had AAB Photographer switch her camera to video mode during the Hoodie-Hooing. The act of Hoodie-Hooing has never been caught on film before--at least not in Thorntown.

Brace yourselves. We just saw what this menacing group of Library folks did to Winter. You may want to cover your eyes with your hands--or paws--or have someone sit with you while you watch this video:

You should bookmark this video in case your town doesn't celebrate Hoodie Hoo Day. This way you can play it promptly at noon on February 20, 2013 and maybe my Thorntown gang can help you get rid of your Winter(s) next year!

Just another service offered by Thorntown Public Library,

Hoodie Hoo!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you have someone special to headbump or nosetouch or belly-rub today!

(If not, you can find me at Thorntown Public Library in Thorntown, Indiana--napping in AAB Karen's chair. I will gladly take any unclaimed nose-touches, etc., in honor of Valentine's Day.)

I wanted to do something special for my special Girlcat, Ziva Zophia. SO I outlined my plans for Blog Helper, who got up early this morning and worked on my Valentine.

Now, even though my Girl is far, far away in Minnesota, we can see how nice our furs look together!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Purrs & headbutts,


Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to Irritate People

Happy Caturday, everybody!

My Blog Helper was so excited by the success of my latest Movie that she decided to make another one--featuring the Apple Trick!!!


I wasn't in the mood to do that--so this is what I did instead:

We Cats reserve the right to do whatever we want to do--even if it's nothing at all.

Doing my own (no)thing,


Friday, February 3, 2012

Bad Cat?

I have been told twice this week that I am a Bad Cat!

First I was called a Bad Cat because I was chomping on AAB Kathy's computer cord. AAB Christine was borrowing Kathy's desk on Tuesday night, and I kept walking under the desk to chomp the cord. Well, AAB Christine, not being cat-shaped, was unable to get to me, so I could chomp-chomp-chomp to my heart's content. She must've figured I was hungry, so she offered me treats. I came out from under the desk and had two.

Then I went back to chomping, so AAB Christine got the treats out again. I had two more, and put some furs on the monitor, and pulled a few hold slips out of AAB Kathy's books. Then I went back under the desk for some chomping.

Christine shook the treat-bag again, so I came out to have some, but guess what?

She didn't offer me any treats.
She went "hrmph" and stuck them in the drawer! I waited very patiently and even stomped on the keyboard a few times, but I didn't get any treats.

So I went back to chomping on the cord again.

Christine shook the treat-bag, but this time I knew she was Lying to me. I knew I wouldn't get any treats, so I just looked at her for a while. She started hollering my name, and I just purred and purred, because I was under the desk with the tasty cords, and she looked silly on the ground like a Cat (only not so graceful or elegant).

So she got two treats out, and I decided I wanted to eat them. . . at which point she scooped me up, carried me out of the office (closing the door behind her), deposited me on the circulation desk, and declared me a Bad Cat. That would have hurt my feelings, but I was too busy being proud that I have effectively trained my first Staff member to reward me for chewing on cords. At last!

Then, the very next morning, I was again called a Bad Cat because my staff came in to work and discovered this:

What can I say? I got hungry in the middle of the night and I wanted a snack and I don't have thumbs. So I used my Sharp Teeth! I think I should be called a Smart Cat, and maybe the one who left the treats lying around can be henceforth known as Not-So-Smart Human.

None of this "Bad Cat" business would be going on if AB Karen were here--but she's on Unauthorized Vacation, so I'm having to suffer all sorts of indignities in her absence. Thankfully we will be reunited this weekend, and she'll call me a Good Cat and give me lots of tummy rubs and treats and Catnip.

For your weekend viewing pleasure, I have made a Movie:

It got a little boring after the apple toss, especially since I already found all the hidden gum-wrappers.

Happy weekend!

One Good Cat,