Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Office Chair

Dear Readers & Blogging Friends,

You probably know that, as Boss, I have several office chairs throughout the library.  Sometimes my library staff is nice enough to share with me.

Sometimes they get all selfish and won't scootch forward, so I have to make do:

This position worked out well.  I managed to immobilize AAB Christine's mousing hand, and since she couldn't mouse around, she got exasperated and decided to pet me instead. 

So I settled in for a nice nap.

Then AB Karen came in and I abandoned Christine to whatever silliness she was engaged in before I arrived.  (Probably cleaning that trash-heap of a desk.)  I've got my priorities.

Kitties and other critters, stay safe and cool and hydrated.  It is 102 degrees today in Indiana!  Even the bean-plants look sad about the weather.

Happy to be an Inside-Only Cat,


Monday, June 25, 2012


AAB Blog Helper has been awfully sad ever since she made me break my New Year's Resolution.  As Boss, I feel that it was important for her to make amends for being such a rotten AAB. 

The first thing she tried to do--which she claims was on purpose, but which I believe was Accidental--was to create a self-service staircase to the fish tank:

See, she and AAB Britta were stacking boxes up so that the InfoExpress Courier Man could get to them easily.  It really had nothing to do with providing me easy access to the Swimming Dinners in the tank.

If that had been they case, one of them would have opened the lid!

The second thing she did was to bring me Homegrown Fresh Catnip Flowers.  Aaaaaah, kitties. . .

I'm thinking that her apology worked.

She is forgiven.

At least until the Catnip wears off.

Missing a blog post was (almost) worth it,


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I broke it.

Hi Everybody.

I broke my belated New Year's Resolution.  I missed my blog posting last week.

AAB Blog Helper worrying about "Strategic Planning" didn't help.  (She should be Strategically Planning to help me get my blog posts posted in a timely fashion.)  We've been busy as all get-out here, doing just about everything except helping me post on my Blog.  We've been Summer Reading, and Teen Crafting, and Library Boreding, and Computing, and doing all of the usual Library Business around here.

Except for me posting on my Blog.  Did I mention that already?

So, AAB Blog Helper is being punished.  She said she doesn't ever never want her picture on my blog.  She runs from the camera (like I do, only she's less likely to be caught napping, and therefore get photographed, at work).  So here we are together:

Hee hee!  What do you think of that?

Well, I realize you can't see her face in that picture, so I will help you out a bit.


Okay, all kidding aside.  I am sorry I broke my New Year's Resolution.  Can I maybe make up for it with an extra post this week, do you think?

And an extra-handsome photo of myself, kind of like this one?

I hereby Resolve to soak up this entire sun-puddle,


Friday, June 8, 2012

I have my paws crossed. . .

. . . I sure hope someone opens this drawer and gives me a few treats!

It should work.  I'm pretty sure my face is irresistible.  (Actually, all of me is irresistible, but I didn't want to post a full-body shot and break the Internets, especially on a weekend.)

Happy Friday!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Still waiting, plus other things.

Not to badger poor Assistant Boss Mommy Karen, 'cause she IS an awfully good Assistant, and generous with treats and tummy rubs, too. . .

To be fair, she did sit down MOST of the day today. 

We have had a super-busy week here, because the children are now out of school, and their parents are bringing them here, to my Library, to load up on books and magazines and movies for the beginning of summer!  Hooray!

I am plum tuckered out from Thursday afternoon, though.  I got petted by about 10 children all within 30 minutes--that's a lot of petting and face smooshing, along with the occasional poke!  And just so you know, little feet don't got "pitter-patter."  They go "galumph-galumph-galumph," especially when the owners are right behind you yelling "KITTY!!!!!"  I got lots of extra treats for yesterday.

My Librarians have been busy busy getting ready for Summer Reading Time!  We have all sorts of things going on the next few months, like a button bracelet craft, and a special program about eating healthy (I hope this doesn't bring about a treat-diet), and a program about hot rods!  Some llamas and mini horses will be visiting the library, too!  (I wonder why llamas get two Ls instead of one?)  Oh, and lots and lots of reading will be done, because young readers can bring in their reading logs each week and receive a ticket--and the ticket will be entered in the bike drawing!  These are two of the bikes that are up for grabs:

The bikes are provided by Bikes 4 Kids, which is a super nonprofit program in central Indiana.  They take gently used donated bikes and make them look like new, and distribute them to bikeless children.  You can learn more about them on their website

We had a near-catastrophe this week when AAB Christine ran out of her after-lunchtime gum.  Now, I really don't care whether she has gum--what I care about are the gum wrappers.  AAB buys Orbit Sweet Mint Gum, and that stuff has really nice smelling, nice-tasting, crunchy paper wrappers.  Every week we have Gum Wrapper Monday.

Luckily I have a few stashed away for Emergencies, because this is what my Gum Wrapper source looked like earlier this week:

Lastly but not leastly:  Today my AB Karen got an important email from a nice lady named Janet.  The email said "Tober's fame is spreading.  Check it out (no pun intended)" and had a link to the mental_floss blog post 9 Delightful Library Cats.  My friends Cauli le Chat and Browser are listed, too!  Famouser and famouser, I tell ya. 

I think Famous Cats can make like llamas and add extra letters to their names,



PS  Happy Birthday AB Karen!  You're the best (even with all the waiting)!