Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Library has the floatiest float and the cleanest carpets!

Hi everybody,

I am happy to report that everything is almost back to Normal here. It was a hectic weekend, but I survived!

My Library float won the Grand Champion of all the Floats in the Festival of the Turning Leaves Parade! The theme was "These are a few of our favorite things" and the Library's favorite things were Chocolate, Cats, Gourds, Smiles, and Books (not necessarily in that order) and that wad of tinfoil turned out to be a Sterno can and that card table turned into a giant Fondue Pot! (Sorry about all the ands. I'm a little excited!)

If you look to the right side of the shot, you will see the scary Imposter Tober lying (embarrassingly) face-down on a cushion. He is earning his place in the storage room by working as my Stunt-Double.

Here's the thing from the back of the Float of Excellence:

We also book-saled a LOT of books over the weekend. Over one half of the 80 boxes of books we put out for the sale found good homes, and people donated lots of moneys for the Friends of the Library to use for programs and things. (The moneys would also buy lots of Whisker Lickins.)

While my Staff and my Stunt-Double were lying around on an Award-Winning Float enjoying the parade, I was hard at Work snoopervising the cleaning of the Library carpets. To clean the carpets, my coworkers had to get all of the Stuff (except books & shelves) off of the carpets.

I took this literally:

This position made me very Tall and authoritative.

In other exciting news, my Library Staff discovered FURminators last week. Now, normally I wouldn't use this Esteemed Blog to advertise something unless I think it's pretty special. . . but I was quite impressed with the results of my FURmination last week, so my Staff ordered a box of FURminators so they can take them home for their house-dogs and -cats. I highly recommend them to all Animals who have extra furs they don't want.

The order arrived today, so if you fly over Indiana in the middle of the night, don't be surprised if you see a cloud of furs obscuring the Thorntown. That's a cloud of Happiness.

Proud and Recently DeFURminated Boss of TPL,


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Festival parade float book sale carpet cleaning mess week.

Hello friends. This is the week that my staff tears up my Library and makes big messes so they can float and sell books on Saturday.

Oh, wait. I'm being told that's not quite what happens.

Okay, so the Friends of the Library are having a Big Book Sale this weekend, and that has to be set up. And the Library staff is making a float for the Thorntown Festival of the Turning Leaves, which is also this weekend. And they are taking all of the things off of the carpet on Friday so that the carpets can be cleaned, which is also this weekend.

Basically I was right the first time, except the staff doesn't really float.

Look at what they have done to my dining room and restroom area!!!!!

And the desk!!!! Look at the desk!!!!!

How is a cat supposed to fit up there?

If you think that is a mess, you should see the big card table parked by the elevator with a wad of tin foil underneath it. No telling what they think they're going to do with that. . . but I'll post pictures when they figure it out!

I did get to try envelope glue today, which I decided was pretty foul, and I had a smallbit of tape when no one was looking. I also found that it was necessary to interrupt to get some attention. The below distraction combines an irresistible tummy stretch with screwing up the letters in the poster-banner thing that AAB Britta was working on:

It worked like a charm.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better in the treat department, too. I feel I'm getting thin from this day of Neglect and messmaking.

Purrs (but weak ones from all the Neglect),


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have a lot of Nicknames.

I don't really understand why I need a lot of Nicknames. My name is Tober. It isn't that long or complicated to say. But for some reason, my staff insist on calling me a lot of OTHER names. Some of them are nice names, like Big Man, Little Sweet Boy, Handsome, or Buddy.

Some are a bit insulting, like Fatso, Stink, and Booger.

And one Nickname that I haven't quite figured out: Smeet. This was condensed from a longer version: Smeet-Face Cat.

I've also been called an Itty Bitty Bosslet, and a Handsome Red-Head, and Tobey, and Kitty Kitty, and Doodle.

Do any of you have weird Nicknames that your people insist on calling you? Why do they do this?

Confusedly yours,

Big Man
Kitty Kitty

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday is Snooze-day

I am All Worn Out because everybody got Labor Day off except for me.

That's just the kind of Boss I am.

Snoozily yours,