Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Sneaking

Ha! AAB Photographer was trying to do some nature-hippie "Boss Cat in his natural habitat" stuff the other day.

Well guess what? We're not Wild Kingdom around here, and I've got super-high-powered ears to help me hear (a) treats being opened, (b) gum wrappers being removed, (c) the pitter-patter of little feet and (d) not-so-stealthy Photographers.

Yup, I'm looking at you.

My natural habitat is Awesomeness,


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good to the Last Drop

When I Boss my staff, I try to make sure that they are not wasteful. Wasteful is Bad. Here we try to make our books, computers, printer toner, paper, furniture--everything--last as long as possible. Staff are only allowed four squares of toilet paper. . .

Okay, maybe I'm not quite that strict!

Anyhow, I did catch one of my AABs getting ready to waste precious Library supplies on Friday:

See that look on my face? That is disappointment. That is "surely I Bossed you better than this." That is SADNESS over the near-waste of precious Catnip. Throwing away perfectly good Catnip, even the crumbs, is grounds for Firement. Never mind that AAB Wasteful also brought a new bucket of Catnip (with a toy Feline Training Device inside)--there was perfectly good Catnip-dust in the bottom of the old bucket!

That's the best part!

So I got it.

Sometimes being a big Mancatly Library Boss means you have to get your whiskers dirty.

Dusted in Catnip particles,


Friday, February 11, 2011

Tober's Command Center

One of the big differences between Ladies (most of my Staff) and Men (me and AAB Ritchie) is that Ladies like to move stuff around all the time and Men like for things to stay the same.

Well, Ritchie and I are outnumbered, so here was my Office on Friday:

See that big file cabinet in the back, with the computer monitors on it? That has my Catnip in it. I get nervous when that moves around.

So Friday they made a big Mess in my office to put in a new desk for AAB Linda. We got it for Free from a very nice man named Mr. Sloan. (Thank you Mr. Sloan for making a mess of my office giving us a desk.)

Here is a picture of me Snoopervising/worrying:

I am worrying because there used to be FOOD on this shelf.

On Saturday strange Men came to move this Humongous desk into my Office. I'm already not a fan of all of my Stuff moving, and now strangers are in moving it even MORE and I had a bad feeling that it would move again on Monday.

On Sunday I rested, because Thank Goodness we were closed and the crazy Ladies were locked out of the building. Nothing got moved about.

On Monday we moved everything into its proper place. I do like the new arrangement because I can now make it around most of the Office without having to touch the floor. I was a little upset that my Dining Area was shifted a few feet to the right, and now my Toilet is behind AAB Blog Helper's desk (she LOVES this development heh heh). But all in all it's not so bad. Especially since I fired AAB Linda and now have my own Command Center:

Okay, I didn't fire Linda. But I did take her desk. If she wants it back, she's going to have to pick me up and move me.

Now no one can contest my true Bossliness. Everyone knows that he who has the biggest desk rules the Library.

In command,


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

AB Karen is back and I don't like Hairball Food.

Apparently I don't rate around here anymore. I am the Boss of this Library, and I have got Very Important things to say to the Blogosphere and all of my faithful fans and Library customers. Like this.

AB Karen is home safe and sound and has been re-hired. AAB Ritchie's week of Bossitude was written into the the February newsletter like so:

Boss Tober is Relieved, Exhausted

Thorntown Public Library’s Resident Cat and Boss Tober is relieved to announce that his AB Karen Niemeyer has safely returned from her (unauthorized) Vacation and has been re-hired as Assistant Boss and Library Director. During her absence, custodian Ritchie Barton helpfully agreed to fill in as Director and Assistant Boss, and he did a fantastic job of answering the phone (once), making coffee (once), and emptying the book return (once).

AB Ritchie was taken to task about his avoidance of one of the Director’s very important duties--leading the SHINE lunch bunch during afternoon exercises. Fortunately, library staff, with the help of customer Betty Maze, were able to track Ritchie down and get him to join the group on Friday. AB Ritchie felt better having met his responsibilities and is now fully-qualified as a Library Director.

When asked about Karen’s absence, Boss Tober admits that “Managing this bunch is quite exhausting without AB Karen’s help. Ritchie did okay, but he’s not nearly as good about tummy rubs.”

The Thorntown Library staff would like to thank ex-Assistant Boss Ritchie for being such a great sport during his week of leadership. We would also like to thank Karen for returning from Vacation.

I have also been put on a special Hairball diet food. This special food is $13 a bag and I don't like it One Bit.

What I like is my Stinky Goodness food that is sometimes served to me in one of my comfy chairs:

I am thinking of Firing my Assistant Assistant Boss Blog (not)Helper and asking Santa for thumbs again this Christmas. But Christmas is kind of far away, so maybe I'll find some other method of getting more blog-posting time. Any suggestions?

The most Neglectedest Blogging Library Cat in the Whole Wide World,