Monday, October 19, 2015

Lazy Finding Day

Today makes SEVEN whole years since I was Found by my AAB Karen!

I celebrated by relaxing in sunbeams. . .

This WAS a good place to hide. . .

. . . trying to avoid AB Photographer. . .

Paparazzi.  Ugh.

. . . and taking naps in my soft bed.

I had extra treats and belly rubs today, and even a fresh gum wrapper.  AAB Becki served up a special dinner with extra gravy.

AB Christine, in her infinite wisdom, brought me this Treat-Dispenser thing:


This is the dumbest and most unnecessary contraption I've ever seen.  See, your human opens the treat-bag, puts the treats into the dumb green "dispenser" thing, closes it up, and then you, the cat, have to get the treats out of the dumb green thing.

Why are we making it HARDER to get treats?  I have a Treat Dispenser.

Heck, I have 13 Treat Dispensers!  Their names are Christine, Karen, Becki, Bonnie, Barb, Barb, Linda, Melissa, Alec, Myrtle, Kathy, Britta, and Phyllis.

Christine and Britta are really good at operating the dumb green Treat Dispenser.  They demonstrated it for me, and by "demonstrated" I mean tipped it over a few times so I could have some treats.  So what they've really done is made it harder on themselves.

Oh well.  It's the thought that counts. . . even if it's not a very good thought.

I'm awfully glad I got Found by the right person seven years ago.  I AM a pretty lucky guy.  (Don't tell them I said that.)



Oh--PS--I almost forgot to show you my Finding Day Card!