Thursday, January 24, 2013

Home, Home on the Range. . .

Thanks, everybody, for the information about Internet Explorer being all goofy now.  AB Christine is using Chrome.  She has had it on her computer for a long time, but some programs like Chrome and some programs don't.  Just like Blogger doesn't always like Internet Explorer.  And how Firefox acts like a doofus sometimes.  So she using Chrome, which is New Thing for her.  Wish me luck, seriously.  Geez.

A little over a week ago we had a drum-roll big time event when we thought Christine's new desk name plate arrived.  (For the last few weeks everybody had been calling her "Hey you" or "Who's that person in Karen's office?")  So we all gathered around for the Opening of the Name Plate.

Here it is, in all its glory:

Who's the Boss?
Bahahahaha!  Yep.  AB Christine slunk back to her office, all dejected-like, and resumed whatever it is she does in there all day (not giving me enough treats is one of those things).

So I had her fix things, since a name-plate without a name looks pretty stupid.

I'M the Boss!
The other exciting news from over a week ago is that the library is now home to two (2) meese mooses caribou.  Yes, CARIBOU.  Do NOT let AAB Karen hear you call them moose!  The are pretty Spiffy, all carved and painted by one of our local woodworkers, Mr. Craig "Peaches" White.  Right now they are living in the Guinn room upstairs in the library.  For a while they were guarding the Tax Forms, but we didn't want folks to be too intimidated to pay their taxes.  They could get in Big Trouble.

These are NOT Mooses.
Me, I am just busy Bossing, as always.

AAB Karen learned that I love her chair most, and rejoiced.
I hope everyone has wonderful weekends!  We have a heat-wave (50+ degrees!) and rain to look forward to.  Very happy to be an Indoor-Only Library Boss Cat with lots of servants, I mean, employees waiting on my every need.

Purrs from meese me to you,


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blogger Behaving Badly

This blog post is brought to you by Blogger Acting Dumb.  AB Christine (aka "The Resolution Breaker") was FINALLY helping me to write a post about the goings on here, including her laziness when it comes to photography & Blog Helping, the new Mooses Meese Caribou we have on display, a Snowperson-building Winter Reading Challenge, and other exciting things.
But Blogger won't let us post new pictures that we have saved on the computer!  So here's an oldie but a goodie.  I'm feeling about as bent out of shape as I look in the picture, FYI.


Wake me when I can upload pictures again, okay?

Exasperated headbutts,


Friday, January 4, 2013

Opening Act!

Merry Late, Late Christmas and Happy Late, Late New Year, everybody!

It has been so long since my last post that AB Blog Helper almost FORGOT my Blogger password!  Can you believe it?

I have three (3) pieces of exciting news today!

#3:  I am resolving, once again, to blog once a week during the new year.  We'll see if I can manage this time around!  (I will also try to be a better Blogging Friend by keeping up with everyone better!)

#2:  Did you catch the change in my second sentence?  AAB Blog Helper is now my AB Blog Helper!  This change will ensure the confusement of everyone reading the blog!  Mommy Karen, who was AB, is now an AAB!  She decided that, after 18 years of Directoring, she's going to be a Librarian again!  (She's really been both those things, and more, the whole time.)  She's going to work really hard at things like working only 40 hours per week and Not Bossing and taking whole days off.  She also going to spend more time working with the public and less time ordering toilet paper.

AAB Karen (and the Library Bored) decided that Christine could become AB.  They thought she would be good at ordering toilet paper and making rules and being hard to find when she has a phone call.  So now my Karen and my Christine and my Britta have all shifted around their respective carts full of junk, but they HAVE maintained the placement of treats.  AAB Karen is now in charge of stinky fish and AAB Britta is in charge of Gum Wrapper Monday.  I think that leaves AB Christine in charge of my V-E-T bills--no wonder Karen was excited about moving out!

My most exciting news, though:

#1:  I am the Funny Farmer Felines' opening act of 2013!

I hope you visit Mousebreath and read my interview!  I'm sure you'll find it quite enlightening--the FFF did a great job of asking interesting questions!  The interview was a lot of fun, and I'm honored to be the opening act of an exciting New Year.  Thanks for featuring me, FFF!

Now, it really isn't a proper blog post without a picture of me, so here you go:
Looking at Laila & Minchie's Christmas card.  BEFORE Christmas.  Like, last year, ya know?

Looking handsome and Bossly.  Notice the CHRISTMAS wreath in the background.
These photos were intended for my Christmas Post.  You know, the one that didn't happen?  Yep, that one.

Wish me better luck with my blogging in 2013!

Happy Headbutts and Merry Nose-touches,