Monday, December 12, 2022

The Chair Thief

 There's a chair thief on the loose in the library.  

Here's what happens:  

First, someone leaves their nice warm chair unattended.  

Second, the thief spies the chair.  

Target acquired

Third, the thief gets into the chair and makes himself comfortable.  

Mine now. 

Fourth, the thief falls asleep in the chair. 



Fifth, the person comes back to the chair only to find that an adorable cat has made the chair their napping spot and they feel so badly about waking them up that they get a new chair to sit on (that's not near as comfortable as the stolen chair).  


I'm the chair thief.  

And I'm not sorry about it.  

Some of the staff claim it has become a bit of a problem.  To which I say, they should learn to share.  It's not like I have my own personal chair like some people in this library.  Or any other chairs to choose from.  All the other chairs are either in reach of grabby hands or aren't fit for the BOSS to sit in.  

Except for this chair.  But that's beside the point.  

This chair doesn't count

The point is, some people in this library have been calling me a thief, and I think that's rather unfair.  I only take chairs that aren't currently occupied.  Which is fair game.  

Looking for a napping spot,