Saturday, November 28, 2009

My V-E-T Visit

I should have known something was going on when I received a mid-day paw massage. The unfolding of my red napping-blankie should have served as fair warning. I thought I was getting carried to an early dinner until AAB Christine took an early right turn and carried me Downstairs.

No one carries me Downstairs. Ever.

AB Karen pulled the car around while AAB Christine Kidnapped me from My Library and rushed down the stairs and toward the Outside.

Let me tell you, I let them hear it on the way to the V-E-T. I knew that was where I was going.

Now, don't get me wrong. . . I will be Forever Grateful to Dr. Jon for telling my toenails to grow back, but other than that we aren't great friends. I remember how he gave me pills when I lost my toenails.

So when we got to the Thorntown Veterinary Clinic I put on one of my maddest faces:

Oh how dare they. . . Not cool.  Demotions a-comin'.  Hrmph.
The vet always sends in a nice Assistant to try to soften me up. I ignored her. I ignored EVERBODY. I surveyed the clinic's parking lot for intruders and tried to mentally go to a Happy Place.

I was weighed, and I am pleased to tell you that you can bring on the treats, people! I am, once again, a Picture of Feline Health. I weigh slightly over ten pounds and am maintaining a healthy weight; I am alert and responsive; I am a very cooperative cat and am a joy to behold.

Everything went downhill from there. Dr. Jon came in to see me and got very personal with the exam. Then he petted me for a while, which was okay. Then he decided to look at my teeth and my eyes and my ears and all of my other handsome parts.

Brace yourselves, Cats. . . this next picture is not pretty.

Stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it!
Then Dr. Jon gave me those awful, horrible shots--which are totally unnecessary, since I am an Inside Only cat and can't possibly catch any of the horrible things that a lot of cats could catch. The last one makes a loud POP and had me clutching the edge of the table really tight. . . luckily they do that at the very last, so I got to go sit in the car and catch my breath after that.

Oh, I forgot to mention the only nice part about my Vet trip. AB Karen did not bring the Stupid Pet Box to the Library, so I got to use my backup carrier, AAB Christine. The people at the Thorntown Veterinary Clinic think that it is very impressive that I travel with a Posse. Yes, that's how I roll. . .

Fe-line fine!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, EveryCat and EveryPerson!

Over the last month or so My Library has been accepting Food in place of fines. That means that people who owed moneys for late books and things could bring in a can of Food and My Staff would subtract a dollar from their total bill. The Food is going to be donated to The Caring Center in Lebanon, Indiana. The Caring Center was established in the 1980s, "and serves thousands of Boone County residents every year, continuing its mission of distributing food and clothing through the compassionate care of scores of donors and volunteers."

Before we give the Food to The Caring Center, though, we have to take a picture. (We almost always have to take a picture.) So I commanded my Assistant Assistant Boss to stack the Food in an attractive, photo-worthy pile. She did Ok.

Here I am inspecting her work:

My Staff have counted the Food, and there are 245 Foods to give to the people who visit The Caring Center. If you look toward the top of the pile, you can see that even a Cat can contribute. . . after all, there are Cats in need, too!

Everyone have safe and happy Thanksgivings!

Gobbles & Purrs!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Smurf smurf smurf.

Hi everybody! Smurf it Check it out!

Local Cats Rally to Help Smurfs Evacuated from Toxic Mold-Infested Homes

Thank you, Sharyn, for letting the world know about the poor homeless Smurfs of Thorntown. We might have to hold a Smurfberry drive to get them through the holidays, but otherwise, things are Looking Up.

Everybody have fabulous weekends!



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So here is what happened. . .

Last night at the Library we had an accident.

Remember how I was telling you about the joys of leftover Halloween candy? Well, I had gone to the desk to visit the Monster candy dish and fish out something fun to play with.

Here is a picture of me with the Monster dish:

I was having a hard time getting a good piece of candy, though. I was trying to get one out with my teeth, and the Monster's mouth wasn't big enough for me to get in there.

So I pushed a little harder, and. . .

I didn't mean to. I'm a Sorry Cat. They can take it out of my paycheck.

R.I.P. Monster dish. I will miss you.



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Best. Presents. Ever.

Okay okay okay. I know I just posted but then these exciting One Whole Year Anniversary things started happening!

I got a present from my Staff. It is a Bunny-rabbit made out of a washcloth rolled in catnip and tied with a string and it is the best-smelling thing in the Whole World!

Here I am with the Bunny:

Ooooh.  You smell nice.
I give the Bunny a hard time:

Where are you hiding the Catnip?
The Bunny is no match for my feline Prowess:

Bunny-rabbit, come here.  Please.
And then I got my Very Own Cupcake with Cat-Treat Sprinkles:

Whipped Cream!  I'm missed you!
Got a bit on my nose:

Did I get it?
I guess I really shouldn't eat my dessert first, but since it's my Hire Day. . .

I get special Whiskas food for dinner tonight!
This has been a Wonderful Day!

Hoping my tummy can handle all of this yummy goodness,


Happy November 3 to Me!

As of today I have been living at the Library for One Whole Year. As of tomorrow I will have been blogging for One Whole Year.

This time of year is really getting to be a bit too exciting for me!

Passed out from all the Excitement.
I also need to tell you about Halloween. Apparently my AB Karen thought it was a Good Idea to lock me up on Halloween so I couldn't visit the Downstairs while Library Staff handed out candy and cookies. (After hearing about the terrible awful horrible things lurking about on Halloween, I decided that it was a Good Idea, too.)

Anyway, I have discovered this Wonderful thing called leftover Halloween candy. There is a Monster dish full of leftover Halloween candy on the Adult Circulation Desk. (To see the Monster dish, look at the photos on my last few posts. He's blue with a big mouth!)

Leftover Halloween candy is crinkly and shiny and smells wonderful and absolutely zips across the carpet when I bat it around! It has nice little paper-y and plastic-y places for me to put my teeth, and I am currently training my staff to throw pieces across the library for me to chase.

There is also a seemingly endless supply of this stuff. Unfortunately, my AB and AABs have decided that the leftover Halloween candy should be locked up every night before they leave the building.

Here I am with a cinnamon disk:

I love leftover Halloween candy!
Tootsie Rolls are also lots of fun! And Jolly Ranchers!

One-Whole-Year Cat-in-Residence of the Thorntown Public Library,