Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Teamwork Tuesday

In my library there is a nice big round window that overlooks the Fountain and the front of the building. This is where Angel Tober has been hanging out recently. It is also the window that my workers gaze out of when they are working the adult circulation desk and daydreaming monitoring the Outside.

Today there was a little tree frog in my window:

Naturally, I wanted to Eat him. Luckily for him, there was glass between the two of us, and he was up too high (on the second floor) for me to get to him and I couldn't talk anyone into getting the ladder out so I had to settle for window-shopping.

But he climbed high and I needed help to see:

So AAB Becki helped me. She gave me a Boost which is a very Important part of any Library worker's job description--Library Cat Booster.

But Becki's arms got tired. (This part I don't really understand, since I am a Picture of Feline Health and I am Maintaining a Healthy Weight. I think I will have to start the staff doing some weight training.) Then AAB Linda P. jumped in to assist Backi!!!!!

Linda P. is assisting Becki's weakening arms (maybe my muscles are heavy?), and that is why this post is Teamwork Tuesday.

(Shortly after this last photo was taken, I decided that I was bored and wanted a Temptations. So I jumped down.)

I hope the rest of the week is as exciting as this morning!

There is no "I" in Team (but there is one in Library Cat),


PS I am sorry Becki for thwapping you in the face with my Excited tail.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello, Monday!

I am ready for an exciting week at the Library!

By exciting I mean Let's have a few extra naps this week.



Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Portrait

Seeing as how I'm a Famous Library Cat and all, it was only a matter of time before an artist would come around and want to make my likeness. Well, fellow cats, I have been tastefully captured on notebook paper with #2 pencil:

This portrait was lovingly drawn by one of our Library customers, an 11-year-old girl who would come in to see me during the Summertime. As you can see, I am on the desk with my water cup, and there is no paperwork cluttering up my desk, and no computer monitor blocking my view of the Library, and I am very Happy and Alert. I think that the artist did a very good job of capturing my Handsomeness (even if she did fudge on the clean desk a bit!).

It is now hanging on my Office door since AB Karen has never had a nameplate made to put on my desk. I think this makes the office officially Mine.

On a different note, I have had to dedicate much more time to my Snoopervisory duties with some of the staff. I sometimes find it necessary to resort to spying to make sure my workers are doing their jobs correctly and efficiently:

Notice my frown. This is because she was SUPPOSED to be getting some Catnip out for me, but instead barricaded herself behind a bunch of books and pretended to be busy.

Stealthily yours,


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

F.I.T. -- Feline in Training

I have decided to share some pictures of me working out and building my strong muscles.

Here I am attacking the mouse-string with my mancatly paws:

Here I am putting the bitey on the mouse-string. Notice that I very cleverly manage to do all of this training while lying on my side. In a comfy chair.

In this picture below I am burning HUGE amounts of treat-calories while swatting at the end of the string. I am giving the string a stare that says "I mean Business, String!"

Here I am looking Up because. . . well. . . that's where the string went. And since it's Up and I'm Down, we're at a bit of a standstill in my Training Activities.

Now, in this picture I am Very Disturbed because the intruder dot is ON MY ARM and that is really weird. How am I supposed to attack the dot when it is ON me? I can't bite at it because then I would bite my arm! That could hurt really badly seeing as how I have these super-strong and mancatly jaws.

Luckily I just had to glare at the dot for a while and it eventually got bored and went away.

One F.I.T. Feline,