Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tobers, Tobers Everywhere

My Summer Readers have been reading about places all over the World this summer! On the bulletin board, we have a big map, and readers are sticking pins into the places that they have "visited" during their reading adventures!

The Storytime group has visited sea creatures (snacks) that live in the oceans, hippos that live in Africa, and Polar bears that live in the Arctic. Other readers have visited France, Canada, and many of the US states.

I have visited Thorntown and am so Handsome that I get a whole photo on the map:

The Youth Department staff are particularly good at incorporating me into displays and bulletin boards. This is because they are well-trained, conscientious staff members who Have Their Priorities Straight. Here is a photo that they keep in a very Important location--between the calendar and the who's-working-today board:

Yep, that's right.

Orange Library Cats are so popular right now that the people who designed the 2011 Collaborative Summer Library Program added an Orange Library Cat to the available artwork. We have him on a Youth Department bulletin board:

It is widely agreed that I have more interesting eyes. But it's good to see cats represented during summer reading, especially since Browser is still on his World Tour.

I also posed by a Birdie. Now, this birdie isn't real, but it sure looks life-like! It was carved by Mr. Craig White, who is a really talented woodcarver and all-around great guy. (For a guy with a big booming man-voice, that is.) Thanks to Mr. Craig I can pose with this birdie and almost look like an Outside Cat!

This next thing is not at all related to the overabundance of Tobers at the library. Now, I know I am a handsome Mancat, but I've never had an Admirer before. Well, wait a minute. . .

I'm SURE I've had an admirer before, probably lots. And I did have a sweet and beautiful girlcat Kumari who I Loved (with a big "L") but she went to the Bridge.

Anyhow, NOW I have a new admirer--the persnickety and lovely Miss Ali Zophia--who hijacked, er, borrowed Stella's blog to answer questions and confessed her admiration for my pretty (her word) orange furs. Thank you Ali--you are as wise as you are beautiful! Or as beautiful or as you are wise? How does that go? Anyhow, you are both!



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's that time of year again.

Today I got The Flea Stuff. Apparently it's the time of year for those nasty and vile things to come around again, so I'm forced to endure these monthly assaults. I mean, treatments.

I hate it with all of the furs on my mancatly body--even the gross ones that currently have The Flea Stuff on them.

AAB Christine (who, if you recall, I FIRED last month) did this to me. This is the Mad-face I gave her when she tried to make up with me:

She is crying in her office now.

On the brighter (but not by much) side, I found a good use for my Storm Shelter. My AAB Cathie very thoughtfully made this for me because I do NOT like thunderboomers. She thought it would be safer for me to stay in a Storm Shelter, since I usually tuck myself into the stairs during storms.

But, since I am a Cat, I have to do the opposite of what is expected. So I've never used it before. Until today:

(The "Mean Staff" refers to AAB Mean Christine, not AAB Thoughtful and Kind Cathie.) The Shelter made an excellent retreat from the awful apologies, whines, and sniffles that were emanating from my ex-AAB once she realized I've decided to Fire her again. (Maybe this time it will sink in.)

Feeling gross, but

Flea-Free is the Way to Be,


Friday, June 17, 2011

New Snack Bar!

I am pleased to announce that My Library has a new cat-friendly snack bar!

For a comparison, let me show you the old snack bar:

If you will notice, it is filled with bland (i.e. un-smelly or -Catnip-y) items like juice, crackers, and chips. The children, they LOVE these snacks. The Library Cat. . . not so much.

So I was pleasantly surprised when a Mr. Chris Griggs visited and stocked a snack bar for Me:

I like fishes 'cause they're so delicious. . .

There is a nice variety of snacks in there, although they are very Small. (That is okay, because I'm kind of Small, too.)

Oh, wait. What?

Oh, so apparently these fishes aren't snacks at all. They're decorative, kind of like those bottles of oil infused with garlic and peppers and carrots and stuff. I can look, but no snacking.

I had AAB Photographer take some pictures of the fishes. She has never tried to photograph swimming fishes before, so it was quite a challenge (especially for her).

Here is a little Orange fish. He is Nemo:

We have two Dory-fishes. Here is one of them:

We also have lots of Crabby-things. NOTE: This is a different kind of Crabby than the Crabby I see when the Library ladies haven't had coffee and/or chocolate. THAT kind of Crabby makes these little Crabby-things look like sweet fluffy baby bunnies:

Now that we have more exciting fishes living in the snack bar fish tank, it's hard getting the staff to DO anything--like feed me dinner on time. They're taking this "fish tanks are relaxing" thing way too far. Pretty soon they'll have a La-Z-Boy installed at the Youth Circulation Desk.

Me, I'm just biding my time. Here I am using my superior mental powers to bend the staff to my will:

One day they'll forget to close the lid on that treat can. And when they do,

I'll probably be asleep.

Waiting for appetizers,


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Helping & Browser & Sun & Twins

Last week the Community Foundation of Boone County sent us a big poster with a make-it-yourself Bow. (This year the CFBC is celebrating 20 years of Gifts Making a Difference in Boone County.) Since I Love Bows with All My Heart and am a Master at deconstructing them, it only makes sense that I would help/snoopervise AB Karen while she made the Bow.

Karen was relieved to have my help. Bow-making is serious business, and she was worried that she wouldn't be able to do it right. She didn't want to hang the only Bowless Community Foundation poster!

I've also been trying to keep up with Browser's World Tour. I miss him lots, but I'm sure he's having fun on his adventures!

Reading about his adventures really tires me out. Luckily we've had good sunpuddle weather in Indiana lately. (It also helps that I got a really thorough Furmination, too.)

I have also discovered that I am Kitikata-san's Brother of Another Mother! (Say that 3 times fast!) Kitikata-san is a Most Extraordinary and Beautiful Girlcat from Nashville, TN. For your viewing pleasure, she has posted side-by-side shots of us on her blog.

If you visit, please prepare to be dazzled by all the Handsomeness & Beauty on the page. It's almost too much for Blogger to handle! (You may also find that Google is Googling slower since she posted her pictures on June 4. Our apologies.)

One Helpful Cat,


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good-bye, Browser.

Browser the Library Cat is now on his way to the Haywood County Public Library in Waynesville, North Carolina. AAB Blog Helper suggested that he go visit that library because it was the one that she visited as a middle-schooler. Obviously the library staff there must be patient and kind, because they never kicked her out for her shenanigans. (She claims she was mostly well-behaved, but a little noisy.)

Before he left for the next stop on his World Tour, Browser attended the Indianapolis 500. (For a great write-up of his last few days in Indiana, visit his blog.)

Things are awfully expensive at the race, so Browser went shopping for snacks the night before. I have never been shopping before--I'm not sure how I'd feel about being out of the library like that. Browser managed to get my AAB to make a pit stop in the Cat Treat aisle.

Browser enjoyed the race except for the excessive loudness of the cars going around and around and around again. I'm glad he got to do something Special while he was in Indiana.

I think Browser must be a very Good and Vigilant Library Cat. The Pine River Public Library is very lucky to have him!

I, for one, and a little Sad to see him go. Now that we're back to a One-Cat Library I will never get a Vacation.

Missing my friend,

(Hoping for a post-card,)


Don't forget to check on Browser as he travels. See what he has to say about libraries across the country--and maybe even the World!