Tuesday, September 29, 2015


OcTOBER is just around the corner, so I figured I'd better wake from my long summer's nap and maybe post a "hello" to everyone.


I was napping 10 seconds before this was taken.  *squint*
We have had a crazy busy summer around here.  The youth department outdid themselves and invited all kinds of people, animals, and even a giant CAT to the library during the summer reading program.  (I have an autographed picture from the CAT!  Will see if my minions can find it and post it later.)  The Humane Society for Boone County brought a really noisy slobbery dog here and tried to get him adopted.  He woofed and woofed and woofed.  Seriously.  And we had balloon-twisters and a screech owl and a hawk and the Colts-in-Motion trailer and a really great box maze and the fire department and police department and EMS people visited to show off their fancy trucks and cars and teach children about the importance of being heroes and taking care of one another.


So I got really behind on blogging.  But you guys are used to that!  

My staff decided to make it up to me by making me the centerpiece of our Festival of the Turning Leaves float.  (Last week was Festival of the Turning Leaves/Book Sale/Carpet Cleaning/Mess Week.) 

BUT they were being Lazy (yes, with a capital "L") this year and didn't want to make a huge float on account of being Lazy, so they made a teeny-tiny Tober-sized float.  

My float had the fanciest tractor!
Isn't it the greatest?  Here's another picture:

My stunt-double.
AB Christine was super-excited that it fits on the library's elevator and she didn't have to struggle with petal paper in the windy, windy outside.

I'm super-excited because, if I get really lucky, one of my staff will forget to lock up my tiny float and I'll get to chew up all of those crunchy silk leaves and urp them up on the clean carpet!  It's only a matter of time. . .

AAB Phyllis made a real big float this year, with people on it and stuff.  It was for the Thorntown Heritage Museum and went along with the parade's 1915 - Oh What a Year! theme.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!
It won 1st Place - Theme!  It had a bunch of basketball players on it, and they did cheers and waved their very best waves for the parade crowd. The float theme was "Inspiring a new generation of winners."   

The secret to a winning float?  Lots of tape.  

Now--back to napping. . . but hopefully shorter naps with more blog posts!