Monday, October 22, 2012

My Fourth Finding Day!

As most of you guessed, today is Friday was my Finding (or Gotcha) Day!  (Slow help around here.)

I have been a Found Cat for four whole years!

AB Karen made a cake for me for my Finding Day.  I misunderstood and thought the cake was for my eating, but really it was in honor of my Awesomeness.  But I didn't realize that until after I licked the corner.  That's why there's a knife sticking up--it means "Reserved For Tober Do Not Eat!"

According to all reports, it was a very good cake!  I can say that the frosting was very nice.  :)

I got lots of extra treats and tummy rubs and hugs for Finding Day.  I managed to nap for a good deal of it, so I think it was a success.

AND, just when I thought Finding Day couldn't get any better, I received an Official Visit from two foreign (not from Boone County) dignitaries!  Janet and Bill Buckley came to see me, and they brought presents!

AAB Becki carried me, fresh from my midafternoon nap, to meet my visitors:

They brought me a package of Party Mix cat treats! and a special 'nip pillow.  Check this out:

Bill works at the Mooresville Public Library with Cauli le Chat, the Feline Roving Reporter.  Remember my visit with Flat Five?  She's a busy busy reporter-Cat, and I'm sure she had lots to do in Mooresville, but she sent Bill and Janet to document my Fourth Finding Day. I could tell that Bill and Janet are great cat people, so I did them the rare honor of Standing Still and Letting Them Pet Me. 

Cauli's minions are obviously much more "with-it" when it comes to blogging about important events in a timely fashion (Help is still Wanted, folks).  You can read all about the visit on Cauli's Blog, which got updated on Saturday--while my AAB Blog Helper is frantically helping me type this at 3:19 pm three days AFTER my Finding Day! 

Check out the snazzy shirt that Bill is wearing!  (Ideas are forming, TPL staff!)

To see the Full Report from Cauli and the Minions, see Cauli's Saturday post.  While you're at it, check out her other posts, and the really cool MPL book trailers and videos, too.

Thanks to all of my blogging friends for the Finding Day wishes!

Purrs, Headbutts, and Nose-touches,


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Help Wanted

WANTED: A useful, friendly, responsible human to help me post *regularly* on my World-Famous Blog.  The Successful applicant must (a) be willing to share a chair, (b) keep gum wrappers and Temptations treats in her desk drawer, (c) give good tummy rubs, and (d) pretend not to know where I am when there are more than three (3) children looking for me at once.

Seriously, it is FINDING MONTH and we haven't even had a Festival/Carpet Cleaning/Mess Week wrap-up yet!

I asked Photographer to take some pictures of my Library when it's a Big Mess.  On Festival Saturday (which, in feline time, was about four months ago) AB Karen has the library carpet cleaned.  This is a one-time-a-year thing, so my staff huffs and puffs and moans and groans and moves ALL (well, most) of the furnitures off of the carpet.  Except for things like book cases and hundred-year-old desks and stuff.

Here are a bunch of chairs To Be Cleaned:

Here is part of my Library minus Stuff:

Here is Stuff in weird places:

While all of the carpet cleaning FUN was going on in my Library (and under my supervision), my staff was busy Floating in the Thorntown Festival of the Turning Leaves Parade.

Here's some of my library staff.  We have Little Red Riding Hood (and Big Bad Woof Wolf), Edgar Allan Poe, Mother Goose, Mother Goose's sidekick, a Mad Hatter, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!

The Thorntown Heritage Museum entered a Float in the Parade, too.  It features two barn quilts that are going to be on the Boone County Barn Quilt Trail someday.

AB Karen is frowning at the sunshine--but it was the only picture Photographer had that didn't show someone's backside.  I was a-ok with showing backsides (mine is on here all the time!), but ladies seem to take issue with that sort of thing.  Huh.

After all of the Floating and Book Sale-ing and Carpet Cleaning, it was time to move the furnitures back on Monday morning.  This would be everyone's most favorite day of the year to call in sick--but they don't, because the rest of the staff would know that the "sick" person is full of malarkey!

Every furniture gets polished and shined and put back in its proper place.  Here I am investigating a printer cabinet that hasn't quite made its way home yet:

The worst thing about the whole process is that it becomes very difficult for a BossCat to find a comfortable place the sit.  The desks can get downright Dangerous.  It's a good thing I'm so brave and mancatly!

There you have it!  My re-cap of Festival of the Turning Leaves/Book Sale/Carpet Cleaning/Mess Week!  If you will notice, it was very light on the "Book Sale"--that's because we had lots of super Volunteers who set up the Book Sale, watched over it during the weekend, and helped to dismantle it and box up the leftovers.  AAB Photographer and the rest of my Assistants are very thankful for our Friends of the Library and volunteers. 

That was a Huge post--I need a nap!

Oh, and do you know what TOMORROW is????



Monday, October 8, 2012


Firstly, I want you to know that I have once again survived Festival of the Turning Leaves/Book Sale/Carpet Cleaning/Mess Week!  The weekend carpet cleaning team was very nice and did an excellent job, and everything was great until my staff came in on Monday all pooped and crabby.  But more about that in another post.

I promised to tell you about some non-human intruders in my last post!

The first intruder was a Turtle who was rescued by a concerned library patron.  This Turtle was crossing North Market Street in Thorntown, which is quite a chore (and dangerous) if you happen to be smallish.  Here's a picture of North Market St.  (I sent AAB Photographer out to get a picture and made her take it kind of low so you could get a Turtle's-eye View of the crossing.)

Look both ways!

So our concerned library patron brought Mr. Turtle in so my staff could admire his cuteness, then deposited him in front of the library, since that's where he seemed to be heading. 

And he decided that a library flowerbed was a pretty good place to be, until AAB Photographer started bugging him.  Lucky for him he's a Turtle, and can do this:

My next post will feature a photo of paint drying.

Our other intruder came later that day, and she was something special!  Now, normally I am the only animal allowed in the library, except for the occasional reindeer, Not-Tober cat, turtle, baby eyes-not-yet-opened raccoon, fennec fox, bullfrog, owl. . . um.  Huh.  Well, really I am usually the only animal.

Anyhow, we were visited by a seven-month old Woofie named Minuet who is an ICAN dog in training.  ICAN stands for Indiana Canine Assistant Network.  When Minuet grows up, she is going to be a working dog and help people.  This is from the ICAN site:  "ICAN trains dogs in a variety of skills that assist children, adolescents, and adults who have physical and/or developmental conditions such as autism, diabetes or mobility-related disabilities."

Isn't that awesome!?!?!  I'm so glad Minuet got to visit.  She was very well-behaved (for a seven-month-old Woofie), especially with all of the staff admiring her and (barely) resisting their urges to pet her. 

Okay--a blog post wouldn't be complete without a photo of Yours Truly.  Here is a photo of me Supervising the Monday-morning "put the library back together" ritual:

Award-Winning Floatiest Float Pictures coming in the next post!!

Preparing for another exciting Bored Meeting,