Saturday, March 13, 2021

Defeating the Mouse

 It's taken me a few months to finally get around to writing this blog post (So much for my New Years resolutions).  But I have good reasons.  All this time I have been carefully and stealthily stalking the mouse.  This may lead you think we have a mice problem, but that would in fact be false.  (Trust me, if there was a rodent problem in the library there would be much more shrieking from certain staff members who I will not be naming).  Besides, if there were a mouse in the library, I would most definitely catch it and eat it.    

But fortunately for certain staff members, we are overrun with mice of a different kind.  The Computer Mouse.  While common field mice can certainly be wily, computer mice are a different kind of crafty.  If you want to catch a computer mouse, you have to wait until it's not being guarded by the humans.  

But if you wait too long after the humans have left, the mice don't do anything, which is well, rather boring.  It's like they know you're watching them.  So you have to wait for just the right moment between when a person is using the computer mouse, and that person is entirely distracted, to spring upon the mouse.  Or in my case sit.  Not only did the mouse not expect it, it was so shocked it could only sit there.  Which as I said, is boring, so I didn't stick around too long.  

The conquered mouse.  

I came, I saw, I conquered the computer mouse.

But what the mouse (hopefully) doesn't know is I'm still devising a plan to catch it in action.