Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for big stretches. . .

. . . because they help wake my muscles up after a nice nap!



Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Let me tell you, fellow Cats, by the time these ladies are done pushing the Furnitures back and forth and all around, I won't know where anything is anymore. I should have known something was up when Assistant Boss Karen started running about with a yardstick.

Here I am being Perturbed for two reasons: #1--There used to be a Cart That Never Moved here and #2--An ironing board?

So my AAB Linda W. must have decided that my Extreme Handsomeness was just too much to bear, because she moved Away to a super-secret office of her very own. It is Downstairs and she is far away now but she comes to visit and I can visit her if I move very stealthily. Then AAB Christine went "Hey! A desk!" and moved into Linda's old desk. Then AAB Cathie went "Hey! A desk!" and moved into Christine's old desk.

Then AAB Bonnie moved herself and her desk Away to the processing office so that AAB Linda P. wouldn't be lonesome. Then Cathie's Old desk moved into the office with AABs Bonnie and Linda P. so that AAB Ritchie could have a real desk with more than one drawer.

Then we got a WHOLE NEW AAB, and guess what? She is a Kathy but with a K. She lives in the youth department, and she is a Cat Person! (Miss Kathy with a K is our new Youth Department Head. AAB Chris the Brave--remember the wasp?--is spending time with her grandchildren but promised to visit, so we are happy for her being happy even though we will miss her.)

So then AAB Britta decided that she didn't want everyone else to have all the Fun, so she got a new desk that fits better in her Young Adult room. She put all of her desk-things onto this cart. . .

. . . and then found out that the desk wouldn't be delivered for two more days.

As Boss and Supervisor of the library, I decided to lay low during this moving craziness.

As a reward for my patience with this whole moving process, I have been presented with a New and More Mancatly Feline Training Device Box:

Please note that it does NOT have flames or racing stripes as I suggested. But it is Not Pink, which is good enough for me.


PS--So far my Litterbox and Dining facilities have remained unmoved, which is a very Good Thing.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Catnip, Storms, Bravery & Planners

On Wednesday, I was given a heap of Catnip by my Assistant Assistant Boss Linda W. I expressed my appreciation by passing out next to it for a good hour and a half:

I would have stayed in the position ALL DAY, but I heard the pitter-patter of little feet and a high-pitched voice say "Look Mommy, a kitty!" and so this is where I ended up:

(Please note the heap of abandoned Catnip, as well as the still-pink and Unmancatly Feline Training Device Box under the chair.)

On Thursday we had Thunderboomers. I am Not A Fan of storms and the accompanying Thunderboomers. I feel that when the storms get going, the absolute most safest place for me to be is on the stairs:

Apparently no one else felt that this was an adequately safe place (something about getting Stepped On!) and they tried to move me to other places in the Library, but I would have none of it. I wanted to be on the stairs. So my Staff took turns guarding me on the stairs--they weren't worried about being Stepped On! If they were so worried about me but were willing to risk their lives watching over me, I must have a Very Brave Library Staff.

Here is another picture. In this picture, AAB Christine has gotten her planner out. This is a book that she opens, scribbles some words in, and then forgets to open for a week or so. Then she gets mad at herself because apparently she was supposed to DO something about the words she scribbled. I have decided that this planner should be recycled as a Seat for Tober:

Thank you for reading this slightly weird post. This is what happens when my Blog Helper is too busy doing stuff like ordering books. Everybody have Wonderful Weekends!

The most important thing on anyone's To-Do List,