Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy International Box Day!

Hi Everyone,

I had plans for a super-spectacular International Box Day picture. . . but this is what you get:

I'm not quite sure why we're taking this picture.
There are books in the box, if that makes anyone super-excited. (It's like Christmas every day for book-lovers who work here!)

Hope your Box Days were filled with. . . Boxes!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Library Security--Earning My Keep!

Saturday was a fantabulous day at the Library! I began with a nice roll on the floor, which earned me tummy rubbings and exclamations of admiration about my fuzzy yet mancatly belly.

Put down the camera and RUB MY TUMMY!
Before we opened I decided to help a little bit with the shelving:

These videos need to go BACK a little more. . .
Then, right at closing time, I found an Intruder in the Library. My Assistant Assistant Bosses came to witness the Battle. I found a bug in the window of my Library, and I will not stand for that. Bugs do not belong in Libraries! So I jumped into the window to attack:

I will find you!
Christine and Chris were Very Impressed that I got into the window all by myself. I don't know why they were Impressed. I am a cat, and that is what cats do.

Anyway, I got the evil intruding bug in the corner of the window, and I was really giving him a rough time:

Yes, my tummy does look marvelous in this picture.
I was winning the fight, and had gotten him between my paws and teeth a few times when AABs Chris and Christine started getting really excited.

They started yelling about "wasps" and "stingers" and started moving furniture around. Then Chris did a really Bad Thing. She climbed up on a chair, took off her shoe, and smashed my opponent.

I was WINNING, and she took my fun away!

Apparently some ladies are afraid of things with stingers. AAB Christine confessed that she normally RUNS AWAY when she sees a stinger-bug. I will have to coach her on bug-hunting in the near future, because I obviously cannot be awake every time a stinger-bug invades my Library.

Chris, on the other hand, is Very Brave. . . even though she could have left the killing of the bug in my capable paws.

After AAB Christine smooshed her hands all over my face and nose and feet (she thought I might have been wounded in action) I received treats and tummy-rubs.

Tober, Defender of Library Windows & Staff

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My business cards.

Below are my two current business cards.

Card #1:

Lying down on the job.
Card #2:

Tall and Bossly.
Which one do you like better? I like #2 because I look much Taller, but I think #1 has a snazzier layout.

I will make my Assistant do it again until she gets it right.

Tall AND snazzy,


Friday, June 5, 2009

A letter to my V-e-t.

Dear Dr. Jon and Dr. Dave,

First of all, thank you Dr. Jon for telling my toenails to grow back. I am happy to report that my left toenails are almost as long as my right toenails, and they are very useful when I romp through the stacks in the mornings.

I would also like to let you know that you do not have to look in my ears when I visit you in the future. My Photographer has gotten annoyingly close when she takes pictures, and she has several pictures of my ears. This is one of several:

My right ear.
Above you can see that my right ear is very clean, and you don't need to poke anything in it when we next meet.

My feet also look very nice and healthy, so you don't need to touch those, either:

My front feets.
Please disregard that teensy piece of litter in my foot; I cleaned it immediately after this picture was taken.

My staff can vouch for me that I have no strange bumps, lumps, or lacerations anywhere on me. I use the box regularly, eat plenty, and am alert and inquisitive when I'm not busy napping.

Karen has duped me into eating teeth-cleaning treats, and I keep my teeth nice and strong by chewing on cords, paper, bows, and plants, so you don't need to look in my mouth.

I keep myself very clean, so there are other places you do not need to look. Pictures can be provided upon request. . . but I will not post them here.

So you see, when I visit for my annual exam, we can dispense with the formalities! I can gaze out your window for a few minutes, you can pat me on the head and rub my tummy, and I can be on my way!

Your fine specimen of Cathood,


PS--We don't need a weigh-in either. This isn't The Biggest Loser.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Real Man-Cats Wear Necklaces. . .

. . . but only for a very very short time.

Yesterday I was minding my own business (as usual), taking a nap (as usual), and having dreams about a warehouse full of office furniture. (Each desk had an apple placed on the very corner, ready for me to fling across the room.)

Anyway, I had some Very Nice Young Ladies come to visit me, so I almost fully woke up to greet them. They had a gift that they had made for me. I didn't know what it was, until they scooped me up and slid a Necklace around my neck!

A Necklace is like a collar, only they are usually worn by girls and ladies!

I did not like it one bit. I mushed my head back as far as it would go, trying to make my neck disappear so the Necklace would have to fall off. This made everyone laugh at me! Boy, I was M-A-D. They called me "cute" while they petted my laid-back ears. Because I am a Gentleman and a good Boss, I did not hiss or growl at them.

They put me down on the ground, and I ran for Bonnie's desk. Then I tried to go in my litter-box, but it hadn't been scooped yet, so I panicked and looked around for a good spot. This is when Christine finally came and took the Necklace off of me. (For once she did something useful.)

Then we took a picture:

Mad and upside-down.
Notice how they are very Happy while I am very Un-happy. Also notice that I am upside-down.

At first I was very mad about the Necklace because I thought Necklaces are for girls and ladies. Then I looked in some Library Books and saw pictures of kings from way back when wearing Necklaces. I have decided that Necklaces are appropriate attire, since I am the King. . . er. . . Boss of the Library.

I still do not want to wear one, though.

I have given my Necklace to a cat who lives in My Library's Secret Garden. I would post a picture of him now, but my Photographer has grumpily refused to go outside in the rain.

King of TPL,


PS--I do think my Necklace is very nice-looking. The cat in the Garden doesn't seem to mind it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June is Adopt-A-Cat Month!

This is our month, Cats! This is the month when the humans are supposed to adopt bunches of us and give us Forever Homes! (AAB Christine says that I am "preaching to the choir" on this blog. . . whatever that means.)

My county has a Humane Society for Boone County, and they are trying to save the homeless animals in the county. It is a fairly new organization; it was established in September 2007 by citizens of Boone County, and they are currently operating by taking homeless animals into foster homes. Some day they want to have enough dollars to build a shelter building, but for now they have generous volunteers who help out.

If you live in or near Boone County and you want to help, you can visit their web site for more information.

I am very lucky that I did not go to a shelter, because then Karen might not have discovered me and found out what a wonderful Library Cat I would make! Still, it gives me warm fuzzies to know that there are humans out there who work to make the lives of homeless cats (and dogs) homeFULL!

I think June should also be Animal Shelter Worker Appreciation Month, to thank all of the people who give their time and moneys and homes to take care of cats and other animals who have nowhere else to go. Thank you, Animal Helpers! We love you!

For your viewing pleasure:

I am Bossing from my Thorntown Public Library Command Center. I am standing by the phone, ready to answer any questions on library policy and procedure that may arise.

Proud to be adopted,