Saturday, June 26, 2021

Three O' Clock

 Everyday at approximately 3:00 pm I make an expedition down to the youth department's front desk.  You could call it my daily constitutional.  Or snack time.  Either works.  But everyday without (almost) fail, I arrive in Youth department lobby at 3:00 pm.  In fact, the staff downstairs have learned to anticipate my visit, and sometimes, if I decide to be a little early (punctuality is everything), they tell me to wait for my snack time.  Which is ridiculous, because I'm pretty sure I'm the one who says how things should be done around here, not them.  

Anyway, a few weeks ago (I know, I'm slow when it comes to writing) as I was coming down the stairs early again, I overheard my name said.  Of course, this made me walk down the stairs faster so I could find out what was being said about me.  As I turned the corner into the youth department, I was greeted by the most wonderful smell of green plants.  There sitting on a cart, was a delicious looking pile of foliage and greenery.  

What is that delicious smell?
Naturally, I decided to more closely investigate this pile of plants, and jumped onto the counter near the cart. 


But as soon as I got my nose close to these plants, they were wheeled away and locked in a room.  I was told that this was for my own protection, the plants weren't for me, and something about them giving me cardiac arrest.  Humph.  

Turns out, that earlier when the staff was saying my name it wasn't because they wanted to give me more attention.  It was more along the lines of "Quick, we better hide these plants before Chance sees them and eats them or he'll go into cardiac arrest."  Which I guess the last part is thoughtful.  I'm not particularly sure what cardiac arrest entails, but I don't like cars and I don't want to be arrested, so I probably wouldn't like it.  

Well, the summer reading kids are coming in, so I'm off to find somewhere to hide out for awhile.