Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Don't boss the Boss.

Today my Assistant Boss Mommy Karen bossed me. She told me that I needed to pick up my toys. (For the record, they are NOT toys. They are Feline Training Devices.)

My Assistant Assistant Boss Christine found an insultingly girly-pink box for me to keep my "toys" in. She calls this the "toy box."

Man-cats don't have "toy boxes."

Since my Assistant Assistant Boss Britta picked up my "toys" for me (she is a Very Good Employee), I was unaware of this "toy box" until after supper, when I visited the cataloging office to see if people were working. (They were.)

I am NOT happy about this "toy box" situation.

How am I supposed to get my Catnip ball out of there? I don't have thumbs! This is an Outrage! I demand a more Man-catly Feline Training Device Box by the end of the week, or I will. . . I'll. . . ummm. I'll think about that for a bit.

On a happier note, on Sunday I got to supervise a board meeting of the Indiana Gourd Secret Society. The Indiana Gourd Society is a group of people who are wild about gourds, and one of the members, Dallas Lundsford, took a picture of me looking quite Bossly:

I do not know much about gourds except to say that they are all over my Office and they are fun to smack into the wastebasket! Because they are fun to play with, I will approve future meetings of these Gourd Society Types in my library.

Waiting not-patiently for my Mancatly Feline Training Device Box,

(I'm thinking gunmetal gray with flames, or navy with Racing stripes,)

One Tough Cat,


Thursday, June 24, 2010

The mystery of the funny-hatted statue.

This week my Assistant Assistant Boss Becki found a statue of me with a Gold Thing sticking out of my head.

At first I thought the Tober-statue was wearing a funny-looking hat. If you will remember, I don't do hats. Or collars. Or necklaces.

Then I found out that this Tober-statue is also a Lotion Dispenser! (So that Gold Thing is NOT a hat! Whew!) I am very pleased that the Library has acquired a Lotion Dispenser, because everyone should have soft and smooth hands for petting the Boss Library Cat.

Some Staff have commented that the Tober-statue has a very Tober-like "disapproving look." I think those who find that they are overly familiar with my "disapproving look" should probably, oh, give me some treats. Then maybe they would know my usually pleasant side.

This new Lotion Dispenser is filled with some non-scented Lotion. This is for two reasons. 1) Some people don't like strong smells and 2) I don't want to smell like a Lady after I've been petted.

That second thing? It happens a LOT. You've never smelled a more flowery Man-cat.

Sad but true.


Friday, June 18, 2010


Yum! One of my favorites!

Paper is good for cleaning my teeths!

*crunch crunch munch*


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mohawks and snacks.

Today I want to first Complain that I have been made fun of. Yesterday AAB Britta was holding and petting me and AAB Christine called me "Mr. T" and then Christine decided that I needed a Mr. T hairdo to go with my nickname.

She messed my headfurs all up and made a little mohawk on me. Thank goodness she didn't get any pictures of this horrible deed! But some of my staff saw me (AAB Bonnie and AAB Linda W.) and LAUGHED at me. Britta and Christine laughed, too. It really hurt my feelings. The only one in the room who did not laugh was AAB Cathie, who was scolding the Bad Staff and telling them that they should be Ashamed of themselves. Especially Christine, who made my furs look Stupid.

I did not Forgive her until she smashed my furs back down like normal and apologized and gave me a very good Tummy Rub. Oh, and lots of treats!

Speaking of treats. . . today there was a program in the Youth Department and someone brought snacks!

A snack.
Three juicy guinea pigs visited the Library today! I was going to go down and visit, but the guinea pigs set up a Defensive Perimeter composed of little children. I thought the little children were saving the guinea pigs for themselves, but it turns out they preferred to have S'mores for snacktime instead.

Humans are kind of weird sometimes.


PS--I got an Award from a beautiful girl-cat. . . I'll tell you all about it in my next post!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Not Dead

Apparently my present for Assistant Assistant Boss Mommy Karen has caused some confusion. Angel-Tober was placed on the adult circulation desk next to a big vase of Flowers. No one thought anything about this until people started asking if I had Died.

The very Important interoffice communication that alerted staff of the need to inform people of my not-Deadness:
This evening I moved the ceramic likeness of Tober. . .the one with wings, AWAY from the vase of flowers. . .Emily had 2 people ask her this evening if our cat had died. . .

Now my Staff will be mentally prepared to answer the question "What happened to Tober?" when people come to the desk all concerned. (It is Very Nice of them to be concerned.) I'm thinking of marketing myself as a Ghost and then we could have a Haunted Library!

Here I am posing with little Angel-Tober.

Here is further Proof that I am Alive and Well:

We had a dismal situation here for the last week or so as the Catnip Supply was getting low and Staff resorted to Rationing. So I have been rewarded for my patience with a Bucket of 'Nip. I was allowed, for a brief moment, to plunge my head in and lick some directly from the Bucket to celebrate my Aliveness.



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Catch-up day!

Hi Everybody!

Today I have to catch-up on this blog! I have had a very busy couple of weeks, so here goes:

Two weeks ago the Library was invaded by 2nd graders (medium-smallish children) and then last week it was invaded by kindergartners (really itty-bitty children). I don't mind children when they come in ones or twos (so long as they're quiet and they move nice and slow and don't slap-pet me), but the sudden arrival of 20 or 30 of them at a time is little intimidating. So I tried to spend most of my time here:

But then AB Karen and AAB Becki decided that I needed to be Sociable and held me while I was petted by about 30 kindergartners. I have "earned my keep" at least through July of 2013 because of my Sociable-ness and extreme Pettablility.

On this past Saturday I snoopervised my Staff to make sure they worked even though it was Memorial Day Weekend Saturday. This means they spent the early morning pouting about being at work and then put on their smiling faces for the people that came in to visit the Library. I was deemed a Very Good Boss that day and I was served my supper on the desk. I made the most of it:

For the record, this mess in Not My Fault. They keep feeding me my supper in this silly little dish with very low sides, so what do they expect to happen? After seeing the mess that supper caused, AAB Britta complimented my Handsomeness and petted me.

Last but not least, yesterday was Assistant Boss Mommy Karen's birthday. I would have posted a picture yesterday but someone Borrowed my camera for the weekend and forgot to return it. So here is a picture of her Presents:

The little Angel Cat is me! It used to be not-painted, but I commanded Assistant Assistant Boss Myrtle to paint it for me. Myrtle did a Most Excellent Job at capturing my Handsomeness, as well as my Charm and Personality. I will have to visit with her more, so that I can continue to Inspire her creativity.

These last few weeks have been exhausting. Yesterday the staff also made a mess put out the items for the book sale, so if you find yourself in Thorntown, Indiana, stop by and take a look!

If anyone needs me, I'll be here: