Friday, May 27, 2022

Celery: The New Catnip?

Celery makes me weird.  Well, that's what everyone says about me after I eat it.  And before you come calling or knocking or whatever it is people do, the Library Staff double-checked whether it was a good snack for cats on the very reliable internet.  Don't worry, it is perfectly acceptable as a treat.  

Christine, the very important Boss Lady, brought some celery in her lunch the other day.  As other staff members could tell you, I can smell lunch from a mile away.  So of course I followed her to see what she was having and if she would share.  As it turns out, she was having celery.  Now typically, I avoid vegetables.   But when I see something green and plant-like, I can't help but investigate.  So I started biting the plastic bag it was in, hoping Boss Lady would take the hint.  

This is when she checked the internet on the safety of celery and cats and decided it would be alright if I nibbled on a piece.  

So I chewed on it and rubbed it.  The staff say I acted like a different, younger cat after interacting with the celery.  (Which is rude because I'm not that old)  There are apparently pictures to prove it.  According to the internet, celery has the same effect as catnip on some cats.  

Suddenly I was ready to play, which is definitely something I do every day when I'm not napping.  

It was all fun and games until this picture happened:  

Like I said, celery makes me weird.  

Well, I'm off to find another fun vegetable, 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The Return of "The Amazingly Comfy Free Bags"

 They're back.  "The Amazingly Comfy Free Bags" napping spot, aka "My Second Favorite Napping Spot", is back where it belongs on the Youth Counter.  But this time in a calming shade of green.  

The Youth Staff keep complaining that I get fur all over the bags.  I'm not sure why they would put out a nice new bed for me on the counter and then complain about me using something that was definitely meant for me to use.  Isn't that why the Boone County Solid Waste people gave the bags to the library?  For me to nap on?

Regardless, I'm faced with the same dilemma I had the last time "My Second Favorite Napping Spot" made its appearance; It's slowly disappearing, and slowly becoming less and less cushy.  

Eventually I'll be forced to go back to my usual favorite and other second favorite napping spot.  That is, Karen's desk and Karen's chair.  But now that I think about it, the timing may work out well for this to happen.  By the time all the comfy bags are gone, it will be almost time for summer.  And summer means that there will be children EVERYWHERE downstairs.  Which means that I will stay upstairs where there are calmer kinds of people to socialize with.  

I'm off to another nap,