Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Early Halloween and Stuff

This morning AB Karen found a Jealous Cat sitting by my barn quilt.

I would be Mad, but I guess maybe Jealous Cat just wishes he had a barn quilt and a Library, too. So he can sit near my barn quilt whenever he wants.

Today the Staff decided to celebrate Halloween early, since only four of them will work tomorrow, and zero of them will work on Halloween (because we are Closed on Sundays).

Left to right you see: a lady with paper feathers on her, a lady with a red cape, a lady with crazy socks, a lady with a wig-hat, a lady with a terrifying hat, and a lady with lots of smileys. These are my Peeps. My Posse. Don't mess with Tober, 'cause they've got my back. (They will probably also send me lots of emails complaining that I bloggified them without permissions.)

We had snacks for Halloween/Helen's-Last-Day-at-Work. Helen is Retiring, which I absolutely forbid, but she said she would anyways, so I Fired her. Helen has promised to return for Tober time, so I'll forgive her (as long as she brings treats).

We have lots of snacks around here, and sometimes it's hard to get Staff to understand that there are "help yourself" snacks and "special occasion" snacks. AAB Becki has to try to keep folks in line:

With all of the excitement and candy bars going on here, a cupcake was left unattended:

I made sure to lick just enough to determine that I really didn't like it, and then left it so AAB Christine could scrape the icing off. (I like cool whip better.)

I have to end this post with some sad news. After much consideration, we (meaning not me) have decided to do Away with the pepper. He is looking pretty rough these days, as he is almost two weeks old.

I still love the pepper, but we really don't have fun like we used to. His leaves are gone, and he doesn't make that nice hollow thumping sound when he hits the floor now. I did swat him into the paper-tray thingie a few times, but it just isn't the same.

R.I.P. little pepper. I will miss you.

Okay, last but not least. . . in case I do not do an Official Halloween Post, I want to say Happy Halloween to everyone, and a special stay safe for all of my blogging friends--especially the fuzzy ones. Stay close to home (or inside) so no rotten mean people mess with you!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween,


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tober + Pepper 4-Ever

Very Firstly, thank you for all of my Finding Day wishes! I had a most wonderful day, and my Blogging friends helped make it even more special!

Last Monday Ritchie (the Allergic one) brought in lots of Produce and AAB Becki put some of it in a bowl for people to take. I put my teeth in a green pepper, so my AB Karen decided that maybe I should get to keep it since people don't want Produce that a Cat has chewed on (even if it was a Famous Library Cat who did it and the Produce would probably be worth a lot of moneys on Ebay). So it got put upstairs where I could knock it onto the floor with my paws or fling it off of the desk with my teeth.

When I first got it, it was nice and shiny and had a long stem and leaves on it. I could knock it or drop it into AAB Christine's paper tray thingie:

(AAB Britta's camera did this! Biggify to fully appreciate my Mighty Hunter face in the last few frames!)

I love my pepper, but once it started looking all wrinkly AAB Mean Christine decided to throw it Away. She took a picture so I would have something to remember it by (which didn't make things any easier).

But my pepper was saved when Ritchie (the Allergic one) noticed it in the trash. You see, Ritchie has been trained not to throw away my things. I'm sure he was worried that he would be Fired if my pepper came up missing, so he fished it out of the trash and put it near my Feline Training Device Box.

Christine found it on the floor this morning and put it in its rightful place. We have been reunited:

If something terrible should happen to my pepper, I have a nice Apple on standby.



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Finding Day to Me!

I have been a Found Cat for two whole years! Hooray!

The day started with lots of people bothering me to let me know it was my Finding (aka "Gotcha") Day (as if I didn't already know). My naps have been interrupted all day. Here is a picture of an interrupted nap:

For my Finding Day, I got lots and lots of Presents from all of my Staff. We put them on the circulation desk with my picture slideshow so people could see that it was My Day.

Do you see that Dewey book, Dewey's Nine Lives? That book was given in my honor by my very nice staff. It will live in my Library now, and people can check it out.

I inspected all of my Presents while they were piled on the desk. Unfortunately I couldn't pick them up and shake them because I don't have Thumbs.

We had my Finding Day Party at 3:00 today. My Staff carried all of my loot into the catnip/lounge area, and I was presented with a Cupcake. I thought maybe my Cupcake would have a candle on, it, but I guess not.

Here I am with my Cupcake and my new catnip bag and my special salmon dinner (that got served early at 3:00 instead of 4-4:30 like usual).

And I got another new cool Toy Feline Training Device with a bell on it:

AND I got three cans of Friskies and FIVE bags of treats and some ribbon to chomp on. The staff got a bazillion cupcakes and brownies and danish-things and will all be lying in bed tonight holding their tummies and thinking of me.

I wish I could have a Finding Day every day!

But then, I'm kind of tired. So maybe one a year is enough.

A giant head-butt to my Assistant Boss Mommy Karen, who had the good sense to Find me,


Friday, October 15, 2010

Have a Crummy National Grouch Day!

Today is National Grouch Day! We are celebrating at the Library by listing things that make us Grouchy (and eating snacks, of course). In recognition of Grouch Day, I will list ten things that make me Grouchy (in no particular order).

1. Being Ignored.

2. When meals are served late.

3. Collars.

4. Those stupid covers they've put on all the Cords so I can't bite on them anymore.

5. A stinky box.

6. Empty treat cans.

7. When people try to put boring plain CAT FOOD in treat cans to try to trick me. (This does not work and could be grounds for firement.)

8. Thunderboomers.

9. Being laughed at. Especially when they make my furs into a mohawk.

10. When little kids yell "KITTY!" and run at me really really fast!

Here is another Grouchy Picture to go with National Grouch Day:

Have a crummy day,

Tober the Grouch Cat

PS - Visit Puss in Boats (a Big Fat Ginger Cat who gets to go boating--and one of my blogging friends) for a nice post on Library Cats!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MPL loves Library Cats

The Mooresville Public Library (which is in the land of Indiana, like Thorntown) does this really cool readers advisory bloggie. They make little movies about books and other library things and put them on the blog to inspire people to read.

Their last movie was about Dewey Readmore Books, who, as you might know, was a Very Super-Famous Library Cat from Spencer, Iowa. Dewey is so famous he has real books written about him that lots of people have read (and cried big sniffly crocodile tears over).

Go to the MPL Readers Advisory Blog to see me to learn more about Dewey, and check out some of their other neat book trailers while you're there!

I will be in My Office soaking up all the Famousness and planning my Finding Day Extravaganza.

Doing Dewey Proud,


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I decided Toesies Tuesday was too many syllables, so I made it Toesday. But now that I typed all that, I guess I used all the syllables and then some. Anyway. . .

Here are some back-foot toes:

And here are some front-foot toes:

And here is a picture of the rest of me looking all Alert and stuff:

I hope everyone has a Toe-rific week!



Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am a Barn Quilt Cat

Have you heard of a barn quilt? You might have seen them in places like Kentucky and Iowa and Wisconsin and other Far-Away places.

Here in Thorntown we have lots of creative people getting together to make barn quilts for our barns and things. Here's a bit from the most recent Library Newsletter:
The library’s barn quilt has been completed and has been mounted on the north side of the parking lot.  Because of the many flower beds gracing the library, staff chose the flower basket quilt block but changed the top “flowers” to resemble an open book; they also added an orange cat. 

Many thanks to Carol Fisher for suggesting the project, to Melissa Imbus for coordinating and painting, and to the Sugar Creek Historical Society, Inc., for backing the idea.  Many artists, painters and installers are assisting.  John and Sharon Gillan’s quilt is hanging on their large red barn just west of town.  A tree of life quilt is presently being painted for the barn of John and Kelly Frank, a block is being selected by Tom and Keri Dull, and paint has been purchased for Leanna Woody’s Dresden flower block.  Larry Truitt has completed and mounted a Civil War block that faces the Heritage Trail in Thorntown.  More blocks will be added in 2011 as various groups and individuals expand on the idea of barn quilts. 

Okay, now that's a lot of words to read, but you might have noticed the most important phrase at the end of the first paragraph: they also added an orange cat.

I bet you're wondering "why would they add an orange cat?" Well, NO, you're not. . . you know exactly why, don't you?

If you super-biggify the picture you will see that the call number on the spine label is 636.8 TOB which is Dewey Decimal-speak for Tober, Boss Cat of Thorntown Public Library. (Dewey Decimal is a Secret Language that Librarians use but if you ask really nicely they will teach it to you.)

I have only one problem with my barn quilt. Here is a picture of the real me:

If you will notice, I am Significantly Slimmer in my real me picture. When they made my barn quilt picture, they changed me from a Picture of Feline Health to a Tubby Tabby.

Don't get me wrong, I am Very Flattered that I am now on a barn quilt by my Library. But they really should have made me not chubby, since I work so hard to maintain my Mancatly figure.

Or maybe there's a stash of treats around here I don't know about?

I will start looking after my nap.

Famouser & famouser,