Monday, November 17, 2014


November is Turkey Time, right?

Well, here at Thorntown Public Library it's also Take Tober to the V-E-T to be Prodded and Stabbed Examined Time.

I had my Annual Examination with Dr. Jon and his minions at the Thorntown Veterinary Clinic. TVC has a dedicated staff of animal-botherers; you can visit the website and see all of their smiling mugshots.  

This visit was especially Awful since traitors AB Christine and AAB Karen reported to Dr. Jon that I've experienced some hair loss.  It's been a super-itch-inducing fall, so I've been grooming a lot extra. I guess I overdid it a bit, because I have some little bald patches.

This, apparently, was an invitation for Jon to poke, prod, smoosh, mash, and manhandle me even more than usual.  And I got an extra shot in the rear-end!  (That was AB Christine's fault.)

Here's how I greet Dr. Jon:

So.  We meet again.
Other than some less-than-furry patches, I am, again, a Picture of Feline Health.  My treat consumption of as-many-as-I-want per day is just fine, thankyouverymuch:

Ideal = Perfect

Do you see what that says?  Let me help:
5:  IDEAL    Well-proportioned; observe waist behind ribs; ribs palpable with slight fat covering; abdominal fat pad minimal.
 That's me!  The Feline Ideal!

So I guess the V-E-T isn't all bad.  Even though Dr. Jon insists on calling me a "senior" cat.  As long as that "senior" designation doesn't come with extra pokes, prods, and rear-end stabbings, I'm fine with it.

Not really.

Ideally yours,


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Finding Day 2014

Well, guys, it turns out that my library staff DID have a Finding Day Celebration planned for me!  We observed my Finding Day on Monday, OcTOBER 20th, which is okay I guess.  AAB Karen came in on Sunday and we celebrated then, too.

Here's a good action shot of me getting ready for my Finding Day gathering:

Struttin' my stuff!
Look how sleek and trim I am!  Lookin' good for an 8-year-old!  (Even though Dr. Jon and his Thorntown Veterinary Clinic henchmen have deemed me a "senior" cat.  Huh.)

I chose a nice window/under-table area to occupy while examining my loot.

Wow.  A ball with feet.  Thanks, I guess?
I wasn't sure about this green mousie.  Pretty sure I already owned that and some Cheap-o was attempting to re-gift me my own Feline Training Device.

Smells like MINE.
Finding Day, even belated, was pretty awesome after all!

Happily beginning Year Seven (7) of Librarycatdomhood,