Monday, April 23, 2012

An Official Visit

Last week Thorntown Public Library received a special delivery in our Interlibrary Loan bags!

Flat Cauli V, emissary of Cauli le Cat, the Original Feline Roving Reporter, has been sent on a Library Critter World Tour--and TPL has the honor of being the very first stop!

Cauli le Chat is from Mooresville Public Library in Mooresville, Indiana. Sound familiar? My staff stole their 2011 Festival of the Turning Leaves float idea from them.

Anyhoo, Cauli has a library blog and writes about all sorts of things interesting to cats (and people, and other critters, too). She's great about posting Breaking Library News and links to MPL book trailers and sometimes even music videos.

Since she's so busy, she sent Flat Cauli V (Flat Five) to represent her on the Library Critter World Tour.

We'll get along just fine. . . as soon as she gets out of my chair:

I'm just kidding. I'll share my chair. I have lots.

Maybe we can do some co-Bossing and I can whip my staff into shape. Suppers are getting later and later and I had to ask TWICE for catnip today.

I think Flat Five and I make an intimidating pair!

The Host with the Most,


PS I am crossing my paws that this post comes out looking okay. AAB Blog Helper about had a conniption fit when she saw that the Blogger interface had changed. When I told her to quit whining, she said it was kind of like when your people change your food with no advance warning. Or move your litter box to another room.

Bad news.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Okay, okay, okay--time to tell you about my Big Event!

On Monday, my staff went to the Ulen Country Club in Lebanon, Indiana, to decorate a Tober-themed table for this thing called Tablescapes. Tablescapes is a fundraiser presented by the Women's Fund of Boone County. Folks from different businesses and organizations decorate some tables, and then a bunch of people pay moneys to come a look at them, and some of them get to have lunch at the special decorated tables.

So my library made a Toberscape.

You HAVE to biggify this picture to truly appreciate its Awesomeness!

There are Tober Placemats and Goldfish crackers (People Treats) and fancy-folded napkins (humans are messy eaters) and Feline Training Devices and a flower arrangement (the yummy fake kind) and a Betta fish named Max and a superbly painted fake ME and a real live Catnip plant!

I am so excited to be a table centerpiece! Eight people are going to sit around and gaze in fascination at my beautiful display--how lucky are they? I even put business cards at each place so that my diners can visit my blog.

Here is one more picture of my table:

My staff all worked really really hard to make my table the best table it could be. Special headbumps go to my AAB Alec, who painted the fake Tober and saved him from looking like a giant Cheeto.

Oh, and I suppose I'd better post a real picture so you can appreciate my handsomeness. . .

Don't the glowy eyebrows make me look distinguished?

Center of the universe a table,


Saturday, April 14, 2012


I have a Big Day coming up next week!

My staff has been getting ready for it, and I have been supervising:

I can't wait to show you the final result, but you will have to wait until Monday (or maybe Tuesday, you know how these things go) to see it! (So will I, so don't feel too left out.)

So excited!

A new Art has been commissioned to be the "centerpiece" of this Big Event. It is actually being painted as I type this.

So excited!

But until then, let me show you another Art that was created and donated by my friend Parker. I think she has the makings of a great Crayon artiste:

Isn't that a fantastic piece of work?

Ready for my Big Day,


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Treats

I was feeling left out on Friday.

You see, on Friday, the AAB Easter Becki made these special treats for our Lunch Bunch. (The Lunch Bunch is the group of very Intimidating seniors who sent winter away about a month early this year. I would probably give them treats, too, just to stay on everybody's good side.) Here is what the treats looked like:

It is a bird's nest (not a real one) with little eggs (also not real) in it! Isn't that cute? And everybody got one--at least one--for a snack that day.

Except for me.

So I was feeling kind of down about how the day was going, because AB Karen had only given me, like, 23 Temptations, and AAB Christine had only given me 7 or 8 Temptations, and I only got 2 bowls of Stinky Fish Flakes and AAB Becki was One Half Hour late bringing me my special soft food dinner.

And then no Special Easter Treat.

BUT--then Peter Cotton Tail came hopping down the Farm Heritage Trail and guess what I got???

Yep. That's right! I got a special Cat-friendly version of the bird's nest treat!!!

How cool is that?

I am Loved.

Happy Easter, everybody!



Friday, April 6, 2012

The Talk.

My Assistant Boss Karen has a very hard time staying put.

Her official Assigned place is the office which I share with her. To be more specific, her place is the chair in my office which I (sometimes) share with her. (Sometimes I sit on the desk because I can snoopervise her better from there. Also, I can ask for treats and drink from my Very Own water cup.) (Oh, and sometimes I sit in another chair and nap.) (And sometimes I get locked out of MY office because there's some laptop cord I'm not supposed to nibble on lying around--but that's a story for another day.)

So the problem here is that I can't properly manage her from anywhere, because all of this running around cuts into my Naptime. If she would just stay put, I could snooze peacefully somewhere in my Office and know that she's getting things done. I don't have time to follow her all over the place, and there are certain places that I will NOT follow her (like Outside).

So I decided that I need to have a Talk with her about her overly-active lifestyle. So that she would take me Seriously, I asked AABs Becki and Bonnie to join us. (I'm not afraid to use a little Intimidation--sometimes it's necessary with this one.)

See how we all tell AB Karen to Stay Put?!? This Bossing is serious business, my friends.

Unfortunately, I must report that this Talk had absolutely zero effect on AB Karen, and she continues to zoom all over the place during the day.

But she does generally carry a bag of treats with her when she's moving around, so that's something.

Bossing is Tough Stuff,