Saturday, February 22, 2020

2020 is a mess...

Okay, so maybe it's not that bad.  2020 has actually been pretty good so far, though Barb is still trying to get me to ring that darn bell.  I "accidentally" rang it with my foot the other morning, and you would have thought Barb won the lottery.  Speaking of  the bell, I was told that it was used in the inaugural spelling bee that was held here at the library (though no one thought to invite me).  Apparently the bell was used to signal contestants to hurry up and write down their spelling guesses, and also to possibly scare Britta.  I guess the sounds of bells ringing and dinging behind her tends to make her jump.  I'm keeping that in consideration since I wear a bell, and there are potentially some great opportunities to ring my bell behind her.

The Bell of Doom
In other news, a patron returned a game the other day called "Here Kitty Kitty".  I decided to investigate, as this sounded like a worthy game.  Upon further inspection, I discovered that not only was this game about cats, but it had 40 miniature cats, 10 of which were ginger-colored.  The staff downstairs were getting out all the pieces, and I thought that meant they were going to play, but when I offered to help them by sitting on all the pieces they rudely told me to move.  They claimed they were just counting the pieces to make sure they were all there, and that I was in the way, but I'm not so sure.  I think they knew that if I played, there would be no beating me since I had the upper hand, me being a cat and this being a cat game.  I may have given them the cold shoulder for a while after this incident.
The Cold Shoulder
Eventually I forgave them though for the price of a treat and a chin scratch.  Wasn't that generous?  

Should I, do I, will I ring the bell?

Still trying to decide if I should ring the bell,