Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tiny-eared Hopper Thing

A few nights ago as I was bidding farewell to my library friends, something outside caught my eye.

I did not get a picture of it, so here's a close approximation of what I saw from The Google:

Except picture it sitting on mulch with green plants around it.  Not rocks.
I thought it looked delicious.  Apparently it isn't for eating, though, because Christine said she was "glad there's glass between you and that little baby."

I stared at it for a really long time:

Come out, come out wherever you are!
So what was that thing?  Is it the legendary booplesnoot?  Do booplesnoots taste good?

Also, my friend Sabrina works at a library in NJ (wherever that is) and they don't have a cat.  So she asked if there was a way to convince her boss that they need a cat.


I happen to have a connection named Lisa Rogak who wrote a very good article called "Take It From Me: Your Local Library Needs a Cat."  The article just so happens to open with Yours Truly (that's me) and mentions my awesome predecessor, too.  So, Sabrina--show that to your boss and you'll probably have a Library Cat by next Friday!

Hoping to see another of those tiny-eared hopper things,


Sunday, July 24, 2016

What's yours is mine.

A few days ago my new friend Krisha came in to return some books.

After she emptied her bag, she laid it on the desk.

I couldn't help it!

Backpack attack.
I let her have her bag back after the paparazzi showed up.  (It was a very comfy bag.  I hope she brings it in again sometime.)

Sharing is caring,


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Making headlines

I had no idea when I started training for this job the amount of attention I would be getting.

On Friday I had a visit with a reporter from the Lafayette Journal & Courier.  Her name is Jillian Ellison.  You can tell she's really smart because she thought my new job would make a great story.  (And she was right.)  She petted me and took some pictures and talked a little bit to Christine and Karen and then went home to write about me.

The story is called "Thorntown library takes in cat by 'chance'" and you can read it here: Chance's story.

For the record, I am NOT as chubby as Jillian's picture makes me out to be.  This is a better representation of my figure:

This is before I murdered Kathy's mechanical pencil.
Today a boy came to visit me and kissed me right on the head!  I'm also getting extra treats from everybody on account of being in the newspaper.

The only bad thing I have to report is that Karen brought in some new kind of "food" for me to try.  I sniffed at it (yuck) and tried to cover it.  You know, like you do with poo?  We'll see if she gets the hint.  Thankfully this nonsense is coinciding with extra-treat day.

Feeling loved (and a bit hungry),


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hot off the press!

Well, I guess this job is the real deal since I was featured on the front page of the Friends of the Library newsletter:

I was described as "frowny" faced with "stubby" whiskers!  But my coworkers intended to be descriptive, not mean.  (My whiskers are kind of stubby.)

Oh, and I have *bling* now:

My name is on there!!!!
If you click the picture to biggify, you'll see my name on there!  Chance!  That's me!  And on the backside is my phone number in case I wander off and can't get back inside my library again.  Dr. Jon stabbed me with a microchip, too, so I can be reunited with my coworkers if I stray from home.  

A Friend of the Library named Mandy donated a water fountain for me since I love love love faucet-water.  It's pretty great and helps take the edge off of my water-faucet fixation.  

I have not ventured into the youth department much yet.  It is Summer Reading Time and it gets CRAZY down there!  I go down and check things out in the morning when everybody's coming to work, but other than that I stay in the adult department where it's a bit (but only a bit) quieter.  

This is not really the quiet job I was expecting.  At least not at 2 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in June and July.  Yikes!

I have a lot to learn about this place!

Officially yours,