Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

I know I've spent December grumbling about stupid hats. . . but I'm a pretty happy, lucky, happy-go-lucky guy.  Being a Library Cat is great (so far), and I've gotten lots of extra treats and cuddles during the holiday season.

I got my first Christmas card from friends Laila & Minchie.  (You know it's the Real Deal when you get a card addressed to your very own self!  My coworkers were so jealous!)

Then my friend Anita brought in a card just for me too!

She thought the card-kitten is what I probably looked like as a kitten.  (I was cuter.)  (But that kitten is pretty cute.)

Reading can be tiring!
I also got to meet our Santa Claus during a break in the action at our Christmas at the Library party.  I don't know if you've met a Santa before, but here in Thorntown we have the real thing.  He has an Elf and everything:

I asked for treats.  And no more hats.
 Merry Christmas, friends!  I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true.

Fa la la la la,


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

No respect.

I thought I was done with hats after the "Who Wore It Best?" fiasco.

But, no.  During a flurry of last-minute, thank-goodness-for-Amazon shopping, *somebody* noticed that a certain hat/beard combo was back in stock.  A beard, as if I don't have my own nice chin-hairs!

Why?  Why does she do this?

Look how sad I am!  After my other ear was "tucked in" I did this. . .

"Y U Do Dis?"
. . . and photographer finally felt sorry and took it off.  Whew.

But!  Poor Ollie.  He can't even defend himself.

Bah, humbug!
Of course, he has a perpetual frown/grumpus face.

Poor Ollie.  No respect.
Thanks for nothing, Amazon.

Ho Ho No more hats,


Friday, December 2, 2016

Who wore it best?

If you recall, following the Halloween hat debacle I was threatened with the notion of wearing a Santa hat (and beard).  Thank goodness the beard-Santa hat combo was out-of-stock on Amazon is all I can say.  That didn't stop my photographer from going to a Petsmart store and choosing a Santa hat for me to wear.

I hate it.  It bothers my ears!

But I did wear it, for only a minute--and so did lots of other critters in my library.  So who do you think wore it best?

#1 - Aquarium

That is one mean, bitey clownfish!

#2 - Big Bear

Big Bear, Tiny Hat!

#3 - Bookmas Tree

Our first attempt at a Bookmas Tree!

#4 - ME!

Was napping, and then. . . HAT!

#5 - The Singin' Dachsie

One of the beloved Youth Department Singin' Critters!

#6 - Gooney Bird

There's some weird stuff around here.

#7 - Hedgie

Sometimes, when no one's looking, I bat Hedgie around the library.

#8 - Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox usually lives in The Secret Garden.

#9 - This Is Not My Hat book

Not even wearing the hat.  DISQUALIFIED!

#10 - Chipper

Chipper, the RCA puppy!

#11 - Sad Panda Dorsey

Sad Panda is sad.  He doesn't like wearing the hat, either.

#12 - Classic Tigger

Consulting the map to get away from this hat.

#13 - Water Bottle

All of the other Waters are jealous. . . or relieved.  Who knows?
SO. . . who wore it best?!?

(Don't vote for me, they might buy me the Santa suit to go with it. . . .)


PS - Monday is our family Christmas night at the library!  If you are a Boone Countian, or within driving distance, I've heard our Christmas par-tay is worth a visit!  (I will be safely locked away in my office!)  Stop by from 6-8 pm on Monday December 5 for cookies, crafts, photos with Santa, a live animal show by Silly Safaris, strolling magic by Marc Lehmann, and a free book for each child!