Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Almost wordless Wednesday. . .

. . . because a Gentlemancat doesn't talk with his mouth full.

*nom nom nom*


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tober's Tuesday

I had two very interesting visits on Tuesday. As a result, I am All Worn Out and sleeping in My Office.

First, David Alan Z. (yes, the Tober Putter-Outer/Census Man) brought in his birthday card from his wife. On the front was a gold tabby Cat in a birthday hat—-not as handsome as me, but looking very Celebratory. (Also, I would never wear a hat. Please refer to my St. Patrick's Day post.) When My Staff opened the card, there was a picture of many celebrating gold cats and they Meowed the “Happy Birthday” song, even the ". . . and many more!" in Loud Meows. My Staff, unfortunately, thought this was very funny, but I just had to Turn My Back and Flatten My Ears. People will have to learn that birthdays are for Tummy Rubs, Whipped Cream cake frosting, and compliments to me!

For our Senior Lunch Program we have cake almost every day because we celebrate birthdays of even those people who are not at lunch that day. . . we celebrate sunshine. . . we celebrate the fact that Ritchie has our floors shining. . . we celebrate that computers are working fine, that books stand up Straight on the shelves, and that everyone came to Work. . . we celebrate that I, Tober, am Boss of the Library. We have cake for any reason.

As for me, I still prefer crunchy cat Treats, but I have recently been known to steal a straw and bat it across the floor or across the AB’s desk. I am waiting for whipped cream icing.

Next, after working All Day to change filters on the heating and cooling system, John of Precision Control Systems of Indianapolis gave me a great head-scratching. AB Karen gave him the jar of Kitty Treats and I showed him where it is kept in the upper right desk drawer. Then I showed him how neatly I eat one Tidbit at a time. He was very impressed. John and his helpers do a great job of keeping My Library very comfortable, but he did startle me today. I heard him on the roof above my Napping Place and thought he might be a BIG Bird. He promised to bring Treats the next time he comes. He is behind—-David Alan Z. already brought treats. John is forgiven, however, for this was his First Visit, and he did not realize I am Boss of the Library and that I will be the one to OK his company’s Invoice.

Bossing is Exhausting,


Saturday, May 15, 2010

My New Assignment--Bedtime Reading

Today my Library Staff and I learned that I have a new assignment: Family Reading Specialist. This is a Very Important job and I am taking it very seriously.

You see, when Assistant Boss Karen took some Very Important Papers to the Court House in Lebanon, Assessor Marilyn Smith asked after my health. Her grandchildren had once visited me and are following my Adventures on this blog. They had read of my Traumatic Outdoor Adventure while the People Counters Census trainees were here and asked Grandma Marilyn how I was getting along. I wish to assure ALL of my devoted fans that I have suffered no Ill Effects. . . a generous supply of treats, many tummy rubs, a sunny chair, and I am good as new!

Now, about this New Assignment: The Children and their Mommy read my blog every night as part of their Family Reading Time. As a result, I have another line added to my already lengthy Job Description at the Library: I am the Official Family Reading Specialist. I am trying to not get too proud and big-headed about this New Responsibility, because already there are times when I barely fit behind AB Karen and AAB Christine when they are at their desks and I am wanting to sleep in their chairs at the same time. Still, I am quietly (this is a Library, after all) Proud of my new responsibility.

This is a picture of me practicing my reading skills. I am reading Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel, which is very Interesting to me because I am such a Very Good Cat. If you want to read a really scary story, you should try Bad Kitty Gets a Bath by the same author. (I did not know that they put such Horror Stories in the Easy Book Room! Yikes!)

AAB Christine has printed more business cards for me because they were ALL GONE! (AB Karen had given them to all the Census folks so they could monitor my recovery.) My Fans are welcome to ask for My Card on their next visit.

Responsibly Yours,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Official Visit

On Saturday, May 8, I had the honor of entertaining two foreign (i.e. not from Boone County) dignitaries who came to see me. They were very Official; they emailed in advance to make an appointment and asked what gift(s) they could bring.

I thought about asking for a hamster in a hamster-ball or some Cords or a pound or two of catnip, but I finally decided that a nice bag of Whisker Lickins would do.

These are my treats from Pam & Debbie.
A hamster in a hamster-ball would maybe have been a little bit greedy. And if I accidentally pushed the hamster-ball down the stairs, it might have broken open at the bottom and unleashed a fearsome beastie that would nibble Library books and then I would have had to hunt it down and that would have interrupted my regularly-scheduled naptime. I am very very pleased with my treats.

My visitors were named Pam and Debbie, and Pam hugged me and we took lots of pictures together. My Photographer did NOT bring her A Game because she was having all sorts of Technical Difficulties operating Pam's camera. She flashed me the first time, and then she kept making Pam's camera turn off. Then she used Debbie's camera which she figured out pretty quickly.

Then, just when I thought AAB Photographer was done, she decided SHE needed a picture of me (because she doesn't photograph me enough, you know).

I am a Very Patient Cat, but I can only be photographed so many times in a row while being hugged by a (very nice and thoughtful) stranger, so this is the picture my Photographer got:

Take the picture already!
Despite the Crazy Eyes in the picture, I had a wonderful Visit with Pam and Debbie, and have decided to make them Famous by mentioning them in my blog. (I got their Permissions first because now they're going to have to deal with the Paparazzis and stuff.)

Famouser and famouser,


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today I have Forgiven the People-Counter Census Taker Mr. David. (I have left his last name off to protect his Identity from people and Cats who may still be Upset with him for putting me out.)

Why do I forgive Mr. David for his terrible offense against Librarycatdomhood?

Firstly, he was just trying to be nice and "reunite" me with my Enemy Oreo. This means he had honorable, if severely misguided, intentions.

Secondly, he was obviously unaware of my Bosshood of Thorntown Public Library. (I know, this one is a little far-fetched, but why else would he cast me out of the Library?)

Thirdly, he proved his Sorryness by bringing me a bribe an apology:

*nom nom nom*
Fourthly, Whiskas Temptations are some of my Most Favorite treats in the whole wide world! *nom nom nom*

So Mr. David, you are officially Forgiven. You will probably sleep lots better and have happier dreams.

Headbutts and stinky treat-breath,