Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weed Killer

***Public Service Announcement***

If you have any weeds or other invasive plants in your yard or garden that you're having a hard time eradicating. . .

RIP Jade Plant.  You never had a chance.

. . . dig it up and send it to AB Christine.  She'll "take care" of it.

Thankful I'm not a plant,


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tober, Cover-Cat


The Lebanon Reporter (that's our local newspaper) is reviving a local quarterly magazine, called B Magazine.  Guess who they selected to be on the cover of the very first issue???


Look at me!  I'm on the cover of a real-for-real magazine!  AAB Karen got to be on the cover, too, since someone had to hold me up.  I think that the reporter took an excellent photo of the two of us together.  I am looking handsome and imposing, as usual, and Karen is smiling because, well, who WOULDN'T smile when holding such a handsome cat?  

Now, the article is well-written and overall very good, even if it does go on about Karen a bit more than it does about ME.  Hats off to Sara Lang for being a very hard worker and good writer.  I do have a few bones to pick with some folks around here, though.

Exhibit A:

Let me help, in case you don't feel like biggifying this picture.  It says, right there in black and white, that "Tober is jokingly referred to as the boss of the library."

JOKINGLY?  Who's joking?  I very seriously am the Boss! (For what it's worth, that second sentence is absolutely True.)

And then, I read this little tidbit, which I will call Exhibit B:

"He's a little spoiled. . ."  Do you see a problem with this statement?  Friends, I am not being properly spoiled--there must be opportunity for MORE spoiling.  Apparently my staff has been withholding treats and tummy rubs and gum wrappers and probably even spoiling techniques that I'm not even aware of yet!  

I'm working on a staff memo this afternoon.

Just "a little" spoiled,

Tober, BOSS

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Happy March everyone!  I hope that Hoodie Hoo Day was effective in your neck of the woods.  Here in dreary Thorntown we have snow, ice, cold, and clouds.  Boo!  Thankfully w e also have lots and lots of books, movies, magazines, and audiobooks to entertain people while they're stuck inside for the end of Winter.

Remember how proud AB Christine was about her snazzy clean desk?  Well.  Here it is now:

I have to admit, I prefer a slightly messy desk.  It's no fun Bossing if I don't have a nice warm planner or agenda or schedule to sit on.  This also greatly increases my chances of getting petted and/or treated!  But once a desk gets too messy, terrible things start to happen.  Treats disappear under piles of mail.  My water-cup gets moved to a new (usually temporary) spot.  But yesterday I learned the worst thing that can happen:

The mess actually leaks out into the library.

Friends, I was helpless to stop it.  AB Christine was too lazy to clean her desk to start a new project, so she just dragged the project out to the table just outside the office.  What a Mess-Maker!  She's worse than the little tiny children who attend the toddler story time programs!

In other news, two (2!) staff members tried to feed me dinner at the same time today!  NOW we're getting somewhere with all of my training.

I hope everyone has nice weekends!