Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy 'Tocktober

Today is my friend Derby's birthday, and he requests that we celebrate 'Tocktober on his birthday by showing pictures of our 'tocks.

I usually miss out because I'm so exhausted from Finding Day--but this year AAB Blog Helper made a special note so I wouldn't forget:

I don't usually show my 'tocks on the Internet (at least I don't think I do!), so I hope I picked a good picture that meets Cat Blogging Standards:

Maybe next year I'll command the staff to celebrate 'Tocktober.

Oh. They say "No."

Happy 'Tocktober, everybody!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hooray for Finding Day!

Today is the 3rd (third) Anniversary of my Finding Day! I know most of you call it Gotcha Day--same thing! Gotcha/Finding Day = Forever Home!

I was worried how my Finding Day would pan out after last week's fiasco. Luckily Not-Tober has not returned to my Library. No one has called to claim him, but his foster person will gladly give him a Forever Home if we don't hear anything soon.

So I guess it's okay that he used my Library.

I'm still not over the use of my litter pan, though. That was just rude.

Anyhow, today I have been a safe & sound FOUND cat for Three Whole Years. My AAB Karen knows a good cat when she sees one, and I'm glad she saw me!

On Monday I had my Very Own Special Storytime. My friend Michael read Splat the Cat to me. Splat the Cat is very worried about his first day of school. Of course, he has to go to school so he can learn things (maybe how to write blogs?), and the story tells all about how he coped with his first day.

Michael did an excellent job reading me the story, especially with all the hard words in it. I hope I get to have more Special Storytimes like that!

I commanded my Photographer to take a picture of my Poster Contest submissions. She listened for once!

Once November 2 is here, I will have one of my staff scan them and I'll post them on the blog so everybody can see how nice they all are! Don't forget to submit your entries! The winner will be announced on November 3--my Hire Date here at the Library.

I also got a Gotcha Day Card today!

Who knew they made Gotcha Day Cards? Especially with Handsome Orange Cats on them? Wow! Thanks Laila and Minchie!

Even when they do dumb things (like letting a strange cat Number One and Number Two in my box), I'm lucky to have such a Wonderful Staff and Bored Board here at my Library. Lots of animals don't have it so good. I'm also lucky to have such Great Blogging Friends and Library customers!

Of course, there is a price to pay for all of this Wonderfulness--even on my Finding Day. For some reason, Finding Day means I get chased around with the camera a LOT. Here I am frowning at Photographer. She has this obsession with my ears. She gets all upset when she thinks they are pointed the wrong way in a photo.

My ears are pointed appropriately forward (it makes AAB Photographer feel good when she thinks I give a hoot about her picture-taking), but I am Frowning just to spite her.

For those of you who requested a side-by-side of me and Not-Tober, here you go!

Now that you see us side-by-side, I bet you can see the differences. Not-Tober hasn't quite grown into his ears yet, and he's got a long long tail. I also have more face-white and Magnificent Whiskers.

I think I'm a much more Mature and Dignified cat. But I wish all the best to Not-Tober (as long as he stays out of my Library).

Okay, that's enough words in honor of my Finding Day!

Safe & Sound & Found,


PS I rehired the Fired staff because AAB Kathy was getting lonely without them.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Okay, friends. . . I played a trick on you, and it worked! You'll see what I mean.

I'm not sure where to begin today's post. Well, they say a picture is worth a skid-load of Temptations:

In case you don't notice anything wrong, let me illustrate the situation:


Yesterday's picture was all Wrong because it featured Not-Tober!

So, Friday this Evil Imposter Cat shows up at my Library. His accomplice was a man named Chester, and the story goes that Chester "found" this cat and wanted to "return" it to the library. MY library.

So everybody runs downstairs all upset because they think that I'm gone and back again. Which I'm not. I'm RIGHT NEXT TO AAB Kathy having a snooze.

And they let this Not-Tober in the library anyway! They call him "cute" and "sweet" and "adorable" and all of the other nice things that should be reserved for me. AB Karen thinks he belongs to one of our neighbors, so she calls to see if he does.

NO. He's a cute, sweet, adorable, LOST HOMELESS cat--which apparently made him even cuter, sweeter, and adorabler to (most of) my Disloyal Staff. (AAB Kathy B. did not waver in her Loyalty and Devotion to me for one moment.)

Accomplice Chester made up some story about having to go to work, and not being able to take the Evil Imposter out of the building until he is done with work. AB Karen got all Sad thinking that this cute, sweet, adorable, lost homeless Not-Tober would have to survive on the mean streets of Thorntown.

So she put him in my Office.

The one with my food and water and toys Feline Training Devices and toilet.

He used my toilet. He Number Oned AND Number Twoed in my super-awesome litter pan.

Then he trained with my Feline Training Devices,

sniffed my Catnip-scented floorspot,

ate MY treats off of MY desk,

and when he was all tired out from using all my stuff, he took a snooze in one of MY chairs.

Letting this Imposter into my Office isn't even the half of it. AAB Cathie visited him and petted him, and AAB Britta cuddled him, told him he was the cutest, and came back from lunch early to see him. AAB Christine spent her whole lunch hour entertaining him--and she has never once in the history of my Librarycatdomhood EVER spent her lunch hour with me!

Then they made "Found Cat" posters to hang up, and they let him help. Friends, he helped type his own "Found Cat" poster on the very keyboard I use to write this blog. AAB Becki hung them up around town.

This is my Finding Month, and my most Trusted Staff let this Not-Tober into my Library.

Here I am being Mad Mad Mad because this cute stupid cat is in my Office. I would say I hate him, but they tell me that is Not a Nice Word. So I really really don't like this new weird-smelling teenage cat One Bit and I want him to leave.

My whole Office stinks like cute, sweet, adorable, lost homeless cat. I made AAB Christine Lysol her desk. AAB Britta is out buying Febreze.

And Guess What?

His accomplice, Chester, stopped by right before closing, picked him up, and took him home. (Home = Not My Library) Chester will foster him until someone claims him; otherwise, he will keep him (out of my library, hopefully) Forever.

As a result of this Most Horrible 14th Day of my Finding Month, I have Fired AB Karen and AABs Christine, Britta, Ritchie (he played with it! and he's Allergic!), and sadly, Becki and Cathie. (Becki and Cathie are two of my Favorites; the others were hanging on by a thread.)

AAB Kathy, who spent the day with me and did not ONCE visit the Not-Tober, has been promoted to Chief Treat-Giver and Tummy-Rubber.

I am relieved to have my Library all to myself again, but it's going to be days before the Not-Tober stink clears out of here.

The One and Only,


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Do you see what I see?

Blogging Friends,

There is something seriously wrong with the picture below. Do you know what it is?

One Disgruntled Boss Cat,


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Toesday +

Happy Toesday everybody!

Submissions are coming in for my Poster Contest--HOORAY! But that's all I'm going to say about that right now! My AAB is busy putting the posters up in the library so that everyone can appreciate them. I'll post a picture soon!

In honor of my Finding Month, my staff has been busy creating displays celebrating my Librarycatdomhood.

This one has all of the Cat books in the Whole Library in it!


Okay, so not "all" of the Cat books. A LOT of the Cat books. Sorry. I got a little excited there.

And THIS display is in the glass case in the lobby:

Now, let me tell you a little something special about library displays: Only Very Important Things get displayed in glass cases in a library. Like the history of my Librarycatdomhood.

Okay, AAB Blog Helper says my head is getting a little Big. I should be a Humble cat.

What is a Humble cat? Is there such a thing?

One Display-Worthy Feline,


Thursday, October 6, 2011


AAB Ritchie mentioned that I should be FURminated more often. I think Ritchie should be given an extra piece of cake this week.

A few ounces lighter,


Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Poster Contest!

Guess what??? In honor of my Finding Month, my library is having a "We Love Our Library Cat" Poster Contest!

My library visitors are invited to make a poster celebrating my Awesomeness. You'll see that the poster lists four categories for entrants. . . but let me tell you a secret:

There's a category missing.

Do you know what it is?

You do?

You do!

Yes, YOU, my blogging friends, have your own special category! You're invited to enter my poster contest!

The rules for you are the same as for my customers, although you can, of course, submit your entries via email. Your poster can be made using any artistic media, include Photoshop or other computer programs (MS Paint is more my speed), and entries are due by November 2, 2011--so you have forEVER to work on your masterpieces!

The winner from my Blogging Buddies category will receive a little care package of presents from me and I will also donate $25 to the animal rescue/sanctuary/humane society etc. of your choice. Sound good?

You can submit your entries to csterle at thorntown dot lib dot in dot us, or you can mail them (I love mail, too) to Thorntown Public Library, 124 N Market St, Thorntown, IN 46071, ATTN Tober, Boss.

I am so excited I can hardly nap!