Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Sad (But Not Too Sad) Story

I'm going to tell you a sad (but not too sad) story.  

I'm sure you remember how Tober had all sorts of problems with the staff here at the library.  As nice as they are, they have moments when they're weird (Hoodie-Hoo Day), rude (annoying photos), messy (Book Sale Carpet Cleaning Mess Week), and just plain irresponsible.

Unfortunately I've experienced the irresponsible.

A few weeks ago Christine and Kathy were here early on Saturday, like they were supposed to be.  I greeted them and let them pet my belly and made them feel welcome and happy to be here.  

Then I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I visited Kathy at The Downstairs and meowed and acted nice.  She petted me, gave me a few treats, went back to her work.

So I went Upstairs and said HI (loudly) to Christine.  She petted me, told me I was a good cat.  I ran to my office and waited.

I popped my head out, meowed (loudly).  Christine said "Silly, I can't work in there.  I have to be at the desk."

This went on for a while. . . until almost noon, maybe noon-thirty.  Humans get hungry around noon, noon-thirty.  This is when she finally remembered to FEED THE CAT his breakfast.  *sigh* 

In a desperate moment, I considered eating this corn-leaf thing.
Like I said, this happened a few weeks ago.  Last Tuesday one of my friends named Janet mentioned to Christine that she was surprised I hadn't told anybody about this awful oversight.  Christine was like, "oooh, yeah, haha" (probably embarrassed) because you know Tober would have fired everybody (well, Kathy and Christine) pronto!  

Christine obviously felt bad about it, because later that night she confessed to Karen about the terrible Saturday morning oversight.  Karen and Christine were busy gabbing away about how awful it is to forget to feed a cat. . .

. . . and I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I meowed (loudly) and ran into my office.  

You guys, I did not have dinner until 7:30 that night!  Dinner is usually served at 4:00 around these parts.  Sheesh.  

Still they call me chubby, chunky, stout, and, yes, healthy.  

The good part of all of this is that Karen expresses her guilt by giving me more treats.

Christine = no guilt whatsoever.  She actually said "Well he could miss a few meals. . ."  For shame.

Healthy, in spite of it all,


Friday, September 9, 2016

Catnip Day

This week I had catnip, *fresh* catnip, for the first time. 

Oh. My. Gosh.  Why didn't anyone tell me?  I have a 'nip 'nanner, and I get a daily dose of the dried-up crunchy catnip (not complaining!), but this fresh-off-the-plant stuff is out of this world!

Part of being a Library Cat is maintaining a dignified demeanor at all times.  I have to represent Libraries AND Cats well.  Thank goodness I learned about that before the fresh catnip arrived.  I'd hate to appear silly.

It smells so good! I wonder how it tastes.

Wow.  That's good stuff.

You should give. . . me. . . more of it!

*speed whapping*
I love you, Fresh Catnip.

*purr purr purr*
A few hours later. . .

Aaahhhhh. . . 
So now I know I love fresh catnip!  I hope more shows up here soon.

Dreaming Catnip Dreams,


Friday, September 2, 2016

Weight Watchers

We have a staff wipey-board that we use to note who is here and who isn't here during the work-day.  Custodian Sandy and I are on the very bottom of the wipey-board because we are the newest library employees.

Today I looked at the wipey-board and noticed this:

While I have become more, um, robust during my first few months as library cat, I think this is a serious exaggeration.  Look at that tiny head!  My head is not that tiny!  And that stubby tail, and those froot-bat ears!

The frown is spot-on.   

(Okay, maybe the ears are, too.)
So far I have heard the words stout, robust, rotund, portly, chubby, heavy, whispered as I pass by (or as I'm lying in a sun-beam, being admired by visitors).  Of course, I also hear sweet, friendly, outgoing, handsome, lucky, and awesome.  So as long as there's some recognition for my awesomeness, I guess I can put up with critiques about my waistline.  

Large and In Charge,