Thursday, December 23, 2021

Dead Plants

 Someone around here must have the exact opposite of a green thumb.  

A while back, one of the staff members very thoughtfully painted a plant pot for me.  

It looks like this:

Isn't that nice?

And eventually, another staff member planted some cat grass in it, which started to sprout delicious looking shoots.  

That is, it was sprouting- until it was dehydrated and then drowned.  Which caused nasty fuzzy things to also sprout in it.  

One morning I walked downstairs to find this:

And now no one has attempted to try to grow anymore delicious cat grass.  So all I have is an empty pot.  With some dirt crumbs in it.  Which if you ask me, is a pretty sad sight.  

No one has taken any initiative yet to try planting something new, though perhaps that's for the best...I could just end up being disappointed again.  

Maybe one day I'll have a pot of delicious cat grass to munch on- until then, I'm trying to figure out how I can get ahold of one those nice poinsettias that are juuuusst out of reach.