Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I've got my eye on you.

Sometimes I have to be all sneaky-like when I'm snoopervising my staff.  I mean, when I make a big production of checking up on them, they get busy typity-typing and using the phone and writing things down and stuff.  That's what people do when The Boss comes around. 

Here I am making sure AAB Britta is working hard on the OverDrive class we had last Thursday:

Obviously she is NOT working hard on the OverDrive class, but is instead goofing off with her camera phone thing.  I will forgive her, though, because it's hard to concentrate on PowerPoint slides when there's such a handsome Mancat nearby.

Watchful purrs,


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This is why we can't have nice things.

Happy beLATEd New Year to all of my faithful readers!

Actually, Merry Christmas, too!

I am behind in blogging.  Actually, to be truthful, AB Christine is behind in blogging.  She is supposed to be helping me, but she keeps having vacation time and Bored Meetings and snow days and stuff.  Excuses, excuses.

There's been a pattern of this bad behavior going on for years now!  Thankfully she is still very good about tummy rubs, hugs, treats, and head-boops--otherwise I would have fired her long ago.

I mean, just look at what I have to work with here:

There are more where this came from.  Hee hee!
This is an old Blackmail Picture from AAB Britta's camera.  (I'm having to resort to using 2-year old photos because AB Photographer is too lazy to grab a camera when I do something awe-inspiring.  Which happens about three times per day.)

I'm pretty sure that the Library Bored hasn't seen this picture.  I mean, would you hire this person to run a library?  I'm not sure I would hire her to refill my food dish!

In her defense, this was probably taken during Festival of the Turning Leaves/Book Sale/Carpet Cleaning/Mess Week. She is obviously personifying the "Mess" part.

Oh, and look who she hired to be a Children's Librarian:

Welcome aboard, matey!
A pirate.  A pirate named Barb.  (Or "BARRRRB" on Talk Like a Pirate Day!)  Pretty sure the Library Bored doesn't know about this photo, either.

In HER defense, she is dressed up for her Adventure Story Time program that was held yesterday.

Now that it's 2014, my library has been super-busy as we prepare in many ways to celebrate our Centennial.  We are 100 Years Old this year!  We have a special Centennial Quilt in the works, and the children have a read 2,014 Pages in 2014 challenge, and one of our American Girl Book Club participants has written a play that commemorates the founding of our library.  We're taking pictures of all of the children who sign up for 2,014 Pages in 2014, so the photographer's camera is living in the Youth Department for now.

So that's why the blogging around these parts is pretty sketchy.

Sorry I've junked up this post with pictures of humans, especially weird-looking ones.  Here's a picture--and oldie but a goodie--to tide you over until AAB Photographer (1) gets her camera back and (2) actually USES her camera again.

Supervising Computer Class set-up.
Oooh, here's a better one:

You can see my 'tocks.
Hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

Until next time. . . whenever that is. . .