Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring is springing. . . maybe?

Today I am reporting on a seldom seen event: there is a large object in the sky which seems to be giving off heat and light. My library workers say this object is the sun. Old-timers say they recall when several days of sun would precede a season called spring. When asked, the Old-timers said something called flowers (technical term) would appear, the buds (technical term) on the trees would begin to show, and the snow (obnoxious white stuff AND technical term) would disappear. They also recalled grass (technical term) appearing from underneath the snow (oh those technical terms!).

Should this spring really occur, Humans and Animals will be leaping and skipping and hopping about. (Cats, of course, will be doing all this in a Very Dignified manner.) Old-timers will sing songs about “Tiptoeing Through the Tulips” and other fanciful melodies. Everybody look up into the sky and sing a song of welcome!!!

Your weather Repurrter,


Hello Sunshines!
Glossary of technical terms:
bud - flower and leaf babies
flower - the colorful part of a plant; good for sniffing and nibbling
grass - green ground-covering; good for hacking up hairballs
snow - awful white stuff that covers everything
spring - the great warm-up; when Humans begin to shed their winter coats, revealing pale skin beneath
sun - big ball of heat and light in the sky

Friday, February 19, 2010

Humans again celebrate weird Hoodie-Hoo custom.

If you will recall, last year I blogged about this very weird Hoodie Hoo custom that my staff people and their lunchtime friends participate in. You know, the one where they go outside, flap their arms, and shout "Hoodie Hoo" at nothing in particular? This thing normally happens on February 20 each year (which is about the time that people in Indiana get sick and tired of winter and cold and snow and corn stubble).

This year they tricked me.

Today is February 19, which is Hoodie Hoo Day Eve. But at lunchtime, while I was busy having a refreshing Nap, they went outside and made a big racket. Luckily AAB Photographer (useful for once) was commanded by my Assistant Boss Valentine Karen to go outside in the cold and take a picture of the Thorntown Division of the American Army of Hoodie Hooers in the process of chasing Winter away.

They are a formidable bunch:

Be afraid, Winter.  Be very afraid.
My staff explained that since it has been a particularly snowy, miserable, cold, snowy, bleak, awful, frigid, snowy winter, we here at Thorntown Public Library are going to Hoodie Hoo two days in a row. . . to be certain that Winter gets the point.

So, Blogging Cats--let all of your people know that Saturday, February 20, at noon sharp, they need to go outside, flap their arms, and shout Hoodie Hoo so we can get rid of this nasty Winter! Afterwards they are entitled to cake, ice cream, and pink lemonade (none of which was offered to me) because flapping about is quite exhausting.

(Well, they can do it. I chase away winter by staying in a climate-controlled building all year.)

Hoodie hoo!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thought-full Thursday

On this Thursday, I have three very important Thoughts.

First of all, I am sorry that I did not do a Happy Valentine's Day post. I hope everyone got to spend Valentine's Day with someone special. I got a Valentine's visit from my Assistant Boss Karen, so she was my someone special. The rest of the Staff. . . well. . . they are busy bribing me with treats to make up for the oversight.

Second of all, I am thinking that whoever brought this Ginormous Apple didn't think much about the poor, overworked Library Cat that would have to toss it into the wastebasket. So I licked my chops, sniffed at it a bit, and decided to take a nap instead.

It's gonna take a lot of treats to muster the strength (and inclination) to move this one.
Thirdly, my Library is open 57 hours each week, which is Very Good for all of the people who live in our library district and want to come in and check out books and read newspapers and use computers and things. But there are 111 hours a week that we are not open. During about 15 of those hours Assistant Assistant Boss Ritchie (who is Allergic to me but petted my head once anyway because he's a Daredevil) is also here. But for 96 hours each and every week, the in 'n' out board looks like this:

One of these things is not like the other. . .
Hrmph. That's getting a whole bunch of thoughts going. . . like Why don't I get Vacations?

Thought-fully yours,


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thumbs would be nice.

Hello Friends!

Here I have a can of my Most Favorite tasty treats. I am using my intense, mesmerizing staring powers to get my Photographer to do something useful:

You will give me a treat now.
Here I am thinking of firing my Photographer and buying a pair of thumbs:

A little help would be nice, please.
Don't worry, I got my way. (I always do--except when Cords are involved.)