Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Beauty marks

Last week I was doing my thing (napping) when one of my coworkers took a closer look at my feet.

. . . zzzzZZZzzzzzz. . . zzzzzzz. . . .
If you'll notice, my paw-pads aren't a uniform pink like many paw-pads:

. . . zzzzzz. . . zzzZZZzzzzz. . .
Check out that nice footie!  I have beauty marks on my feet!  I have beautiful feet!  Do you guys have beautiful feet, too? 

Having beautiful feet is great. . . until it starts cutting into my nap-time.

Go away.
Have you noticed that I'm usually napping on towels?  When I was sick, my first beds were towels.  I was also very very sheddy, so my coworkers placed towels on chairs and desks where I liked to rest.  Now I don't shed nearly as much, but when I see a towel I know it's a great place for a nap!

Just realized today is Toesies Tuesday,


Friday, August 5, 2016

Before & After

Hi everybody!

You all know my name is "Chance" because I got a second chance at a good life.  By the time I started writing on this blog, I had spent a week at Dr. Jon's on IV fluids, had all kinds of antibiotics, and eaten lots of food so I could put on weight.  I spent over a month living in a library office, and it was another month before I introduced myself to all of you.

I haven't shared any of those early pictures because I was pretty bad-looking.  But those pictures are important, because they show how far I've come.

I was really tired in this picture.

I used to do all of my eating while I was lying down.
When I first came to the library, some of my new friends were worried that I wouldn't make it.  My fur was greasy and dirty, I had bad sores on my face and my legs, and I wasn't even strong enough to jump up in a chair by myself.  I spent most of my time sleeping on a towel on the floor.

Now I spend most of my time sleeping on a towel in a chair.  Or I find a nice sunbeam.  Or a desk.  Or a lap.  Or paperwork.  I can get up to most places by myself because I'm healthy and strong.

So if you come across an animal that looks pitiful or beyond help, maybe it isn't.  Maybe the animal is just waiting for his second chance.

I mean, check me out now.  I am an accomplished hunter:


. . .and relaxer:
Give me treats for my tummy!
I hope you all have very relaxing weekends.  If you need me, I'll be patrolling the library and hunting sunbeams (and maybe wasps).

Oh, and maybe I'll see another Bunny!