Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Forever Pepper and Other Gifts

I have been working on this post since last year--December 21 to be exact!

So before I start on my Pepper story, I want to say Merry Late Christmas and Happy Late New Year and I hope that everyone is safe and had a wonderful time with family and got lots of treats and tummy rubs and Catnip. I have had very Happy Holidays with my Library Staff and especially My Assistant Boss Mommy Karen who can't stay out of the library when it is Closed and spent lots of time with me when all the other slackers employees were off doing non-Tober related things.

Yesterday (really December 20, now!) in the mail I got a Forever Pepper.

It is green & orange like my little greenish orangish pepper (RIP) was, and it is cram-packed full of some powerful 'nip. I like normal catnip, but this catnip is super special. When I'm with my pepper, I lick it and bite it and chew it and bunny-kick it and rub my face on it and Love it with All My Heart.

Here we are together.

*This is where there should be a video of us playing together, but Blogger is being Bad and won't let me post it. So maybe I'll save it for later, and here's another picture.*

Because I love my Pepper so much and so violently, my Assistant Bosses have decided to keep it in my treat drawer, so that I can enjoy it while I'm being supervised. (I think they just want to take lots of pictures of me being fierce and Mancatly.) Thank you Pepper-givers for my special treat--you could probably go into business making Forever Peppers!

On Christmas AB Karen got my stocking down and I got treats! I got some from Santa and some from a kitty friend of mine named Chi.

Then, a few days later, I got some of Frankie Frank's Fabulous Feline Frenzy Inducing Homegrown Organic Catnip! And treats!

Here I am wondering why in the heck we're taking pictures of the stuff instead of rolling in it:

This Catnip is also not like the normal stuff (although I like that, too, Staff). This stuff makes my nose super-excited and I can eat whole leafs of it at a time! And then I take a nap. Thank you Kelly for my treats! Now could you please send Karen a note and let her know that she doesn't need to be all stingy with it?

My staff has been very busy un-decorating the library and leaving bits of garland and other sparkly things everywhere. They've also been working to make a January newsletter since (oops) it's now January. And on top of that they've been doing the usual library things like checking out books and shelving books and drinking coffee and eating chocolate. It's exhausting watching them work so hard.

Feeling like One Special Cat,


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Busy busy times!

Hi everybody,

We (meaning My Staff) have been Very Busy here at the library in the last few weeks. I'm sorry I haven't been a very good blogging cat lately, but it's hard to get on a computer when all of my people are acting Busy and ignoring my need for computer time.

So let me tell you what's been going on around here:

1. The library is now decorated for Christmas! There are trees everywhere, and lights, and wreaths, and presents (that are decoration only and don't really have stuff in them). Some of the presents have been taken Away because I chew on the ribbons--which upsets my belly--and then the ribbons come out again one way or another. So we're watching the tinsel & ribbon around here, folks!

Here is a picture of a Bulletin Board that got all dressed up for Christmas:

Please notice the bows lying below the Bulletin Board--these have been removed by Me because they were fun to chew. Assistant Assistant Boss Myrtle said that she has Given Up on trying to keep bows and things on the bottom of the board.

2. We had the big Library Christmas party and the bazillion little kids came and saw Santa and Mrs. Claus. The reindeer also came for a program and pooped on the floor. But Big Fun was had by all and I was safely locked up (this is the ONE time of the year that such an act is acceptable) so that I could supervise without being mauled by well-meaning little ones.

Here is a picture of the reindeer and Jingle John and the reindeer poo:

Here is another picture. In this one I am telling Santa and Mrs. Claus that for Christmas I would like to be Not Held:

3. I have been made even Famouser by a person named Patrick Roberts who included me on his Purr 'n' Fur website. You can find my handsome self listed with other American Library Cats on the Featuring Felines page! Purr 'n' Fur also includes pages about famous felines (like Dewey and Scarlett) and literary felines and puzzles and pictures and stories about feline fans and. . . well, really, by now you really should have clicked the link!

4. I have got to get Assistant Assistant Boss Photographer on the ball so we can make my Christmas card. I need to spread cheer!

Okay Friends, that is my update! I will try to get out and about and visit blogs this week--I am so far behind! I hope everyone is having a good holiday-time and that everyone is safe and warm!



Saturday, November 27, 2010

Enemy at the Gate!!!!

I was on High Alert the other night! It seems a horrible slobbering monster was trying to get in my Library! AAB Christine and AB Karen were working downstairs when they noticed a monstrous presence at the door. Christine ran and got me (she's chicken) so I could give the would-be Intruder the Stink-eye:

Do you see it? Isn't it a horrible thing? It scraped at the doors a bit trying to invade the place, but then it got a good look at me and made some whimpery baby-woofie noises because I'm One Intimidating Cat.

Here's a closer picture, just so you can see the Danger my Library was in:

That thing could have gotten in and left drool-splotches on the carpets. It could have eaten all of the Cat Treats! It could have left black furs where all of my orange furs are supposed to be!

Oh, hang on a minute. . .

Okay, so AAB Christine says she was NOT scared (liar-liar-pants-on-fire) and that the monster was a woofie-dog named Peppy and he's a boy and he was just pausing outside for a minute while his person came in to get some library books. And he's really quite friendly and probably wanted to Play. ("Play" roughly translates to "eat Library Cat.") He's a Sheltie/lab mix--similar in ferociousness to the Godzilla/Mothra variety of monster.

AB Karen gave Peppy some of MY Cat Treats (see it could have eaten all the Cat Treats!) probably to distract him from his goal of Complete Library Domination. My Stink-eye and her ingenious use of Cat Treats meant that our evening ended peacefully and without incident.

Defending my Library from slobbering Beasties,


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Thursday

I am a Thankful Cat.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with families and friends.

One Lucky Cat,


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dear Jon

Dear (Dr.) Jon,

I have decided that it is not your Fault that my Assistant Bosses make me visit you every year. I don't know why they insist on doing this to me, since it goes the same way every time I visit. Maybe they do not pay attention when you tell them that I am bright (that's my smarts), alert, and responsive. Maybe they need to buy a scale to see that I am maintaining my slim and Mancatly figure so you don't have to use yours. Also I do not know what anomalies are but I'm pretty sure my teeths don't have any of those.

Maybe they just like to visit with you and your nice staff. I think that's A-OK, but I think they can just leave me at home with my pinecone and my fake leaves and my books and my sleeping blankie.

Anyway, I'm sorry I got all growly when you stabbed me in the rear with that needle. But I'm pretty sure you would get all growly with me if the situation were reversed.

Here is a picture of me in your window Saying No To Fleas:

When I looked over my clean bill of health, I did notice that you gave me a Birthday of November 5, 2006. I have never had a Birthday before! I'm thinking my staff knew about this Birthday all along and just didn't celebrate it because they're too cheap to buy me presents. I'm thinking of Firing them, but I'll decide after Thanksgiving. (Some might bring in turkey for me.)

(But you didn't see that, 'cause I'm not allowed to eat people food.)

(Except maybe on Thanksgiving?)

Purrs & headbutts, mingled with some growls,


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tober the Fly-Swatter Eats Again!

Dear Supporters of Stinky Goodness (and by extension, Me)--

I am happy to report that my Staff lasted a whole ten hours or so before succumbing to my pleas for nourishment. All it took was throwing myself at everyone's feet and extending my shrinking tummy for their inspection. AB Karen was the first to notice that I was wasting away before her eyes, and she (very sneakily) served me breakfast in her my office on Tuesday morning. Then she got busted when someone else noticed a bowl of smelly soft food on the floor, and now we are back to the way things should be. Forever.

My formerly Mean Staff have been reinstated as Nice Staff (especially Karen the Softie) and I have decided that I will not Fire anyone. Yet.

Today has been an exhausting day (it's a good thing they decided to feed me again!). I have had to patrol the Downstairs to make sure everybody showed up on time, I had to fling the Apple from Karen's desk several times, I had to provide a stool sample for the V-E-T, and I had to slay a Fly that invaded my Library.

I don't really understand why I was needed to kill the Fly, as it was a very slow-moving and kind of stupid one. AAB Christine could have easily caught and eaten it herself. But instead she came to get me. Maybe she was afraid?

So I am pooped. Here I am saying I can't take it anymore, World:

And yes, I'm supposed to go to see Dr. Jon (my mean V-E-T) tomorrow. Okay, maybe he's not mean, but he sure is rude with all the poking and prodding and sticking stuff in my ears! Anyway, I don't see why I have to do this again; I'm perfectly healthy and handsome and I use my box like a nice Mancat and I've got clean ears and feets and I'm strong and tough and have a soft coat. So Dr. Jon if you're reading this I want you to know that all you need to do tomorrow is pet me and I don't even need any of those dental treats because I have tartar control Whisker Lickin's. See you when you next visit the Library.

TPL's resident Fly-Swatter (and Slayer),


Monday, November 15, 2010

The Mean Staff Diet

I have heard my staff muttering the most alarming things lately. I keep hearing words like "supper" and "dry food only" and "treats" and "he'll be okay" and, most importantly, "No More Soft Food."

No More Soft Food.

This is getting out of hand. They think that they can deny me my daily doses of Stinky Goodness because I don't eat it at it too much. I just like the gravy. But still, I like the routine--knowing that they will drop whatever they're doing and run to the grocery store. . . how they apologize and give extra Catnip when AAB Breakfast-Giver Becki is out and they do the usual bang-up job of FORGETTING to FEED ME. . . how the smell of my squishy food invigorates my nose and whiskers after a good seven-hour nap!

What am I supposed to do with these people? I'd fire them all, but I suspect they'd come back because they wouldn't have anything better to do. Oooh, AAB Christine said that was a Rotten thing to say. Well, it's Rotten to starve a Poor Defenseless (no thumbs!) Little Orange Cat and change his routine without asking permission!

You know what else is Rotten?

My pepper from my gracious West Lafayette friends. AAB Britta discovered some fur growing on the underside of it (in the broken part) last week, so we took one last photo together. They even wrapped it in paper towel so AAB Ritchie wouldn't fish it out of the trash like he kept doing with Little Green Pepper.

If I'd know they were going to take my suppers and breakfasts Away, I'd have saved Pepper for a snack.

Wasting away at the hands of my Treacherous Staff,

Tober the (skinny) Cat

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little greenish orangish reddish pepper

Something weird is happened to my New green pepper that was brought to my by my gracious West Lafayette Friends. We have been hanging out together over the last week or so, and I'm noticing changes. Here is a picture of me head-bumping Pepper to the floor last Wednesday. Please note the beautiful green color:

Now, Pepper is starting to get a little wrinkly in this picture, which is A-OK, because that's what little green Pepper (R.I.P.) started to do before he was thrown Away. But then on Monday I saw this:

It's turning orange!!! What is happening? Is it defective? How did it turn from green to green & orange without my permission? Such a mystery.

Today I had AAB Photographer take a new picture of Pepper before he turns purple or something. He looks weird now, but he still smells nice, and the stem is still sturdy and grabbable:

I hope that little green multicolored pepper and I have lots of time left together. My staff have noticed a gaping split in the bottom, but nothing is oozing out yet, so it's all good.



Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Happy Cat

The last time I posted, I was pretty heartbroken about the loss of Little Pepper. While I was pepperless, I tried to make do with items that we have at hand. Here is the text of a Top-Secret Library Business Email (I'm sharing it because we are all such good friends):
Hi everyone,

This morning as I was putting away some Toddler books I noticed a small pine cone in the drawer of books that is on the floor. What? Did a child bring a pine cone in and lose it in the books? Oh well. Myrtle and I threw it away. I also noticed that Tober has decided he doesn’t like the leaves in one of the windows in the J room – he had knocked them completely to the floor! This afternoon I decided the leaves should be put back and in so doing noticed that there are also pine cones within the leaves. Aha! Tober has apparently been playing with the pine cone from the leaves and lost it in the Toddler books! If Tober would like his pine cone to play with it is now on my desk. Myrtle rescued it from the trash.


A pine cone is obviously no replacement for a small green pepper, but it did make a nice crunchy sound. . . Apparently my heartbrokenness upset some of my fans, because on Monday I had two visitors who came bringing a green pepper because they felt sad that mine was thrown Away. Karen Dalman and her friend Brenda came from the land of West Lafayette to meet me and to present me with a fresh small green pepper!!!!

Because of their niceness I allowed them several pets of my Mancatly self. They determined that I am a very Fine Manager and Boss, and they were able to see my 4' X 4' wood quilt (even though it has Tubby Tober on it).

They pronounced me a Very Fine Cat indeed (proving that they have Smarts), declared my quilt square and my Library Fine (more Smarts), and then visited the museum, which they also thought Fine (even more Smarts).

Here is an Action Shot of me with my New pepper, which I Love Love Love:

It makes a satisfying *thump* when it hits the floor (but it's not shriveled enough to fit in the paper tray thingie yet).

Then, because I am such a special Boss, I was presented with (!) a second small green pepper from AAB Becki!!!!!! AND AB Karen brought me a small winesap apple with a nice stem for flinging!

Now she (AB Karen) complains that staff desks are starting to look like Produce stands, but I ignore her because I am Boss and she is Not. I am One Happy Cat to have such thoughtful blog Readers!!!

Here I am posing for a Pepper Picture:

Now I have a desk-full of things to fling and slap! How great is that?

Many thankses and headbutts to my pepper-bringers!



Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Early Halloween and Stuff

This morning AB Karen found a Jealous Cat sitting by my barn quilt.

I would be Mad, but I guess maybe Jealous Cat just wishes he had a barn quilt and a Library, too. So he can sit near my barn quilt whenever he wants.

Today the Staff decided to celebrate Halloween early, since only four of them will work tomorrow, and zero of them will work on Halloween (because we are Closed on Sundays).

Left to right you see: a lady with paper feathers on her, a lady with a red cape, a lady with crazy socks, a lady with a wig-hat, a lady with a terrifying hat, and a lady with lots of smileys. These are my Peeps. My Posse. Don't mess with Tober, 'cause they've got my back. (They will probably also send me lots of emails complaining that I bloggified them without permissions.)

We had snacks for Halloween/Helen's-Last-Day-at-Work. Helen is Retiring, which I absolutely forbid, but she said she would anyways, so I Fired her. Helen has promised to return for Tober time, so I'll forgive her (as long as she brings treats).

We have lots of snacks around here, and sometimes it's hard to get Staff to understand that there are "help yourself" snacks and "special occasion" snacks. AAB Becki has to try to keep folks in line:

With all of the excitement and candy bars going on here, a cupcake was left unattended:

I made sure to lick just enough to determine that I really didn't like it, and then left it so AAB Christine could scrape the icing off. (I like cool whip better.)

I have to end this post with some sad news. After much consideration, we (meaning not me) have decided to do Away with the pepper. He is looking pretty rough these days, as he is almost two weeks old.

I still love the pepper, but we really don't have fun like we used to. His leaves are gone, and he doesn't make that nice hollow thumping sound when he hits the floor now. I did swat him into the paper-tray thingie a few times, but it just isn't the same.

R.I.P. little pepper. I will miss you.

Okay, last but not least. . . in case I do not do an Official Halloween Post, I want to say Happy Halloween to everyone, and a special stay safe for all of my blogging friends--especially the fuzzy ones. Stay close to home (or inside) so no rotten mean people mess with you!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween,


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tober + Pepper 4-Ever

Very Firstly, thank you for all of my Finding Day wishes! I had a most wonderful day, and my Blogging friends helped make it even more special!

Last Monday Ritchie (the Allergic one) brought in lots of Produce and AAB Becki put some of it in a bowl for people to take. I put my teeth in a green pepper, so my AB Karen decided that maybe I should get to keep it since people don't want Produce that a Cat has chewed on (even if it was a Famous Library Cat who did it and the Produce would probably be worth a lot of moneys on Ebay). So it got put upstairs where I could knock it onto the floor with my paws or fling it off of the desk with my teeth.

When I first got it, it was nice and shiny and had a long stem and leaves on it. I could knock it or drop it into AAB Christine's paper tray thingie:

(AAB Britta's camera did this! Biggify to fully appreciate my Mighty Hunter face in the last few frames!)

I love my pepper, but once it started looking all wrinkly AAB Mean Christine decided to throw it Away. She took a picture so I would have something to remember it by (which didn't make things any easier).

But my pepper was saved when Ritchie (the Allergic one) noticed it in the trash. You see, Ritchie has been trained not to throw away my things. I'm sure he was worried that he would be Fired if my pepper came up missing, so he fished it out of the trash and put it near my Feline Training Device Box.

Christine found it on the floor this morning and put it in its rightful place. We have been reunited:

If something terrible should happen to my pepper, I have a nice Apple on standby.



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Finding Day to Me!

I have been a Found Cat for two whole years! Hooray!

The day started with lots of people bothering me to let me know it was my Finding (aka "Gotcha") Day (as if I didn't already know). My naps have been interrupted all day. Here is a picture of an interrupted nap:

For my Finding Day, I got lots and lots of Presents from all of my Staff. We put them on the circulation desk with my picture slideshow so people could see that it was My Day.

Do you see that Dewey book, Dewey's Nine Lives? That book was given in my honor by my very nice staff. It will live in my Library now, and people can check it out.

I inspected all of my Presents while they were piled on the desk. Unfortunately I couldn't pick them up and shake them because I don't have Thumbs.

We had my Finding Day Party at 3:00 today. My Staff carried all of my loot into the catnip/lounge area, and I was presented with a Cupcake. I thought maybe my Cupcake would have a candle on, it, but I guess not.

Here I am with my Cupcake and my new catnip bag and my special salmon dinner (that got served early at 3:00 instead of 4-4:30 like usual).

And I got another new cool Toy Feline Training Device with a bell on it:

AND I got three cans of Friskies and FIVE bags of treats and some ribbon to chomp on. The staff got a bazillion cupcakes and brownies and danish-things and will all be lying in bed tonight holding their tummies and thinking of me.

I wish I could have a Finding Day every day!

But then, I'm kind of tired. So maybe one a year is enough.

A giant head-butt to my Assistant Boss Mommy Karen, who had the good sense to Find me,


Friday, October 15, 2010

Have a Crummy National Grouch Day!

Today is National Grouch Day! We are celebrating at the Library by listing things that make us Grouchy (and eating snacks, of course). In recognition of Grouch Day, I will list ten things that make me Grouchy (in no particular order).

1. Being Ignored.

2. When meals are served late.

3. Collars.

4. Those stupid covers they've put on all the Cords so I can't bite on them anymore.

5. A stinky box.

6. Empty treat cans.

7. When people try to put boring plain CAT FOOD in treat cans to try to trick me. (This does not work and could be grounds for firement.)

8. Thunderboomers.

9. Being laughed at. Especially when they make my furs into a mohawk.

10. When little kids yell "KITTY!" and run at me really really fast!

Here is another Grouchy Picture to go with National Grouch Day:

Have a crummy day,

Tober the Grouch Cat

PS - Visit Puss in Boats (a Big Fat Ginger Cat who gets to go boating--and one of my blogging friends) for a nice post on Library Cats!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MPL loves Library Cats

The Mooresville Public Library (which is in the land of Indiana, like Thorntown) does this really cool readers advisory bloggie. They make little movies about books and other library things and put them on the blog to inspire people to read.

Their last movie was about Dewey Readmore Books, who, as you might know, was a Very Super-Famous Library Cat from Spencer, Iowa. Dewey is so famous he has real books written about him that lots of people have read (and cried big sniffly crocodile tears over).

Go to the MPL Readers Advisory Blog to see me to learn more about Dewey, and check out some of their other neat book trailers while you're there!

I will be in My Office soaking up all the Famousness and planning my Finding Day Extravaganza.

Doing Dewey Proud,


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I decided Toesies Tuesday was too many syllables, so I made it Toesday. But now that I typed all that, I guess I used all the syllables and then some. Anyway. . .

Here are some back-foot toes:

And here are some front-foot toes:

And here is a picture of the rest of me looking all Alert and stuff:

I hope everyone has a Toe-rific week!



Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am a Barn Quilt Cat

Have you heard of a barn quilt? You might have seen them in places like Kentucky and Iowa and Wisconsin and other Far-Away places.

Here in Thorntown we have lots of creative people getting together to make barn quilts for our barns and things. Here's a bit from the most recent Library Newsletter:
The library’s barn quilt has been completed and has been mounted on the north side of the parking lot.  Because of the many flower beds gracing the library, staff chose the flower basket quilt block but changed the top “flowers” to resemble an open book; they also added an orange cat. 

Many thanks to Carol Fisher for suggesting the project, to Melissa Imbus for coordinating and painting, and to the Sugar Creek Historical Society, Inc., for backing the idea.  Many artists, painters and installers are assisting.  John and Sharon Gillan’s quilt is hanging on their large red barn just west of town.  A tree of life quilt is presently being painted for the barn of John and Kelly Frank, a block is being selected by Tom and Keri Dull, and paint has been purchased for Leanna Woody’s Dresden flower block.  Larry Truitt has completed and mounted a Civil War block that faces the Heritage Trail in Thorntown.  More blocks will be added in 2011 as various groups and individuals expand on the idea of barn quilts. 

Okay, now that's a lot of words to read, but you might have noticed the most important phrase at the end of the first paragraph: they also added an orange cat.

I bet you're wondering "why would they add an orange cat?" Well, NO, you're not. . . you know exactly why, don't you?

If you super-biggify the picture you will see that the call number on the spine label is 636.8 TOB which is Dewey Decimal-speak for Tober, Boss Cat of Thorntown Public Library. (Dewey Decimal is a Secret Language that Librarians use but if you ask really nicely they will teach it to you.)

I have only one problem with my barn quilt. Here is a picture of the real me:

If you will notice, I am Significantly Slimmer in my real me picture. When they made my barn quilt picture, they changed me from a Picture of Feline Health to a Tubby Tabby.

Don't get me wrong, I am Very Flattered that I am now on a barn quilt by my Library. But they really should have made me not chubby, since I work so hard to maintain my Mancatly figure.

Or maybe there's a stash of treats around here I don't know about?

I will start looking after my nap.

Famouser & famouser,


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Library has the floatiest float and the cleanest carpets!

Hi everybody,

I am happy to report that everything is almost back to Normal here. It was a hectic weekend, but I survived!

My Library float won the Grand Champion of all the Floats in the Festival of the Turning Leaves Parade! The theme was "These are a few of our favorite things" and the Library's favorite things were Chocolate, Cats, Gourds, Smiles, and Books (not necessarily in that order) and that wad of tinfoil turned out to be a Sterno can and that card table turned into a giant Fondue Pot! (Sorry about all the ands. I'm a little excited!)

If you look to the right side of the shot, you will see the scary Imposter Tober lying (embarrassingly) face-down on a cushion. He is earning his place in the storage room by working as my Stunt-Double.

Here's the thing from the back of the Float of Excellence:

We also book-saled a LOT of books over the weekend. Over one half of the 80 boxes of books we put out for the sale found good homes, and people donated lots of moneys for the Friends of the Library to use for programs and things. (The moneys would also buy lots of Whisker Lickins.)

While my Staff and my Stunt-Double were lying around on an Award-Winning Float enjoying the parade, I was hard at Work snoopervising the cleaning of the Library carpets. To clean the carpets, my coworkers had to get all of the Stuff (except books & shelves) off of the carpets.

I took this literally:

This position made me very Tall and authoritative.

In other exciting news, my Library Staff discovered FURminators last week. Now, normally I wouldn't use this Esteemed Blog to advertise something unless I think it's pretty special. . . but I was quite impressed with the results of my FURmination last week, so my Staff ordered a box of FURminators so they can take them home for their house-dogs and -cats. I highly recommend them to all Animals who have extra furs they don't want.

The order arrived today, so if you fly over Indiana in the middle of the night, don't be surprised if you see a cloud of furs obscuring the Thorntown. That's a cloud of Happiness.

Proud and Recently DeFURminated Boss of TPL,


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Festival parade float book sale carpet cleaning mess week.

Hello friends. This is the week that my staff tears up my Library and makes big messes so they can float and sell books on Saturday.

Oh, wait. I'm being told that's not quite what happens.

Okay, so the Friends of the Library are having a Big Book Sale this weekend, and that has to be set up. And the Library staff is making a float for the Thorntown Festival of the Turning Leaves, which is also this weekend. And they are taking all of the things off of the carpet on Friday so that the carpets can be cleaned, which is also this weekend.

Basically I was right the first time, except the staff doesn't really float.

Look at what they have done to my dining room and restroom area!!!!!

And the desk!!!! Look at the desk!!!!!

How is a cat supposed to fit up there?

If you think that is a mess, you should see the big card table parked by the elevator with a wad of tin foil underneath it. No telling what they think they're going to do with that. . . but I'll post pictures when they figure it out!

I did get to try envelope glue today, which I decided was pretty foul, and I had a smallbit of tape when no one was looking. I also found that it was necessary to interrupt to get some attention. The below distraction combines an irresistible tummy stretch with screwing up the letters in the poster-banner thing that AAB Britta was working on:

It worked like a charm.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better in the treat department, too. I feel I'm getting thin from this day of Neglect and messmaking.

Purrs (but weak ones from all the Neglect),


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have a lot of Nicknames.

I don't really understand why I need a lot of Nicknames. My name is Tober. It isn't that long or complicated to say. But for some reason, my staff insist on calling me a lot of OTHER names. Some of them are nice names, like Big Man, Little Sweet Boy, Handsome, or Buddy.

Some are a bit insulting, like Fatso, Stink, and Booger.

And one Nickname that I haven't quite figured out: Smeet. This was condensed from a longer version: Smeet-Face Cat.

I've also been called an Itty Bitty Bosslet, and a Handsome Red-Head, and Tobey, and Kitty Kitty, and Doodle.

Do any of you have weird Nicknames that your people insist on calling you? Why do they do this?

Confusedly yours,

Big Man
Kitty Kitty