Friday, May 22, 2020

Bird Watching

We've been staying pretty busy here at the library.  There's been a lot to do lately.  But it's also been pretty quiet.  Since it was so peaceful this afternoon in the youth department, I figured there was no reason to go all the way back upstairs to do my afternoon grooming.
*lick lick*

Wait a minute...

Don't look at me while I'm grooming!

While I was downstairs I decided to complete one of my favorite things to do currently-- watch those yummy birds fly back and forth in front of the door. 

Come out, come out wherever you are...
I talk to them and tell them how nice it is to see them fly by today, and how I wish we didn't have to be separated by two glass doors.  They fly pretty fast, so sometimes all I see is a feathery blob go past the window. Today I looked away for one second and this bird decided to stare at me!
What was that?

"Yikes!  A cat!"  

"Oh, wait! He's an inside cat.  False alarm!" 
By the time I looked back the bird was gone!  
Guess it was nothing.
Oh well, there are plenty of other birds to see and talk to.  
Just bird watching,